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Hardwood Floor Repair: Get Rid of Scratches Today

Do you have hardwood floors? Are you worried due to the floors getting scratched and as they are evidently visible right there? Then, better don’t worry as your problem will get solved today.

Scratches on hardwood flooring are quite common. Moving the furniture from here and there and dog claw marks are the prominent reason for the scratches. The look of the flooring gets dirty and our investment in the wooden flooring gets wasted due to these scratches. Also, we feel a little ashamed due to the bad flooring look when our guests arrive at our home.

But you don’t have to worry anymore about this as these scratches can be removed with several methods. Today, we have brought this post to show you the ways for hardwood floor repair. There are proper steps mentioned in these methods, you have to just follow them for getting rid of these scratches.

Let us read ahead for hardwood floor repair and check out these steps. 

1. Repairing Superficial Scratches 

wax stick for hardwood scratch repair


There are many scratches that are superficial and they can be removed easily. 

First of all, try out a DIY solution: for this, you have to mix two things: one is olive oil and the other is apple cider vinegar. After mixing them, apply on scratch. Now, just leave the floor as it is for several hours and then wipe the mixture away to check whether the scratch has gone or not. 

If it has not gone then check out the below steps for removing it.

  1. First of all, you have to clean the scratched area. Now, use a soft rag and hardwood floor cleaner for removing any dust from the floor. Clean the area with the cleaner and let it dry. 
  2. Now, you have to fill the scratch. You can use a wax stick for filling it. Use some knife or something else for putting the wax into it.
  3. Now, use a soft cloth for rubbing the wax back and forth over the scratched area. After this, the floor will be devoid of any scratch and it will look shiny as well.

2. Repairing Minor Scratches

minor floor repair


Minor scratches are also easy to repair. Follow these steps to get rid out of them. 

  1. First of all, clean the surface using a wood cleaner. 
  2. Now, rub the scratch area, rub it hard across the grain of the wood. After rubbing, polish the scratch with steel wool. Keep doing it until the scratch gets removed. 
  3. Now, use a wax stick and cover the scratch with it. After covering it, use a soft cloth to polish it and make it shine. Then after, you can use paste wax for buffing and make the scratch even less noticeable. 

3. Repairing Deep Scratches 

major floor repairing


Repairing minor scratches is an easy task but for repairing deep ones, it requires much more work. There are two ways for doing this. Let us check out them. 

Refinish the Whole Floor

If you have the complete floor full of scratches then it is wise to go for this method. You can refinish the whole floor and, in this way, you can remove all the scratches. But this method will work only for the real wood floors. 

If you are having an engineered wood floor, make sure that it is not sanded before as these floors can be sanded only once or twice. 

You need to consult a professional for refinishing the whole floor. It shouldn’t be done on your own as it requires a lot of precision. 

Refinish Parts of the Floor

For refinishing parts of the floor, follow the below steps. 

  1. First of all, moisten a scouring pad with mineral spirits for removing scratches from polyurethane coating. 
  2. Now, you have to rub the scratch with a pad. Keep it as it is for some time and let it dry. 
  3. Now, you have to use a colored wood putty matching with your floor to place it in scratch. Let the putty harden and then apply 150-grit sandpaper.
  4. In the end, you have to restore the floor with polyurethane coating.

hardwood floor repair


So, here were the Wood Floor Scratch Repair methods. We hope that you have got a clear idea of how to refinish the hardwood floor and you will follow these steps with proper efforts and precision. For more detail visit Housedecorationtip



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