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Find Out Easy Steps To Build a Closet On Your Own

Thanks to the irresistible discount offer both online and offline, that allowed us to buy countless favorite clothes, footwear, accessories to stay always up to style and ready to flaunt. But with this comes the problem of limited storage space, don’t worry, we are here to help you with the question of how to build a closet.

Tools Required

  • Tape measure
  • Safety glasses
  • Speed square
  • Stepladder
  • Stud finder
  • Pry bar
  • Miter saw
  • Level
  • Hearing protection
  • Hammer
  • Framing square
  • Drill/driver – cordless
  • Drill bit set
  • Circular saw
  • Chalk line
  • Caulk gun
  • Brad nail gun
  • Air hose
  • Air compressor

Materials Requirement

  1. 1/2-in. drywall
  2. 16d nails
  3. 2x4s
  4. 3-in. drywall screws
  5. 8d finish nails
  6. Construction adhesive
  7. Double doors
  8. Shims
  9. Toggle bolts

The above mentions are the materials and tools required for building a beautifully organized closet on your own as it isn’t difficult at all. The closet project can be completed in four weeks if you are just a beginner. You might not need a permit for building a closet(if your state has any such law, prior permission is necessary), but you might be requiring the service of an electrician if you wish to add lighting in the closet. 

First of all, find a perfect location for the closet, where you can easily modify or build a wardrobe quickly, and if you wish closet for hanging clothes, then make sure that space should be enough as the closet interior needs to be 26 inches deep inside. Also, make sure that location should be away from windows, electrical boxes, and heat ducts   

You can choose hinged double doors over bifold doors as it is sturdier and less troublemaker than other types. Now come door, choose two sets of doors and make sure it should be accompanied by the roller catches at the top of the door to prevent them from direct shut. 

After all the preparation is done, you are good to go for the following steps.

Prepare the Layout of the Closet Walls

First of all, prepare the layout of the closet walls by rolling back the carpet. Make sure to pry off the baseboard and mark the measured 30-inch area parallel to the wall with chalk. 

how to build closet


Prepare Bottom and Top Wall Plate

Now cut 2X4 top and bottom plates and make sure to mark the position of studs, intersection point, and door openings. Mark the bottom plate with the chalk line and nail it to the floor, or you can screw them to the floor. Also, remember not to fasten the opening of the door as you have to cut it later on. 

Mark the Top Wall Plate

Now from the bottom plate, plumb up with 2×4 and 4-ft. Level, and make sure to mark up the top plate location to the ceiling. Join the marks with the chalk line. Take the help of a stud finder to find the ceiling joists and mark them where they cross the top plate.  

how to build a closet


Time to Attach the Top Plate

Now screw the top plate to the joists with 3-inch screws, or you can attach it with the construction adhesive. You can use 1/4-in. X 4-in. Toggle bolts for the replacement of joists. Make sure to secure both ends of plates with 3-inch screws.   

Fasten the Studs

It becomes very necessary to fasten the studs, do it with the help of proper tools to avoid any risk. 

install header


It’s the Time to Install Headers

Bind together 2X4 headers with 3.5 inch long nails and put them together on the top of trimmers and make sure to nail it together with studs. Now is the time to cut and toe-screw the top plate and header with cripples. 

Level Door Jamb

Before installing the door, if you want lighting in your closet, then take the help of an electrician before installing the doors of the cupboard. Also, remember to paint the inside wall of the closet before installing the doors as it becomes difficult afterward. Place the door jam at the center, and place shims at the top corner of each side. Check for the level by placing a 4-ft. Level against the head jam. 

how to build a closet


Pay Attention to Door Jamb Bottom

Pay attention to the door jamb bottom by placing shims on the low side to level the head jamp. 

Shim Side Jamb

The next turn for placing the shim is of the side jamb. Place shims and 8d nails at the top of each side. Place 4-ft. Level on each jamb and plumb it. Nail together each set of shims and make sure to check its plumbing. 

shim side jamb of closet


Align Other Side Jambs

To get the perfect result, make sure to fit 1X2 spaces between the jambs at the top of the door frame. The spacer should be placed on all hinge locations and nail the opposite jamb.

Now Hang the Door

Now hang the door in the frame and adjust the shims until the space between the bottom to top is even. 

hang the door


Check the Tune

Align the bottom of the door, tap the door jamb slightly, and you can make use of woodblock and a firm hammer. You can secure the jamb with additional nails. 

Strengthen the Hinges

Strengthen the hinges with the 3-inch screws; you should use the screw of the same color as the door. 

how to build closet


Final Touch

Cut the extra trim for each opening and closing of the door. Install roller catches at the top of the door and knobs.


Now you are done by building a beautiful closet. What do you think about building a closet on your own? Isn’t it quite an easy and affordable way to add more space for your clothes and accessories? Make sure to follow HouseDecorationTips for all the fantastic ideas.



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