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Tips to Rent Luxury and Highrise Apartments in Ashton

Luxury and high-rise apartments in Ashton are best to live a luxury lifestyle in the perfect location in Austin. From hardwood floors to granite ceilings, you will like every part of the apartments and its amenities. Apartments with different sizes are available for rent in Ashton. Here we will give you the tips to rent luxury and highrise apartments in Ashton.

Move-In Special

If you want to move to the luxury and highrise apartments in Ashton then your budget must be more than $4000. But get more offers in price or any other facilities, always check for move-in special offers. All apartment rental sites have move-in special offers for a specific period of time or in the offseason. So grab the deal when you get a good discount in price or application fees. You can also contact apartment owners to get move-in special offers.

Apartment Rental Sites and Private Agent

Highrise Apartments in Ashton


We give thumbs up to apartment rental sites if we compare it to a private agent or real estate agency. You can check highrise apartments in Ashton with help of sites like Aptamigo. Check photos of the apartment units that you like and also take a virtual tour of the apartment units that you consider for renting in Ashton, Austin. After that, you can visit the selected apartments physically and finalize the deal. 

Breathtaking View

Highrise Apartments in Ashton


People take an apartment for rent for the breathtaking view of the city and its other skyscrapers. So before renting an apartment, visit it physically and check the view from the balcony from different apartment units. Sometimes the view could be blocked by the other apartment buildings.

So when you pay high rent for the view then compare it with different units and choose the best unit which has an amazing view from its balcony. Modern luxury units come with full wall windows so you can get a few views from your living room.

Pet-Friendly Apartments

Most high-rise luxury apartments allow pets, but before finalizing the deal check with the owner or apartment management if extra charges to pay for the pets or not. Many apartments allow pets with deposits and one-time fees. Compare these charges with apartment units so that you do not have to pay more than rent for the apartment. Also, check pet policies for cats and dogs.

Many apartments also conduct interviews for the pets so be prepared for it. Check if pet grooming facilities are available in apartments or not. If you have a large dog then always try to rent an apartment with a larger area than normal. 

Transport and Vehicle Parking

Apartments in Ashton are located in the city center area and there are many modes of transport available here. The international airport is only half an hour from Ashton. For local transport downtown, the station is only 2 mi from this area.

If you own a vehicle then you may have to give extra charges for the private parking in apartments. Charges of parking are also depending on the level of parking and location. To finalize these things and calculate the total cost of renting an apartment in Ashton, Austin before you move in.

Swimming Pool 

Highrise Apartments in Ashton


A swimming pool is one of the best amenities that most luxury apartments provide. You should check if all the maintenance cost of the swimming pool is included in the rent or you have to pay on a regular basis. Sometimes you see the rent of the apartment is low and finalize the deal, but after moving in you come to know that there are many hidden maintenance costs that you have to pay on a monthly basis.

Also, apartments consist of indoor and outdoor swimming pools. The swimming pool is one of the best places to relax after working days and weekends. Check the location of the swimming pool. The indoor swimming pool is best if the weather changes frequently. 


The price of the apartments also depends on the amenities provided if you rent an apartment in Ashton, Austin. Some of the facilities are a swimming pool, fitness center, wine lounge, grilling area, coffee bar, full-size washer and dryer, wood flooring, and many more.

As we have discussed earlier, you have to pay more for the best views of the city and Lady Bird lake view. Many other amenities like controlled access, package lockers, and private garage are depending on the apartment units and their price.

We hope these tips will guide you to rent luxury and highrise apartments in Ashton, Austin.



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