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5 Home Decor Ideas for Every Nature Lover

If you have an inherent love and appreciation for the beauty of nature, decorating your home with indoor plants is just the thing for you. With this small but significant change, you can turn your living space into a lush and peaceful retreat with these home decor ideas.

This botanical trend has the potential to turn the place into a Scandinavian design that features leafy prints, natural plan. All-in-all, we will be taking inspiration from Nature to bring richness to your home, which we are searching for.

So think, forest green tables, indoor plants, woody accents, and wall prints featuring foliage. Now, without further ado, let’s get started:

1. You Need Indoor Plants for Every Room 

Indoor Plants


Decorating your home with indoor plants, widely known as “interior landscaping,” is now becoming more and more popular worldwide. As it turns out, the indoor plants do more than adding a slight tinge of greenery to your home. They also provide the homeowners with plenty of mental and physical advantages that everyone should know about. 

For instance, 80’s famous biologist Edward Wilson had coined the term, Biophilia. It reveals that humans have an inherent longing to connect themselves with nature and other living things as an evolutionary outcome. In his philosophy, he further explains that now, more than ever, humans feel disconnected and far off from nature. This explains the growing popularity of decorating home interiors with indoor plants

So, if you are also looking for ways to decorate your home with houseplants, you are on the right track. An informative indoor plant guide is all you need. In it, you’ll find the benefits of surrounding yourself with nature. Moreover, you’d be surprised to find that outdoor plants and indoor plants positively impact the air quality in your home  – while it enriches your mental and physical health at the same time. 

2. Turn Your Living Room into a Natural Delight

Indoor Plants


The living room is that corner of your home where you spend most of your time. Be it with your friends or family or when you are alone, the place where you are most comfortable, as many would agree, is your living room. And for that reason, the interiors need to be inviting, cozy, and aesthetically pleasing.

Depending on your tastes and preferences, you can select from the materials that align with your personality. For example, a brick wall creates the most magnificent look as the backdrop of a living room. You can simply leave it raw for an accent wall or paint over it with a color that goes with the walls of your home. 

So, if you have a spacious living room, you can always work with darker to subtle shades of green on the walls. For other effects, throw in a stone vase with a beautiful-looking indoor plant and get your place a more beautiful and natural feel. 

3. Rise and Shine with Nature on Your Bedside

Indoor Plants


A bedroom is a perfect place for you to make use of natural elements in your home. Moreover, it is perhaps your space in the most natural form because here, you can create as many changes as you want. For someone trying to find an excuse to rise in the lap of nature, here are a few ideas that might help you.

For someone who likes to keep things simple yet attractive, you should go for more neutral shades like grey and warm beige. These colors will make a perfect choice for your bedroom walls. Also, be mindful of bed linens designed with natural patterns to give a soothing and inviting feel. 

Avoid getting too many decoratives as they create clutter and occupy your bedroom as well as your mental space. Plus, a standalone painting with a glimpse of nature will trick your mind into thinking that you are in the lap of nature, especially when lying in your bed.  Also, don’t forget to add a houseplant to perfect the look. 

Another great idea would be to stylize your bedroom walls with wallpapers designed with lush trees. It’ll give a feeling of rising in a jungle but also in the cozy comfort of your bed. 

Here is another beautiful idea for your bedroom. Nothing can replace the charm of good old-fashioned sunshine. Fill your bedroom with natural lighting and bring it to life. And while selecting the color for your furnishings, choose lighter shades to give it a more lively feeling. 

4. Turn Your Kitchen into a Mini Garden

Indoor Plants


It is believed that ‘cooking is love made tasteful.’ If we go by this saying, your kitchen has to be creative and healthy-looking, so it beautifully reflects every meal you cook. 

Experiment with various cuisines, gaining inspiration from nature and light pouring down from expansive windows of your kitchen. Add miniature plants with colorful flowers next to your windowpane. It will a beautiful effect, and every time you cook looking at them will put a smile on your face. 

How can we forget about wooden flooring and a chair set? It will encourage every nature lover to spend some time in the heart of your home while enjoying a nice cup of tea. So coloring your walls with subtle shades of green paired with a classy marble vase will turn your kitchen into a  retreat. 

5. Give Your Bathroom a Splash of Nature

Indoor Plants


The room that helps you get ready for the day must exude serenity. And what better way to add nature to your everyday routine than in your bathroom. Hence add some indoor plants to your bathroom and feel the goodness of nature. If you have the opportunity to make some changes to space, go for rectangular-looking washbasins and bathtubs and create a stunning look in your bathroom. 

To Sum It Up

Your home is where you find peace and tranquility, and nature is the mother of these two most essential feelings one experiences in life. Surrounding yourself with plants will make you feel happier and more connected with nature. Apply these home decor ideas and create a perfect home for you and your family. 



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