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How To Build A Wall On Your Own? Know The Steps Today

Want to construct a wall for the outside space of your house? Then, no need to contact any professional for this task. You can learn here how to build a wall on yourself too. Yes, we are not kidding. In fact, it is not that complicated, you will be having a lot of fun doing it yourself and will get a new experience too…

Today, we will make you know the complete steps to build a wall in this post. After reading this post, you will be able to build it on your own without anyone’s help. So, let us read ahead and check out the steps in detail. 

1) Select the Bricks

There are three categories of bricks as shown below. As per the use, one has to select anyone from it. All three types have different temperatures withstanding capacity so one has to select them carefully. 

  • Severe weathering bricks

These bricks are used for setting direct contact with the ground. It is generally used for laying the foundation, garden walls, and other things. 

  • Medium weathering bricks

These bricks are not for direct contact with the ground. So, they can’t be used for gardens and for laying the foundations. 

  • No weathering bricks

They are used inside the house for the walls of the rooms.  

how to build a wall


If you have selected any wrong brick category by mistake then you have to get it replaced immediately and can’t start work with it as it is meant for some other purpose. 

For example, using a no weathering brick for the outside purpose will make your foundation weak and the wall might not be able to sustain long and can fall down. 

2)  Get the Right Amount of Bricks

Now to build the wall, you have to get the bricks. You can get the bricks from any nearby store that sells all those things like bricks, cement, sand used for building houses. 

But before moving to that shop, you have to think of the exact number of bricks that you will require for building the wall. To count the exact number, you have to take into account the mortar as well as it will fill the wall too. 

The most common brick that people use at their houses has the dimensions of 3⅝” wide, 2¼” tall, and 7⅝” long. Now, the mortar will get added so the size will increase a little bit. 

You have to consider the mortar while you plan the number of bricks otherwise you may end up getting more bricks then you require. 

Think of the width, height, and length of the wall that you want to make and take into account the dimension of the brick and you will figure out how much bricks you will need to construct the wall. You can use a brick calculator for this.

how to build a wall


  • Get Some Extra Bricks

You should always buy some extra bricks. If any brick comes damaged or you accidentally break it then also no worries if you have some extra bricks. 

3)  Dig Out a Trench 

Now before you start building the wall, you have to dig out a trench. The wall will seat in this trench. Here, you have to add concrete to make it strong. The length and width of the trench should be equal to the wall and it should be 1 foot deep. 

You can make the depth as more as you wish to have, there is no limitation to the upper limit but the lower limit is 1 foot, it has to be 1-foot deep no matter what the height of the wall is going to be. 

The purpose of making this trench is to increase the strength of the wall. If you don’t make a trench then there are chances of the wall getting fallen down. 

If you have weak soil then you should make a deep trench to increase the capacity. It is fine if you have a low depth for the trench when your soil bearing capacity is good. 

You have to make sure that water is not stored in the trench otherwise that will weaken the base eventually leading to collapse. 

Dig a trench


4) Fill Out the Trench with Concrete

Now, you have to fill out the trench with concrete. For this, gather wooden stakes and place them at equal distance in the trench. 

All the wooden stakes should be leveled at the same height and the concrete will be filled at the top of the wooden stake. 

Fill the concrete in the trench such that one brick row can be set in it. Let the concrete dry for 2-3 days. 

how to build a wall


5) Lay the First Row

Now, it is time to lay the first row. The concrete has to be dried up before you lay your first row. You have to soak the bricks in water and take them out. The reason we are wetting them is to stick them up with mortar easily. 

Now, lay the mortar on the foundation for one brick and then press the first brick into it. Lay the mortar for the next brick in the line and continue laying the next bricks. 

You have to apply the mortar on the side of the second brick. This will be the side that will be connecting to the side of the first brick. This helps to make a strong bond between two bricks. Now, lay the second brick next to it and press it to the ground. 

Continue the same for all the bricks in the row. For leveling, you should hang a string at the height of the brick. 

how to build a wall


6) Build the Next Rows

Now, you have to cut the brick into two equal pieces and put one piece at the starting of the second row. This is a necessary step that you have to take otherwise if all the bricks are kept one above another then there will be no bonding between them. 

Now, continue laying the bricks for all the rows and finish it up. If you see any gap in between after you finish the wall then fill the gap with the mortar. 

how to build a wall



So, here was a detailed overview of how to build a wall. I hope you got a complete idea of how to do it on your own. Gather the materials now and start framing a wall now! For more details on DIY, visit Housedecorationtips.



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