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How to Clean a Toilet Tank? Know the Ways How to Do It

We all have toilet tanks built up in our houses. It is generally used to store the water that helps in the flushing mechanism of the toilet. Toilet tanks must be cleaned regularly, not because they are meant to, but because of proper hygiene. Today we are going to discuss the topic of how to clean a toilet tank. 

Bad odor, as well as Bacteria, can pile up inside the toilet tank if they are not cleaned properly. If you want to clean such tanks, you can take the help of commercial cleaners. You can also scrub a bit inside to clean if the tank is not extremely dirty. For some rare and severely filthy cases, the usage of bleach may be necessary. Cleaning the toilet tank ensures proper hygiene and an aromatic environment inside. 

The following are various steps we need to follow to ensure proper cleaning of our toilet tank. 

1. Applying a Cleaner for the Tank

how to clean toilet tank


Draining the Tank

First of all, if we want to clean the tank, we need to remove the water so that proper chemicals and substances can be applied. So, first of all, drain the tank by switching off the valve that is located on the back of the toilet. After the re-filling of the water is stopped, empty the water that is already logged inside the tank by flushing the toilet. This will empty the tank and drain all the water from it. 

Which Cleaner to Use for Your Toilet?

It is also an important question that arises in our mind that which type of cleaner should be preferred by us to clean the tank. It all depends on the amount of dirt gathered inside the tank. There are different types of substances available to clean the tank as per their dirt level. If the tank seems clean and you just need a bit of cleaning, then a basic disinfectant would be more than enough. 

Normal toilet cleaner sprays can also be used for such cases if the filth inside is not in a large amount. If the dirt has gathered inside in sufficient amounts and the litter is visible with naked eyes, then we suggest you use something stronger.

There are mineral deposits inside the tank, you can take the help of white vinegar to clean your tank, yes vinegar in the toilet tank is a common solution. If you can see with your eyes that there is a gathering of smut as well as a coating of white fungus inside the tank, bleach along with a commercial toilet cleaner can be preferred.

Which Areas to Target Inside the Tank?

Well, if you are using the commercial cleaners and bleach, you can pour them down inside the tank. If they are in spray form, you can spray them inside the tank to clean them. Make sure you have covered your hands properly with gloves if you are in contact with the bleach. 

You should aim for the bottom areas as well as the sides of the tank to ensure perfect cleaning. Also, have your eye on the dirty areas to make sure with the help of bleach and other cleaning materials, they remove and clean properly. 

Vinegar and Mineral Deposits

In the case of vinegar, you need to pour down the white vinegar till the overflow tune is covered. The process has a difference as in this case, you need to wait for around 12 hours to flush the toilet. After 12 hours have elapsed and vinegar has been inside the tank, you can proceed with flushing the toilet. After flushing, use the normal method to clean the tank. This will ensure complete cleaning of the tank if there are mineral deposits present inside the tank. 

2. Cleaning the Tank

how to clean toilet tank


Usage of Gloves

It is very important to clean the tank with the help of gloves that will cover your hand and a bit of your wrist. There are bacteria present inside the bathroom and hence, it is advisable to put on gloves before proceeding with the cleaning of the toilet. Normal rubber gloves are more than enough for ensuring proper safety and hygiene. It is also important to note that while using bleach, as we already mentioned, gloves are an important aspect that will protect your skin from any damage. 

Cleaner Inside the Tank

Cleaners that pour or spray inside the tank must keep inside for 10 to 15 minutes. It also mentions on the back of your cleaners that how much time they must keep inside so that a proper cleaning process can happen. Other things as mentioned, vinegar should keep for half a day so that the minerals can remove. 

Usage of Scrub with the Cleaner

A Scrub brush or different toothbrushes can use for this process. With it, we need to scrub the bottom of the tank as well as the sides so that the dirt can be removed easily. With this method, even some fetid smells can remove. Clean the button use to flush as well as the ball floater. 

Flushing the Tank

After the complete procedure of scrubbing the tank, you need to regulate the flow of water back and fill up the tank and then flush it to ensure the cleaning procedure has been completed thoroughly and all the dirt, as well as chemicals, have been removed. If you are in touch with the usage of bleach, then you can wear protective glasses while adding water to the tank that had bleach pre-filled inside it. 

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3. Keeping the Tank Clean

how to clean toilet tank


Frequent Removal of Mineral Deposits

Mineral deposits that have been gathered inside the tank ought to remove frequently. No matter what, over time, such minerals bound to gather inside. If you find any of that, use the white vinegar and fill the tank with it. Keep it inside for around 12 hours and then flush the toilet. Check once a week for the same and proceed with the above-mentioned steps if you find any minerals deposited inside the tank.

Tank Tablets, Are They Safe to Use?

There are many tablets available in the market that to be store inside the tank and they will make an aromatic fragrance. If such tanks contain bleach, they can deteriorate your inside of the tanks. If you are preferring normal cleaning procedures, you need not use the tank tablets. The tank will clean and the dirt will remove if you follow the procedures mentioned above.

Clean it Regularly

Clean the toilet tank regularly and maintain a schedule for the cleaning of the tank. We clean the toilet seats and stuff but often forget about the tank that stores the water. Give a good cleaning to your tank every month. This will ensure proper hygiene and fragrance inside the toilet. 

This was all about how to clean a toilet tank. Cleaning our toilet tank is indeed a rough process and can scratch our heads. It is also a time-consuming process if the dirt has gathered in an extreme amount. We often forget in the day to day lives about cleaning the tank. We hope that this article has served its purpose and has enlightened you about the ways to clean the tank and steps to keep it clean. In the time of need, this article will surely help you for the better.

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