/Top 8 House Cleaning Tips And Tricks
House Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Top 8 House Cleaning Tips And Tricks

Everyone wants to be in a clean space and cleaning your own home is the best way to start with. Cleaning is one such thing that people love but no one wants to go through that hard process of cleaning. Cleaning is not as hard as we assume it to be, it is just us who lack the best techniques. You would be amazed to know that there are some easy shortcuts that work amazingly in the process of cleaning your house. You will find some of the best house cleaning tips and tricks in this article.

Top House Cleaning Tips

Here are some of the best House Cleaning Tips and Tricks that you would love and with these tricks your life would be easier:

Sanitizer for Your Phone

House Cleaning Tips and Tricks

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The purpose of cleaning is not just to keep your home look clean but to make sure that your surrounding is Germ and Bacteria Free as well. you would be shocked to know that your phone is one of those things that has the most number of germs which can make you ill but you cannot wash your phone with soap and water so the best way to clean your phone is by using hand sanitizer on your phone to make it clean and this would also remove the fingerprint stains from your mobile screen.

Cleaning of Candle Holder

House Cleaning Tips and Tricks

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Candle holders are very pretty and deny it or not but we all love to keep candle holders but after some uses, they get really messy that you would have to throw it away but now you would not have to do so as candle holder cleaning is very simple and you can actually clean your candle holder at home in just seconds. Here, after using a candle on your candle holder just dip your candle holder on a bowl filled with hot water and then after a while take it away and try to scrub it off and by this trick, the candle holder would be cleaned easily.

Cleaning of Your Coffee Maker

House Cleaning Tips and Tricks

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Are you fed up with the lengthy process of cleaning your coffee maker? Is it giving your nightmare? Now you don’t have to worry about it as it can be cleaned easily in just minutes. Here, after your coffee maker would be filled with coffee waste and minerals you would have to make a mixture of water and vinegar of similar quantity and then pour it up in the coffee maker and then let the mixture brew for a while and then just use your regular dishwasher to clean it all away and this would not even require your efforts.

Organize Your Cloth Cabinet

House Cleaning Tips and Tricks

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Is your cloth cabinet a big mess and you cannot find storage to store those extra things? You don’t have to get a new storage space for it rather you can just attach some rods on the door of the cabinet where you can keep all your towels or such kind of things hanging. This would not only save up some of your money but at the same time it would also make your cabinet organized and clean and this can prove to be an initial step in the process of cleaning your house. You can do the same with your kitchen cabinets as well.

Unclog Your Shower

House Cleaning Tips and Tricks

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Do you feel that the water pressure from your shower is not the same as it was when the shower was new? It might got clogged from inside that is restricting the water from pouring in that speed. Here you would just have to take some white vinegar and mix equal amount of water and mix them all well and pour the mixture in a plastic band and then dip the shower in that bag and tie the bag later on and leave it on for about an hour or so. After you would remove the bag, just keep the shower open for a while and your shower would be like new.

Cleaning of Your Aluminum Pots

House Cleaning Tips and Tricks

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Do you feel that your aluminum utensils are losing shine due to heavy washing and usage? We have got a trick for that as well and here you would just have to get some lemon juice for that. Now you would have to mix the lemon juice with some water and fill the aluminum container with it and then just steam it for 5 to 10 minutes and your container would get back that new shine on it. You can do this trick with any of your utensils but make sure to dilute the lemon before using it otherwise the acidic content of the lemon can leave a white cast behind.

Wash Those Period Stains From Your Clothes

House Cleaning Tips and Tricks

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Period stains irritate us a lot and you never know when you get the stain as even after being to caring about the thing, we still end up with a stain and that stain is a pain to wash. Here instead of washing the cloth, you would just have to wet it a bit and then add a mixture of lemon and baking soda and scrub of the bloodstain and then you would, of course, have to simply wash your cloth. After washing the cloth you would find that your cloth would be just like new again and the stain would also be gone at the same time.

Deal with Smelly Shoes

House Cleaning Tips and Tricks

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Do you often get weird bad smell from your shoes? It is real trouble and this can actually make you embarrassed in front of others and trust me perfume would make the smell even worst. We have got an easy trick for you and here you would need some lemon juice and some baking soda and few drops of Eucalyptus Essential Oil. You would have to mix them all together and rub it all in your shoe and then after a while your shoe would smell like eucalyptus and the weird smell would be gone at the same time.

House Cleaning Tips and Tricks

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These were some of the best House Cleaning Tips and tricks that you can check out and for more just keep an eye on Housedecorationtip.