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how to clean wood furniture

How to Clean Wood Furniture? Make it Brand New

Dusting and dry wiping regularly is not just the solution for Cleaning and keeping your wooden furniture clean and new with time; wooden furniture cumulates sludge, which can’t be wiped out easily. So for your table’s long run, you need to take proper care, which helps you keep them look new and gives it a long and robust life. 

Wood furniture is challenging and tedious when it comes to cleaning and maintenance.

Why Should You Take Proper Care of Wooden Furniture?

how to clean wood furniture

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When you buy wooden furniture or, in that cause any furniture to give our homes a luxurious look, you need to take proper care and maintenance, so that your furniture can have a long and robust life. Wooden furniture gets easily spoiled and loses its shine and gloss if you keep cleaning with wet clothes or water, so it is essential to keep Cleaning or dusting daily with dry clothes. It is advisable to wash with fiber cloth so that there are no scratches on the furniture, spoiling its look.  

How to Clean Wooden Furniture?

how to clean wood furniture

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Are you looking for a solution to how to clean wooden furniture? Contemplate using microfiber cloths to clean, dust, and wipe dirt and stains from the table. Pull out surplus moisture from the furniture to avoid swelling and blemishing of the furniture. Try some of these shimmering methods with complete safety and sustainability of your furniture.

Wooden Furniture Cleaner Methods Regularly

For dusting and cleaning standard wooden on a regular basis have different processes than the once with unique look and shine, especially the antique wooden furniture.  So here are some tips on how you can keep your traditional wooden furniture and clean and long-lasting:

1. Use a Micro-Fiber Cloth to Wipe and Dust the Dirt

how to clean wood furniture

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Dusting and cleaning wooden furniture with micro-fiber cloth is the best and easy way to get them stain-free and scratch-free. The split fabric fiber gets the dust trapped in it as you clean your furniture. Try to get a soft microfiber cloth. It helps you to trap the dust for many uses. The fluffier the towel is, the more it can hold the dust; for step-wise Cleaning, read ahead.

  • Start wiping your furniture with a significantly less moist microfiber cloth to get rid of dust and grime. Never let the water settles in the wood; it can spoil the furniture.

2. For Sticky Grimes on the Furniture

how to clean wood furniture

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  • If you have any sticky grime on the table, spray the dish soap mixture on the microfiber cloth and try it on a smaller stain before wiping all the colors.

Once being sure that the grime stains are cleaning, spray the solution on the entire furniture, wipe it lightly with the microfiber cloth and then dry it off quickly so that the wood does not soak the water inside it.

  • If you have extreme stickiness and grime on the furniture, you can try mineral spirits. Same as earlier, try a smaller portion before applying the solution to the entire furniture. And if you find it working, you may spray the mineral spirit solution to the furniture and rub it nicely with a clean, soft cloth before it dries off or gets absorbed in the wooden furniture. And later wipe it off softly with a dry cloth.

Deep Cleaning for Wooden Furniture

how to clean wood furniture

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With time wooden furniture loses its shine and gets dirty, and that is the right time to get them deep cleaned. Talking about deep Cleaning it isn’t easy to deep clean wooden furniture. It is a lengthy process, and you need to take proper care of the table after doing the Cleaning.

  • So to start with, let’s remove the grime from the wooden furniture, you can use oil soap and water. Spray or sprinkle it over the furniture’s surface, later lightly scrub and rinse the solution from the furniture.
  • There is a possibility that the finish doesn’t seem clean and appropriate, for that you may clean it softly with steel wool damped with a cleaning product. In some cleaning brands or products, a milky white appearance is developed to diffuse solvent-based and oil-based grimes.
  • And in the last, you can darken and polish the wood with any branded clear paste wax.

(For your information, do not use solutions containing turpentine, white vinegar, and boiled linseed oil as they can make your wood dull and stick, which can easily collect dust and dirt on it.)

For Old, Antique or Unique Wooden Furniture

how to clean wood furniture

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Do you have old and antique wooden furniture? Which increases the royalty of your home? Then you must take complete care and maintenance of that. So we have a three-step cleaning routine, which would best fit to clean and maintain your old wooden furniture over a long time.

  • First of all, you should clean the furniture every year with a professional cleaning product.
  • Note; keep the furniture away from sun fading; you can use professional restoring products for this. Use a contrasting shade of wax or primer filler to fill the cracks and stains. Apply moderate to light pressure to settle the stuffing in the wood.  
  • Later wipe out the remaining filler with a clean cloth to avoid stains on the other part of the furniture.
  • Usage of orange oil or wax conditioner can prevent the furniture from drying off or installing cracks on its surface.

So how did you find this simple and do it yourself process to keep your antique and unique wooden furniture clean and strongly attractive?

How to Clean Mold Off Wooden Furniture?

how to clean wood furniture

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Are you tired of the squishy patch of fungi on your wood? We have a solution for you! Let’s see how we can clean the mildew and the mold from the wooden furniture.

  • Start voiding the free and open pores of fungi with a soft brush or cloth.
  • Wipe the infected area with the dishwater solution or detergent sprays and dry it off nicely.
  • Later rinse the surface and dry it off immediately with a clean and soft fabric.
  • To protect the furniture for a long duration, apply furniture wax or primer using proper steps and mentioned.

How to Clean and Repair Scratches on Your Wooden Furniture?

how to clean wood furniture

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Clearing off scratches is next to impossible for wooden furniture. 

  • If there is a light scratch on the furniture’s surface, you can cover it up with paste wax or a tip touch-up pen.
  • If the scratches are more in-depth and excavated inside the wood, the wood filler will be perfect for restoring the furniture.

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How to Take Care of Your Wooden Furniture?

how to clean wood furniture

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When it comes to wooden furniture, even the best quality wood is permutable to odor. So it is necessary to take proper care and keep them dry.

  • If you find a damp smell, try to keep the furniture outside on a warm and dry day to evaporate the odor and make the furniture dry.
  • You can place nepheline balls or charcoal balls to absorb odor.
  • You can even pour talcum powder on the surface to get rid of the odor.
  • For sticking doors, you can brush the uppermost layers and make it smooth to open them freely. 

Best Wooden Furniture Cleaner Products

There are some products which you must try to use when it comes to wooden Cleaning.

  1. Microfiber cloth
  2. Paste wax
  3. Orange oil cream
  4. Scratch filler
  5. Tip touch-up pen
  6. Shaded wax filler
  7. Wooden furniture primer


Wooden furniture is the first preference of people when getting their homes furnished. But getting wooden furniture becomes challenging when it comes to its maintenance. So, it is imperative to keep proper maintenance and proper care of the table if you own wooden furniture. Right from keeping the furniture dust-free to dry, it is essential. Try keeping your furniture healthy; avoid spilling water, and cleaning it from a wet cloth. Keep the furniture utmost dry. If you find any scratches, try to fill it immediately with a filler or paste wax.

Keep deep cleaning your wooden furniture to maintain them shiny and healthy.

With this, we end the blog. We hope you could find a proper solution to your questions and problems. If you liked this blog, please share it with people who want to own wooden furniture.

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