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Find Your Decorative Way With These DIY Christmas Decorations

Jingle Bells, jingle bells, Jingle all the way! Christmas is ahead, and you haven’t yet found your decorative way!
Just as Thanksgiving passes, the holiday season starts. After Thanksgiving, there are a number of festivals that are lined up – Black Friday as the Shopping Festival and Christmas, then 31st December, and then New Year. Festivals bring joy, get-to-gathers, and DECORATIONS! You can get your decor from stores, no doubt. But do you think it will give you the personalized feeling, that you are constantly looking for? Obviously not. Handmade Christmas decorations are the only way to add a personalized effect to your Christmas decor. Get some unique small house Christmas decorations ideas from here. 

But just as you think of personalizing everything, questions start to form in mind, such as where to start and what to do? As you try to find answers for them, your mind is filled with follow-up queries. Stop right there, and follow us!

We are here to rescue you from the flood of questions. In this article, you will read about a few DIY Christmas crafts that you can use to make various types of handmade Christmas decorations things. 

Let people ask you where you got them from? Psst… Only you know the secret to this success. 

This piece of content includes:

  • What are the basic materials that you will need for the DIY?
  • What kind of homemade Christmas crafts can you make?
  • And last but not least, How to DIY Christmas decorations?

What are the Basic Materials that You Will Need for the DIY Christmas Decorations?

Before you start off with any DIY (by ‘any,’ we mean literally ‘any,’ then be it room decor, art & craft, or clothing), get assorted with all the necessary things. There are particular things that you will need to do handmade Christmas decorations, of which basic are scissors and a hot glue gun. (Sometimes we feel hot glue gun was introduced just for DIYs)

The list of DIY essentials that you will need for this Christmas is as follows:-

  1. Scissors
  2. Hot Glue Gun
  3. Colored Papers
  4. Card Stock
  5. Ribbons and Woolen Strings
  6. Artificial and Real Flowers
  7. Christmas Element Printed Papers
  8. Paper Straws
  9. Green Garland Decoration
  10. LED Strip Lights
  11. Twine
  12. Clothespin 
  13. Glue
  14. Double-Sided Foam Tape

What kind of Homemade Christmas Crafts can you Make?

Christmas is all about decorations and gifts. Right? So let’s start naming the decorative things you can use to beautify your house.

  • Christmas Tree
  • Wreath
  • Gift Boxes
  • Table Centerpiece
  • Garland
  • Table Runner
  • Tree Ornaments
  • Wall Decor
  • Lanterns
  • Christmas Holders

How to DIY Christmas Decorations?

Till now, you are clear about what you want to make for Christmas decorations. It can be one or two things from above or the whole list. Whatever your decision is, don’t worry. We have penned down the steps of DIY in detail. 

1. Christmas Tree

DIY Christmas Tree: Christmas Decoration Ideas


The Christmas tree is an inseparable part of the festival. It isn’t always necessary that you will be able to get a Christmas tree at your place. Reason can be anything, shortage of space, or feeling to try something new. Here we are going to tell you about forming a Christmas tree on the wall. How? Look at the steps below! You can also place the Christmas tree outside of the house outside Christmas decorations.

Step1: Pick a double-sided foam tape and stick it on the wall where you want the base of the Christmas tree. Now, stick the one end of the decorative green garland on the tape.

Step2: Then, stick it on the other side of the wall according to your desired width of the tree. Follow the steps in the same manner till you get the desired length. (Go in a triangular shape!)

Step3: After that, stick a big star (without a star, the Christmas tree is incomplete). And add some ornaments.

Step4: Now the final step, stick fairy light on your Christmas tree.

Tada! Your Christmas tree is ready.

2. Paper Straw Wreath

Paper Straw Wreath: Christmas Decoration Ideas


Wreaths are supposed to be welcoming, as they are going to be at your door. You can either go with a super traditional wreath or a simple paper straw wreath. As our focus is on creating a pocket-friendly and attractive one, we are going with a paper straw wreath. Following are the ways to create one:-

Step1: Cut the circular cut-out from Cardboard or get a premade wreath base.

Step2: Cut some paper straws evenly and some unevenly.

Step3: Pick up the hot glue gun and start sticking them on the circular cut-out randomly.

Step4: Stick LED strip light to brighten the wreath at night.

3. Gift Boxes

DIY Gift Boxes: Christmas Decoration


Gifts are the second most important thing for Christmas. Every year you just wrap the gift paper around and pass it on. You may be neglecting the role it plays when they are on the sides of the Christmas tree – The role of a decor item. This year think something out of the box.

Step1: Cover the gift with printed gift paper.

Step2: Take the woolen string and wrap it vertically.

Step3: Now, pick the woolen string (of a different color) and alternatively pass through the vertical strings.

Step4: Follow step3 until you get the perfect proportion of cross.

