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How to Clean Marble Floors: Multiple Ways to Get It Done

Marble Flooring designs and systems have been around us for a long time. It is quite difficult to maintain them for how to clean marble floors. Though such designs are popular even today, it is fastidious to maintain them. On the contrary, the craze for such designs is spiking up day by day. 

Today we will be discussing the ways on How to Clean Marble Floors, or in general, how to clean the marble. Marble is a definite material that can enhance your flooring but it is vulnerable to a certain type of thing and hence, it has some preferred solution for the removal of the dirt. Only a certain type of detergent and techniques can make the dust fade away! If you want to remove kinds of wap nests then you can do it easily.

Dust Mop

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The first and the simplest solution to clean the marble flooring is with a dust mop. Clean the flooring daily with a dust mop so that dust and dirt will keep away from sticking to your flooring. If you have a pet in your house then you can increase the frequency of moping the floor twice a day. 

Most of the dirt comes into the house when someone enters from outside. Make a rule in your house that everyone has to leave their shoes outside the house or take off them out of the house and then carry them with their hands in the house. 

This will keep the flooring free from dirt coming from the shoes and sandals. Also, keep a doormat, people will keep their feet on the doormat while entering the house and it will keep the flooring from getting dirty.  

Usage of Damp mops

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Well, you might want to know this easy technique of cleaning the marbles. Nothing much require, just a mop, water, and neutral-pH liquid. Remember, opt for neutral tones as they are neither acidic nor basic. Just so you know, do not even try to use an acidic solution. They will degrade the marble and will leave stains over it. Just mop with water and a few drops of solution. 

Remember to change the dirty water frequently, as it can remain over the surface due to oversoaking and can cause stains. After you are done with this, make sure you mop all over your house again with clean water to ensure if the soap is left over the surface or not. If the soap is left due to any kind of possible reasons, it can cause etches over the surface and deteriorate the beautiful marble floors

Stains and Etches: How to deal with them?

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If you ever find a stain on your floor, make sure you remove it as soon as possible. It is suggested that the spill should not be given much time to settle on the floors, as it can worsen the damage. However, if you encounter that the floor is already stained, just follow the next few steps that will ensure the problem is taken care of.

  • Take a solution, consisting of 12 % of Hydrogen Peroxide (h202) and a few drops of ammonia (NH3)
  • Take a cloth, dip in the solution, and clean the spot thoroughly. Make sure you do not overuse the solution as it has adverse effects too. 
  • To repair the damage caused by etch-marks, it is advised to use clean water. Using clean water, first of all, clean the surface where the mark is present.
  • Next, take the Marble polishing powder to solve the issue. Sprinkle it on the surface.
  • Using a wet cloth, hover over the powder in a circular formation.
  • Repeat the same process until the marks are there. This is one of the general techniques that most families around the globe use at home. It removes the stains and marks with minimal effort and makes our marble flooring shine again. 

Use of Sealers

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Understand the basics of sealing. Seal your marble floors every 2 to 3 years to protect them from staining. Note that it just resists staining, not completely protects it. Follow the manufacture’s guidelines to ensure you are doing it in the correct method. Do it every mentioned year as per the guidelines to extend the lifespan of your beautiful marble floors.

Door Mats

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Use doormats outside the door as well as a mat inside the dwelling. These mats will protect your marble flooring from acquiring dust. Ask people coming inside to rub their feet outside the premises on the mat. This will ensure a minimal amount of dust inside the house and we can clean and remove them easily.  

Keep it away from acidic cleaners

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How to clean marble floors, this is a strong warning that you need to follow at any cost. Just keep your marble flooring away from the acidic cleaners. Marble is highly sensitive to any acid cleaner so you have to keep it away. It will create dull spots on the flooring and will degrade its look if we apply an acidic cleaner to it.

You have to gather proper information from the flooring manufacturer as to which cleaner is good to apply and which not. Some cleaner which is good for some other flooring like tile or granite will not be by default good for marble as well. A granite cleaner will not suit marble flooring at all. 

Should I go for vacuum cleaning on my marble floor?


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The vacuum cleaner will remove the dust from your flooring to a good extent but there is one downside to using it. A vacuum cleaner with wheels may create scratches on the flooring so you have to be extra careful with that as no one wishes that the flooring is seen with numerous scratches, it looks very dull and bad. 

One thing you have to keep in mind that whichever method you go for cleaning the floor, you have to work on a small area first and if it works perfectly fine then you can go for a bigger area. 

This was all about how to clean marble floors. How to clean marbles is indeed a tough nut to crack but the methods mentioned here can be used efficiently. All these methods work commonly for different people. Note that stains etch require a separate method to make it free from any scratches. These methods can work efficiently if we apply them to take every aspect in mind. We hope these methods will work wonders for you and will make your house look amazing!

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