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Some Of The Best Decoration Ideas Your Home For The Coming Halloween

Halloween is not very far and it is the time you need to be Halloween ready and apart from making some delicious Halloween food and getting terrifying costumes, you would also have to make your house Halloween ready. Let’s get some Halloween decoration ideas.

There are so many ways to do Halloween decorations but you have to make sure that your home looks spooky and often we spend a lot on the decoration but if you would have DIY Halloween decorations then you would be able to save up a lot of money. 

You would have to be selective because Halloween decoration is meant for making your home scary, not beautiful. If you are wondering about some of the best Halloween decoration ideas then here are some of them listed below that you need to check out:

Start with The Porch of Your Home

halloween decoration ideas: Porch decorations


You have to understand the fact that not everyone would get into your home so you have to make a way to let people know that you are Halloween ready. Here you can start with the porch of your home and since it is the outside of your home so most people would be able to see this. 

Here you would have to get some false Halloween lamps and some ghostly structures as that would make the porch look amazing and scary at the same time.

Spider Web in Your Home

halloween decoration ideas: Spider Web


Have you ever seen an old home that looks spooky? Well apart from the darkness the spider web is also very common in those places so you should also try getting that in your home. Here you can either get a fake spider web from the market and work with it or you can also create your DIY spider web to get your home ready for Halloween. 

Here you would have to get thin white thread and you have to weave them like a spider web and then you have to attach those webs all over your home.

Be Limited with The Colors

halloween decoration ideas


Spooky things are never too colorful rather you would hardly be able to find any such colors in a haunted place so even you have to limit the colors in your home. Here you would have to work with darkness but there should be some lights as well otherwise things would get problematic for you. 

Here you have to work with such colors that are less visible in dim lights. It would be great if you would work with white, black, orange, red, and other such gothic colors in your home during the time of Halloween.

Have Some Spellbooks Around

halloween decoration ideas


Have you ever seen spellbooks? Those books have black magic spells written inside and it would be very interesting to have one. Even though you cannot have to real one but you can create one for yourself by turning the cover of your book into an old spellbook.

Craft a Finger Candle

halloween decoration ideas: Hand - Finger Candle


This particular this would terrify everyone and this would turn your home into a real haunted home setup. Here you would have to take some thick white candles and then you would have to carve that candle so that it could appear like a finger and then you would have to paint it and then set fire on top.

Mummify Your Home Doors

halloween decoration ideas


Have you ever seen a mummy? Maybe you haven’t come across a real one but often horror shows have shown mummies and they look scary, isn’t it? Here you can mummify your home doors and this is so easy that you can do it in a couple of minutes which is great. Here you have to wrap the door with a white medical gauge and then you would stain some parts with red color so that it could appear like bloodstains.

A Pumpkin Lamp

halloween decoration ideas: Pumpkin Lamp


The connection between Halloween and pumpkin is very old and so you should maintain the tradition but the pumpkin should look a bit scary. Here instead of just carving the pumpkin into a pumpkin monster head, you can place one let light inside that and that would make the pumpkin appear scary. You can even turn off the lights of the room to make the atmosphere scary.

Have a Hanging Witch

halloween decoration ideas: Hanging Witch


Everyone would be shocked to see a dark lady hanging from the ceiling of your living room and witches are very scary to see and so you can have a witch-like hanging doll for your home. Here you would have to hang that from the ceiling of the home and that would create a very scary atmosphere inside your home which is great for sure.

Skeleton Candy Holder

halloween decoration ideas: Skeleton Candy Holder


Fake skeletons are easily available in the market for Halloween and so you can get one for your home or you can even create one with hard cardboard and some thermocol. Now you would have to set two LED lights inside the hollows of the skull eyes and this would make the skeleton scariest. Now you have to hand a bag full of candies on that skeleton and it would be fun to see people getting scared of it.

Some Artificial Bat and Owl Inside Your Home

halloween decoration ideas


Bat and owls look very spooky and often they appear in horror shows so people have the assumption that bats and owls have a strong connection with ghosts so to make your home appear spooky you can get some fake owls as well as, some black bats. Here you would have to hang then here and there so that it looks as if those birds are flying inside your home and this would terrify your guests for sure.

These were some of the best Halloween decoration ideas that you need to check out and for more such amazing ideas you can browse through Housedecorationtips.



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