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indoor herb garden ideas

Find Great Green Herb Garden Ideas

Are you looking for something green for your house or your garden? If yes, you have to be in the right place. We have gathered some of the best herb garden ideas for you. Whether you are looking for ideas for your kitchen or creating an herb garden, it can help you significantly. Adding greenery to your house is the best way to get fresh air while sitting at home.

There are various benefits of indoor herb garden ideas as they are fragrant and delicious. Growing indoor herb garden ideas will be highly rewarding for the cook and gardener. Herbs are known to be superfoods and come with various health benefits.

Indoor herb garden ideas are highly versatile. For this reason, implement herb garden ideas for your house. You can either use it as a container herb garden, which is the traditional way. You can also opt for the offbeat with container herb garden coconut shells, wooden crates, and teacup planters.

Also, to help you choose the best herb for your garden, you can go through this article and get outdoor herb garden ideas. There are also various DIY ideas that you can choose if you are into making things by yourself. Garden kits are also accessible, and you can get them as they will ease up adding the herb to your house. Choosing herb garden planter ideas will provide you with fresh air.

Benefits Of Growing An Indoor Herb Garden

If you are unsure whether you should grow an herb garden, maybe reading the countless benefits may change your mind.

Saves Money

This is the first and significant benefit that everyone looks for. You will be able to save money on those bottles of herbs. You can invest the same money on a few seeds and pots and good soil quality and have a garden. Growing herbs at home can help you to save a significant amount in the long term. You will also get various herbs and other flavorings that you can use in your cooking. You will get various other benefits of growing herbs at home other than it being cost-effective.


Growing herbs will not cost you other than the materials needed for growth. Other than that, herbs do not need high maintenance, and you can keep them next to a window. When keeping them by the window, ensure that they get ample sunlight. Because these are small in size, it is the best option to keep them on the windowsill. Most of the herbs are perennial. In other words, they can last long if you take good care of them. The container herb garden is the best and cost-effective.


The herbs that you buy from the store are costly and wrapped in single-use packaging. It helps to keep them separated on the market shelf, contributing plastics to landfills when you throw them away. Throwing away the unused herbs can cause food wastage problems. When scraps of goods go to the landfill, they break and induce harmful greenhouse gases such as methane. There is an estimation that more than 40% of food is not eaten in the US.


Many people opt for creating an indoor garden for the same purpose that one may buy for any decoration. Having live art will provide you with certain aesthetic value to the home, and surrounding your house with plants will contribute to numerous health benefits. Another excellent thing about these herbs is that they also smell amazing and will freshen up the house. It helps to get rid of any unwanted odors that may linger around the house. Now that you know the benefits of adding an herb garden to your house. 

Small Herb Garden Ideas

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If you have a small garden at your house but still want to add herbs to your garden, you can choose small herb garden ideas. You can opt for the herb spiral as it is the structure you can build containing all of the herbs in a small space. Small herb garden ideas make the house look cute and beautiful.

The excellent factor about the spiral is that you can plant herbs that can live in different growing conditions in the same space. Mediterranean herbs that love the sun and can survive in dry conditions. However, herbs need more moisture or shade, which are positioned at the bottom and eastern sides of the house.

Raised Bed Herb Garden Ideas

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herb garden ideas

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If you are unsure how to make the best outdoor herb garden, you can choose these types of outdoor herb garden ideas. The best and easy thing to do is opt for the raised bed. You can grow your own by choosing a raised bed. 

It comes with various benefits as it is very easy to install, and they are usually in a square or rectangle-built wood, metal, or brick. After getting the suitable pot of your desire, you will have to fill it with soil then. These are also the best choice if you are not able to garden at ground levels. You will be able to get tall designs that will let you garden while standing up. 

Patio Herb Garden Ideas

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If you do not have space for gardening, you can choose a small courtyard or even patio herb garden ideas at your doorstep. You will be able to build a herb garden in a single planter. You can choose the terracotta herb planters that come with various holes. 

These holes will help you to separate sections of the same pot. It is a great choice for the type of pot because they are porous. The porous makes easy circulation for air and water, which prevents the root from rotting and soil diseases, and you will be able to keep the herbs healthy.

Patio herb garden ideas are one of the easy and best ways to implement and make your house look good.

Window Boxes For Mini Herb Garden

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herb garden ideas

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These are amongst the easiest ways to implement. You can grow them indoors and outdoors. It is also a good mini herb garden as it is versatile. You can position it on the kitchen windowsill as it is the most convenient method of growing herbs. 

It is ideal if you have a small or non-existing garden. It will help you to add a quaint cottage touch to the exterior of the house. You can also opt for interspersing the herbs with flowers, adding interest to the display. Choosing this idea will help you to get aesthetic flair. These types of ideas are best as outdoor herb garden ideas and for indoors. 

Vintage Finds Herb Garden Planter Ideas

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You can opt for the local salvage as it offers countless possibilities. There are various ideas, from roll-top baths and butlers’ sinks to chimney pots. Before, they used to have a different purpose, but now most people will use them for the stunning look and planting the herbs. You can also make it a mini herb garden as it is so versatile. There are various herb garden planter ideas that you can choose to get an aesthetic look.

Wall-Mounted Planters

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There is a various range of planters that are affixed to the wall or fence. They do not always need to be attached to the complete vertical garden. You can set it up, and you can squeeze it in wherever you want to. The great thing about it is that you do not need to have a garden for growing herbs. You can plant them on the walls. Planting them on the walls will offer fresh air and smell whenever the wind blows in the plants’ direction. 

You can also use plastic bottles. You can place them as planting towers as well as stand-alone wall-mounted planters. Milk containers are good material for making planters against the vertical surface. You can either attach it individually or hang it along the wooden rod, cane, or branch.

Hanging Planters

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You can choose macrame as the hanging planters. You can also hand-make or upcycled the pots. Moreover, you can make your yarn from old clothes for the same purpose.

How To Care For The Herb Garden?

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Other than the sunlight, herbs differ in terms of water needs. Fertilizers are not usually needed for growing fruitful herb crops. Too much fertilizer can also kill some herbs. You should frequently check plants for insects and pests such as caterpillars. You should remove them and treat the plant appropriately. Most of the herbs are for harvesting when they start to bud. Some herbs can grow indoors during the colder seasons if you slowly introduce them to the environment. 

How To Prevent Pots From Staining The Deck?

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There are various ways of preventing deck pots from staining the deck. They will sit. Initially, it would help if you did not water them excessively. Doing this will cause water rings on the wooden floorings. You should have drainage by placing them on planter platforms that are not connected to the ground. Taking the help of hanging planters can also help you get rid of the problem of deck stains. Even if your herbs may die during winters, you should not remove the pots off the deck. For the long-lasting fix that does not need moving planters, it is better that you choose to seal the deck.


These are some of the herb garden ideas that you can choose for yourself. It would help if you learned about different types of herbs and plants to know how you can make them last longer. Without a doubt, this post will help you choose the best ideas and implement them at your house.

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