4. Table Centerpiece

DIY Table Centerpiece: Christmas Decoration Ideas


The dining table is the most viewed part of the house during festivals. Even dinner at normal days during November-December is no less than having a grand feast. Festivity should reflect there too. Make a beautiful table centerpiece using handmade Christmas decorations ideas. Here we have explained the procedure of making an attractive center-piece using pumpkin and flowers (be it artificial or real!). 

Step1: Pick a pumpkin, put a glass on it, which you are going to use as a vase, and mark the area.

Step2: Cut out the area with a knife and keep the space a little bit larger, so that glass easily fits in.

Step3: Clear out the pumpkin and put the glass in it with water-filled (if you are using fresh flowers!), or else you can also add pebbles (so that it can hold the artificial flowers well!).

Step4: Now, arrange the flowers and stems you got from the dollar stores randomly.

(Just make sure you add a focal point to the center piece, and it shouldn’t be of much height.)

5. Garland

DIY Garland: Christmas Decoration Ideas


Every year you used the green garland or fresh flower garlands. But this Christmas be bold and add pop colors to the garlands. Embrace minimalism. Make a creative garland using color papers and ribbons or woolen strings and home Christmas decorations ideas.

Step1: Cut out the shapes you want to attach to the ribbon or woolen string.

Step2: stick the cut-outs on the ribbon or string. 

And you are done! Now place them on the mantle or wrap them around stair-railings.

6. Table Runner

DIY Table Runner: Christmas Decoration Ideas


Go simple with the table runner this year, rather than getting a table runner from the store pick out plaid fabric and use it as a table runner. Wait! Wait! We have written down the steps of creating an out-of-the-box table runner.

Step1: Pick out the plaid fabric and cut a strip out of it. (According to the size of the table).

Step2: Stitch the hems to give a finishing look.

Step3: Stick the fabric cut-outs on it. You can even sew it! (Fabric cut-outs of shapes reflecting Christmas or festive vibes, it can be stars, trees, reindeers, anything.)

The last thing you have to do is, setting the runner on the table and the centerpiece on the runner (the one you created). Everyone is going to praise you!

7. Tree Ornaments

DIY Tree Ornaments: Christmas Decoration Ideas


For this one, we won’t tell you to create something separately. You already know how to make garlands using paper or cardstock. Add that garland to the tree. Secondly, you also created some of the fabric cut-outs that resembled the Christmas elements use them as an ornament. You can go with real cookies as embellishments. Add your geometrical neckpieces as the decorations.

8. Wall Decor

DIY Wall Decor: Christmas Decoration Ideas


Christmas wall decor can be of anything. A Christmas tree (refer to point 1), Christmas card holders (refer to point 10), hanging Garlands on the wall (refer to point 5), or a frame decoration. You can make your wall beautiful using handmade Christmas decorations ideas. Below are the steps to create the frame decoration:-

Step1: Get a frame or cut out the square or rectangle frame from the card stock.

Step2: Take the woolen string and stick it in a criss-cross manner.

Step3: Add paper cut-outs of shapes reflecting the festive elements on the string. (You can also add LED strip lights if you want)

Step4: Personalize it by sticking your family photos on the strings. You can even stick the cutout of ‘Merry Christmas’ on it.

9. Lanterns

DIY Lanterns: Christmas Decoration Ideas


Lanterns are the things that will give you a warm feeling in chilly winters. You can go with the typical lantern by sticking stickers on it. And if not those regular lanterns, you can also go with something creative. Follow the steps:

Step1: Blow up the balloon.

Step2: Now take glue in a bowl and mix water in it. (if you take two spoons of glue, add one spoon of water)

Step3: Take a string and dip it in a glue solution and then wrap it around the balloon. And let it dry (at least for 24hours!).

Step4: Then, puncture the balloon. And add fairy light or bulb set to it.

10. Christmas Card Holders

DIY Christmas Card Holders: Christmas Decoration Ideas


During Christmas, everything should be decorated, even cardholders. Christmas stockings are in trend this festive season, utilize them as holders. For cardholders, you can create a space at any corner of the wall; just make sure it is accessible. Haha! In point 8, we explained how you could use the decor frame. Want to know something interesting? You can use it as a cardholder too. Here we will tell you about the Garland cardholder. You will need Twine and a Clothespin. Here are some small apartment Christmas decorations ideas for this season.

Step1: Select the section of the wall where you wanna display your Christmas card collection. Using double-sided foam tape, stick the twine on the wall. (In the desired shape or any random structure)

Step2: Add Christmas elements or paper cut-outs on the twine. (not too much!)

Step3: Now using a clothespin display the Christmas cards.

Festive Ready Home:-

handmade Christmas decorations


Finally! Now you have a solution to all your questions. These were handmade Christmas decorations that you can make at your place within a week (we are talking about all of them!). It will save you from standing in the long queue at the mall to get them. Oh! And your money too! Most of the essentials you will find in your home only. What are you waiting for? Go and Welcome Santa in the most creative and personalized way!

For more decoration tips for your house, visit Housedecorationtip.



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