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Home Improvements

5 Home Improvements to Consider Before Summer

Whilst it’s still cold outside in the majority of the country, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t home improvements to get done. After all, when not attending to them, they build up and it’s easy to fall behind and never catch-up!

Home improvement is something that you can do in every season be it summer or winter, the difference is in place. While summer is the best time to do the exterior improvements, winter helps you out in clearing the interior home improvements. 

Even if it related to costing, trust us winter home improvements won’t break your bank as it is considered as the off-season. Winters are for family and friends gathering. Keeping everything aside, you should always remember summer is coming, you will need to make space for ventilation that will keep your place cool. If you want REP Calgary homes then it is the best way to choose.

Here are 5 home improvements to consider tackling before summer is here.

1. Remove an Ice Dam

Home Improvements

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Ice dams, which are slabs of ice affixed to the edge of the roof, can cause potential excess moisture and future damp issues when left unattended.

When they continue to expand and you don’t see any sign of them thawing out due to cold temperatures that refuse to abate, then it’s time to do something about it. You can also Select Blinds Canada for house windows.

Here’s how to do it:

  •       Start by raking off loose snow to clear the area. Careful not to damage the roof shingles.
  •       Use calcium chloride (not sodium chloride or rock salt) to melt the ice.
  •       Add it to stocking and position it across the ice dam.
  •       Cover any plant life using a tarp to avoid contamination.
  •       Remove residual water as it flows down to avoid creating a slippery surface.

Don’t leave an ice dam in place. If you don’t have the time to do it, hire a professional with experience with this type of task, such as the experts at advantage-construction.com.

2. Fit or Replace the Gutters

Home Improvements

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When there’s an issue with the guttering, it is also not something to wait until summer.

In cold temperatures, water and debris that becomes stuck in an obstructed gutter will freeze. At this point, it can make the gutter brittle when it’s only made of thin plastic.

Also, with an obstruction or a break in the gutters, water could be flowing over their sides instead of funneling down to the drains below. This will create drainage issues, standing water on the ground below, and possible flooding too. In addition, with the colder temperatures, ice could form, creating danger for people underfoot.

Replace any gutter pieces that are damaged and remove obstructions preventing the free flow of water to the drains. This will resolve most issues here.

3. Attic Insulation

Home Improvements

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When you’re finding that it’s costing too much to heat the home in the winter months, then it could be a problem with the insulation.

While adding more insulation to the walls is a major job, look to the attic space first. Because heat rises, a lack of insulation above or interior insulation will cause warmth to be lost through the roof.

Re-insulating the attic or adding to acceptable insulation already present can bolster the ability to retain heat before it’s lost forever. This prevents needing to pay to continually reheat the home. 

4. Paint the Exterior Walls

Home Improvements

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The exterior wall paint color will fade over the years. If it hasn’t been re-painted for a decade or it has been so long that you cannot remember, then it’s time to get it done.

Be sure to use exterior paint – it’s hardier than interior paint – to avoid disappointing results. Don’t paint after it’s rained recently; wait until the brickwork and existing paintwork is dry first. Also, wherever possible, choose a warmer day where there’s no precipitation. Follow these instructions for the best results.

5. Kitchen Remodeling

Home Improvements

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As said above, the majority of winter home improvement is about interior, one such room is the kitchen. If often neglect the need for kitchen remodeling, so this winter you must get your kitchen renovated from its backsplash tiling, flooring, to cabinets.

Try to add personalization in the kitchen with do-it-yourself projects, and accessories countertops with appliances. As for remodeling countertops entirely, hire a contractor rather than doing it on your own. Why? The prices tend to fall down in the slower winter season.

Home Improvements

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Not all home improvements are ideal to complete before the summer. However, the above suggestions are either best to do earlier rather than later or just nice to get out of the way. For more suggestions on home improvement, DIY projects, gardening, or any other home-related solutions, visit HouseDecorationTip.