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Find All About Hale Navy Benjamin Moore

Are you in search of good ideas for painting your home? I have the best recommendation for you, and you should try Hale Navy Benjamin Moore for your home; this is the most acceptable paint color, which gives your room, kitchen, and others a fantastic look without spending a lot of money. This color does well with most colors.    

Hale Navy Benjamin Moore is the deep drenched shade of navy blue, enduring classic, giving rise to seagoing ethics and illustrious escapade at sea. Also, it is also known as Benjamin Moore HC 154. Moreover, Hale Navy is one of the most accepted navy blue paint colors and everlasting preference paint for trim, walls, exteriors, and cabinets.

Let’s know more about this excellent paint color, and we will discuss Hale Navy Benjamin Moore and provide all the essential information about it. I am sure it will help you choose the best paint color for your home. Without goofing off, start the article to resolve your questions about Benjamin Moore Hale Navy. 

Details of Hale Navy Benjamin Moore

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BM Hale Navy is a rich dark blue shade that can flawlessly fit any other color and give a fantastic look to your home. Hale Navy has low LRV meaning it has come in dark range. Benjamin Moore Navy has a very dark LVR of Hale Navy has a dark light reflective value of 6.3 (Black is 0 and white is 100); still, it is lighter than its other alternatives. LRV is a light reflectance value, and it measures the percentage of light a paint color reflects. It helps to tell which colors are more profound than others. Hale Navy is also available in number 154, which is known as Benjamin Moore HC 154. 

Hale Navy color is a dark shade, so it interacts well with various lighting situations and spaces. Moreover, Hale Navy is a famous navy color because of its versatility and dependability. Use Benjamin Moore Navy on an accent wall instead of the entire room; if you are concerned about using it in a dark room, it is compatible with any other colors. For example, it is compatible with Sea Foam, Palladian Blue, Sea Salt, Repose Gray, Gray Owl, and Wish.

What Undertones does Hale Navy Have?

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Benjamin Moore Hale Navy paint is a deep, rich dark blue with some enlightened dark grey undertones. It has the perfect balance of cool and warm undertones. You can see the color in little interior lighting even if you put Hale Navy in a dark room. 

BM Hale Navy has numerous undertones, and it makes them more contradictory. It is delineated to have grey-blue and greenish undertones hints, while all the paint colors have undertones and minimal signs, making it lean neutral. You can also use different shades of white and Navy Hale paint color. Moreover, they will look great with cream of white and crisp white. When you paint the walls with light colors, you do not see any flaws. You only see beautiful, clean walls or borders. 

Is Benjamin Moore Navy Hale Warm Paint or Cool Paint?

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Hale Navy paint color has both warm and cool undertones; that is why it is considered neutral, adaptable, and can fit in any space; benjamin moore navy hale will look great in any room and your home’s exterior

Benjamin Moore Hale Navy paint will look fantastic in a cool room or northern face lighting room. It also shines in a warm tones room, brass lighting, or southern face lighting room. Hale Navy paint also has a much deeper tint than many blue paint colors. It almost looks like black or charcoal in low lighting situations. BM Hale Navy has a great depth of color that grounds the space; still, it accomplishes light and airy. 

Which is the Best Place to Use Benjamin Moore Hale Navy Paint Color?

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As we already discussed, Hale Navy has a versatile nature so that it will also look great on any surface, and you can use it everywhere. It is the best option. Also, it gives a nice, clean navy blue look on exterior trim and exterior siding colors; it does not look gloomy and would look significant. Benjamin Moore Navy is the perfect choice while using it for the front door of the house. 

Hale Navy paint Benjamin Moore does not look stark with a clean, bright appearance and blue-grey with greenish hints undertones, including excellent on the home’s exterior. It is the best when it is on cabinets and trim. Hale navy color is perfect for the accent wall, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or mudroom. Because of cool and warm undertones equilibrium, it will pair delightfully with almost any flooring surface or trim color. 

How can I sample Benjamin Moore HC 154?

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If you decide to paint your home, you should sample the color first and try a 12″ x12″ peel and stick square sample from Benjamin Moore’s paint. You can order Hale Navy samples from Benjamin Moore, and they will arrive at your doorstep within 1 to 3 days and this saves your precious time.  

 These sample papers are moveable, so you can quickly move them from room to room to select the best color. You have to place these samples on the wall and peel it off right after the sampling; it shows what the paint will look like on the wall because these samples are in conjunction with genuine paint color.

These samples are affordable and half the cost of traditional sample pots, rollers, brushes, and foam boards. These samples are environmentally friendly, so it does not cause any harm. 

What Color Goes with Hale Navy Benjamin Moore Paint?

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Hale Navy Benjamin Moore is the foremost pick amongst interior designers, decorators, and homeowners because the best characteristic is that it can go with any color and give the perfect result. Also, Hale Navy paints color pairs effectively with colors with comparable undertones like red or pink-based purple, green, light blue, and many shades of orange.        

Hale Navy Benjamin Moore performs perfectly with a lighter green shade known as Spring Meadow, a warm cream known as Butterflied, and a taupe brown shade known as Hidden Oaks. Here are some other colors are given below which look great and offer classic pairings:

  • As we already mentioned, the Hale Navy has grey-blue undertones; pairing it with grey paint complements each other very well. 
  • Using it with little contrast gives a great look to your room, so you should try white color pairing with Hale Navy. It would be best to try Hale navy kitchen cabinets with a crisp white Carrerra marble on top. These pairing will give your kitchen a great and classy look, and you will appreciate the work of this pairing.
  • Hale Navy can perfectly fit with brown color, as we know it isn’t easy to pair any other shade with brown; still, Hale Navy Benjamin Moore paint color pairing with brown gives a rich and modernized tone. 
  • If you want any soft tone pairing with Hale Navy, then you should try cream and beige. It will give warm undertones and soften the shade moderately. 

Does Hale Navy Benjamin Moore Go with Revere Pewter?

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Yes, like other colors, Revere Pewter also looks great pairing along with Hale Navy as it’s one of the best qualities of this color. Revere Pewter has green undertones like Hale Navy, so it works well with each other. 

What Is the Best Sheen for Hale Navy Benjamin Moore Paint Color?

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While using it on the cabinet, you should try semi-gloss or satin because it will be more durable than flatter paints with higher gloss paints. If you want to use it for furniture and walls, I recommend you to use an eggshell sheen or a satin sheen which will give a magnificent matte finish and is also wipeable. You should go with a flat finish if you want a chalk-painted look on furniture. 

Quick Hale Navy Comparison with Naval

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Both Hale Navy and Naval are dark shades but with different LRV. On the other hand, Hale Navy has a 6.3 LRV, and Naval has 4 LRV, so you can get it that Naval color is darker than Hale Navy. But the Naval color has fewer undertones than Hale Navy. 


I hope my article helps you to find out the best of this product property. And I, at this moment, conclude that Hale Navy Benjamin Moore is the top pick for many homeowners, decorators, and interior designers because of its versatile property, and I love this paint color. It has a great effort on walls, trim, and ceiling, and you can use Hale Navy Benjamin Moore everywhere.  

Hale Navy can go with any color and give the perfect result. Hale Navy paints color pairs effectively with any colors with comparable undertones, so choosing the paint color you should order to give your room a tremendous and classy look.

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