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Are You Up for a Fun-Filled Halloween Birthday Bash?

Whether you were born on October 31 or not, you can indeed throw a Halloween-themed birthday bash. After all, both your birthday and Halloween come only once a year. So, you got to celebrate your special day in a way that creates joyful memories for your life. And a Halloween birthday bash is undoubtedly the best way to celebrate your day.

Such a theme requires you to take care of many things like costumes, food, and decor, etc. But, don’t worry as this blog shares with you 14 ideas to host a super fun Halloween birthday party. You can read them below. 

Halloween Party Calls for a Costume Contest 

halloween birthday party: Costume contest

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There’s no other joy than decking up with Halloween-themed costumes. You must note that Halloween party decorations begin with your costume itself. You should ensure that all the guests attending the party are all dressed up. And you will realize that a costume contest is a lot more fun than what you might have seen on TV.

Kids and adults, alike, get thrilled to watch others dressed as witches, ghosts, and more. Also, ask everyone to vote for the best costumes in the room. You can award prizes to the best creative costume, couple costumes, group costumes, etc. 

Set Halloween Vibe with a Spooky Party Table

halloween birthday party decor: Spooky Table

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When little ghouls and ghosts visit your place for Halloween dinner, you should welcome them in a frightening yet funny way. You can place a candy bowl in the form of a spider web at the entryway table. Coming to the main dinner table, you can decorate it in the classic Halloween way. 

You can use a couple of small or large pumpkins to make the dinner table look spooky. The table setting has to be fun but at the same time, easy to execute too. You can have cobweb placemats for every seat at the table, giving a petrifying look. 

Make it Fun with Ghost and Pumpkin Balloons 

halloween birthday party decor ides: pumpkin balloons

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It’s not really a birthday party without balloons. This Halloween-themed party is your best shot to show off your DIY skills. You can create a real spooky setup with helium balloons. You can also DIY pumpkin balloons and offer them as a present to the kids at the party. 

If you want to host a kid-friendly Halloween party, then you should have this spooky DIY balloon activity. It only requires the least party supplies and some creativity. Your young guests will be happy to walk out with a candy-filled pumpkin from the patch.  

Halloween Playlist is the Way to Go 

halloween birthday party ideas: Pumpkin with headphones

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You might get the best decor and costumes for the party. But there’s one more thing you need to set the Halloween vibes right. And that thing is your playlist. No party is complete without music and here, you need to include the bests of all Halloween songs.

There are numerous Halloween songs. And you should include more than classics like ‘I Put a Spell on you,’ ‘Monster Mash,’ etc. You have to arrange your music playlist in advance to ensure everything turns out to be smooth.  

Turn Mason Jar into a Delightful Cutlery Holder 

halloween birthday party ideas

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Did you know you can use mason jars as a cutlery holder? Well, it’s one of the simplest DIY crafts and you can customize it for your Halloween party. You can keep all the utensils in one place using these mason jars. 

For your Halloween-themed party, you need to turn these jars into a creepy cutlery display. You simply need to stretch the webbing around the outside of the jar. And you further need to stick the little plastic spiders. When your guests reach for utensils, they are sure to eek with delight. 

Set up a Halloween Photo Booth 

halloween birthday party ideas: Halloween Photo Booth

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Do you know there is one thing that has to be at your Halloween party? It’s a photo booth and you got to set up a spooky one this time. You can use photo backdrops for a quick and easy setup. All you have to do is tape the scene setter onto the wall and that’s it. 

You can DIY some photo booth props and hand them out to guests as they enter. This booth is sure to give you some of the best group pictures and give you memories to cherish for life. 

Organize Classic Halloween Games for Kids

halloween birthday party ideas: Games for kids

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Classic Halloween games are your best friends at this party, making it more enjoyable. Yes, the bend-n-twist game is at the leading position. But, you can make it more fun by adding grinning ghosts, smiling skulls, and playful pumpkins. 

You can turn your party into a complete Halloween carnival by hosting activities like pin-it games, bingo, and piñatas. You can also have a separate favor bar for trick-or-treating shenanigans. Also, you can fill big trays and colorful tubs with candies and goodies, and let the kiddos fill their treat bags. 

