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Pro Cleaning Tips : How To Clean Hardwood Floors

A wood floor is beautiful to touch but hard to maintain its integrity. Wood floors take the most wear and tear in our homes. Preserve the wood flooring because wood is an expensive flooring material. Its repair, refinish, or replacement will cost you a fortune. It doesn’t matter whether you have had hardwood floors for years and just had a new one, you have to keep them clean and shinning. Learn these tips to clean your floor. 

Wood flooring can go dirty in seconds and cleaning them may take time and effort. A good cleaning product with the right method is the key to keep the hardwood floors clean and beautiful for many years. With these methods, you can clean your floor without saturating the wood, and they also save your time, money and efforts.

Here are some useful tips on how to clean hardwood floors

Clear The Area

Before you start cleaning, clear the space by moving all the furniture and belongings. This makes it easy to clean. Also, Clear the clutter on the floor and then Dust the floor with a micro-fibre cloth.

Clean Hardwood Floors: wipe floor dust



Broom is an old method, but if you do regular cleaning by a broom, then your place won’t get dirty that much. Dust the surface with a brush and then use a dustpan to collect all the dust particles. There are a variety of brooms that are available in the market, like horsehair broom, rubber bristle broom, etc. Always use soft bristle push brooms, so they don’t scratch the surfaces.

Clean hardwood Floors: broom



Invest in a good microfiber mop. You can use these mops on almost every surface like marble, tiles, hardwood flooring, and also on vinyl flooring. You can refill your mops with disposable mops. Mops will clean all the dirt particles and even pet hair.

Clean Hardwood Floors: microfiber mop



Everyone has a vacuum in their homes, but don’t use a regular vacuum on your hardwood flooring. Use vacuums that are specifically made to clean wood flooring. Attach proper suctions for deep cleaning. Nowadays, people use robot vacuums to clean their houses. You can basically program it through an app. So, this robot vacuum cleans away the home when you are away from home. But if you have pets, then it not safe to use it.

Clean hardwood floors: vacuum for wooden floor


Right Cleaning Products

Always buy products that are made for hardwood cleaning and also safe for pets, people and children. Make sure that they are not harmful to your skin and eyes and also some chemical-based cleaners damage the finish of the hardwood floors. 

Clean hardwood floors: Cleaning Products



Always look at the active ingredients of a cleaning solution. Use chemical-free and that are safe for children. Water is the worst for wood, so try to avoid water-based cleaning solutions. If you are using a water-based cleaner, then try to use it in less quantity because the wood absorbs water, and also it removes the polish of the wood. Cleaners Without water are easily available in the market. The shower spray nozzle makes it easy to dispense the product.

Clean hardwood Floors: Cleaning Ingredients



Before you try any cleaning product on the wooden floors, it good to test it first. Spray the cleaner on a small area such as a closet or corners, where it is not noticeable. Then wait for a few minutes then wipe it off. Look for any discoloration or bubbling on the floor. If there are no such marks, then you can start cleaning with this cleaner.

Clean hardwood floors: test on small area


Natural way

There are some natural ways to clean hardwood floors. Homemade mixtures are safe and also inexpensive. Here are some homemade mixtures:

  1. Vinegar

Vinegar is the best cleaner. Add ½ cup of white vinegar with a gallon of warm water. If you don’t have white vinegar, then you can also use apple cider vinegar. If you don’t like the smell of this solution, then add some drops of essential oil. 

  1. Soap

Add castile soap or dish soap with four cups of warm water. Don’t mix this mixture. Put a little solution on the floor and wipe it off with a damped micro fiber cloth. Then immediately dry with another cloth.

  1. Tea bags

Teabags are also an option for you to clean your hardwood floor. Add two-three black tea bags in a little amount of warm water and then start cleaning the floors. It gives shine and luster to your floors.

vinegar to clean hardwood floor


The best way to keep a hardwood floor is to do routine cleaning. Make some time to clean it on a regular basis, rather than to spend your whole day cleaning the floor once in a while.

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