Keep Everyone Hooked to a Halloween Punch 

halloween birthday party ideas

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If you’re planning a party for kids, then a Halloween punch is the best thing you can offer to your guests. The recipe is simple and the best part is the punch is amazingly tasty. If you’re up for a non-alcoholic party, then punch serves as a perfect beverage option for all.

You can combine fresh juices of oranges, lemons, etc. You can use blood-orange soda to obtain a vibrant color for this fruity drink. Further, a little touch of syrup will make the punch sweet and keep everyone sipping onto it. 

Use Simple yet Spooky Halloween Signs

halloween birthday party ideas: Halloween signs

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We understand you might already be busy planning numerous things for the big day. It might leave you with no or very little time for DIY décor stuff to adorn your house. Well, this is the time when Halloween signs come into the picture. 

You can go ahead and choose the Jack Skellington signs or other classic Halloween signs. All you need to do is – place these signs at appropriate locations. These signs immediately set the mood and bring a spooky character to your house. It makes your place look festive and happening in a dash. 

Place a Morsel at a Fearful and Fun Entry Table 

halloween birthday party ideas: Fun entry tables

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When your favorite guests arrive at the party, you must ensure a fun welcome that sets the mood for the rest of the party. The best way to do this is by specifying your entry table. You can greet your little ghosts and ghouls with a morsel placed on a table crawling with thrill. 

Do you have any idea how to make it possible? Well, you can place a bowl of candies in the shape of a spider web. It’s best to decorate the entry table with a big spider having shimmery tinsel. The kiddos arriving at your party will indeed have fun snatching a morsel from this friendly spider.  

Adorn your Wall with an EEK Balloon Arch 

halloween birthday party ideas: Balloon Arch

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If there’s anything that can complete your Halloween party decorations, it’s the EEK balloon arch. An EEK balloon garland on the wall gives a stylish and frightful look to your room. It requires decent efforts to prepare this garland, but results will make your party more thrilling than ever.  

First, you will need to collect letter balloons and some other types of balloons that match the Halloween theme party color. You’ll need spider webbing, balloon arch decorating strips, wall hooks, scissors, etc. The next steps are cutting arch strips, inflating balloons, forming clusters, adding spider webs, and so on. 

Well, instead of spending your time and energy in DIY, this EEK balloon garland is something you should get ready-made from professional decorators.  

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Set the Spooky Mood with Black Cat Twinkle Lights 

halloween birthday party decorations

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Twinkle lights instantly make your place look well-decorated. Since this is your Halloween birthday party, black cat twinkle lights will look the best. You can easily prepare this with a fun DIY process. Also, you need to begin with tracing cat shapes on the colored paper of your choice. 

You should trace cat shapes on as many papers as long as the garland you want. Next, punch holes in the papers and slide in the string lights. When you hang these strips of twinkling lights, your place will look sophisticated and create a perfect mood for the party. 

Offer Exciting Halloween Favor Bags

halloween birthday party ideas: Halloween Bags

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You can ditch the tricks and go for exciting Halloween favor bags. You can go totally candy-free and fill your favorite bags with other useful, fun stuff. And, you may fill them with colorful spiders, skeletons, and pencils, rubber balls, and so on. 

You can make it even more sophisticated by writing a witty message on round stickers. Even better, you can get stickers printed with a clever message like ‘From me to boo.’ You can also go for favor cups and fill them with items such as pencils and rings.  

Get Witches Brooms for Every Room in your House

halloween birthday party decoration ideas

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Witches’ brooms will enhance the spookiness of your house. You can make it scarier by placing witches’ brooms. You can decorate these brooms by sticking out some clever phrases on them. And placing such brooms at the corners of your room will work as the best finishing touches to your décor. 

Also, as you tie the tops of the bags, you may include some exciting goodies that your little guests will relish later. You may also put a little weight in the bottom and place these brooms at the sides of your driveway to welcome your guests.  

halloween birthday party decor ideas

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halloween birthday party decor ideas

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halloween birthday party decor ideas

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halloween birthday party decor ideas

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halloween birthday party decor ideas

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halloween birthday party decor ideas

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halloween birthday party decor ideas

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halloween birthday party decor ideas

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To Put It All Together

Those were the 14 ideas to host a perfect happy birthday Halloween party. You can arrange a spooky party table and bake a batty cake. Welcome your guests with a spooky balloon garland and ever-exciting slimes. If you incorporate the above-discussed ideas, your guests are sure to rave about this party until the next October. 

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