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Gray Owl Benjamin Moore: Give a Alluring Look to Your Room

If you are lucky enough that you found the Gray color you love on your walls, it may not look the same on someone else’s wall. You may find a perfect gray for your wall, but the sad reality is that it will have an undertone of some variety. So, do you want an ideal neutral gray? Gray owl Benjamin Moore is what you are looking for in your space. Gray owl paint is a perfect paint color for the room’s walls if you are searching high and low shades of gray.

Moreover, you get different types of Gray owl Benjamin Moore such as 2137-60 or OC-52. They are the same colors but belong to two other collections. In the past years, the popularity of the cooler-toned grays has shifted towards the warm grays, which also includes the ben Moore gray owl. They provide a specific clean, and modern look to the room. But they only look good when done right.

Bm gray owl has been a popular paint color for almost half-decade. Therefore, if you are searching for a paint color that adds some brightness in the shade of gray, gray owl paint color may be the perfect paint you want to use in the room.

What Color Is Gray Owl Benjamin Moore?

gray owl benjamin moore


Gray owl Benjamin Moore paint is a light color that delivers a neutral-to-cool gray effect on your wall. The most popular shade of gray brings a fresh and modern vibe to the room.

To elaborate gray owl paint color a little bit more, it is a color that belongs to a standard to light neutral gray. Gray owl paint is almost like the coloring of Great Gray Owl.

Great Gray Owls have a silvery gray color throughout their body. They also have some patterns with delicate white, gray, and brown streaking and faint barring. Also, they have yellow eyes. 

Gray Owl Benjamin Moore Review; A Warm Or Cool Paint Color?

Gray owl Benjamin Moore review, is confusing for many people. Some people think Ben Moore gray owl is a warm gray color. For some people, gray owl Benjamin Moore review it as a cool shade of gray. However, the specter of gray depends on the surrounding.

When you look at OC 52 Benjamin Moore, you will see that it seems like a neutral gray. You will think that it has the perfect balance of warm and cool color tones. However, when you apply the paint on the walls of your room, it will look slightly different. Therefore, you need to choose the color according to the lighting of your space.

Gray Owl Benjamin Moore Paint In Natural Lighting

gray owl benjamin moore


We all know that lighting is the most crucial factor contributing to the look of the gray owl Benjamin Moore paint color. Lighting in the room can change the appearance of any color, especially gray color. Therefore, you need to be careful while selecting the right paint color for your space. It will be best for you to be familiar with the lighting situation of your room when you are choosing a paint color.

OC 52 Benjamin Moore In North-Facing Rooms

In the north-facing rooms, you will get natural light that comes off cooler and even blueish in tone. Therefore, paint colors on the lighter side will appear a bit soft. On the other hand, bold and dark colors will pop and embrace the more excellent natural light. Therefore, a Ben Moore gray owl can show its blue or green undertones when you use it in a North facing room.

Gray Owl Paint Color In South-Facing Rooms

In South-facing rooms, you will see a consistent warm light coming throughout the day. Therefore, warm and cool tones work best with south-facing light. Natural light strengthens colors. So, if you use a darker color, it will be brighter. On the other hand, softer colors will look like they are luminous. Therefore, it will be most attractive to use a gray owl paint color in a south-facing room.

Bm Gray Owl For West-Facing Rooms

In west-facing rooms, natural light is more relaxed in the morning and brighter in the afternoon and early evening. But, in the early evening, you will get the best light in the west-facing room. The natural light gives a red-orange. However, the warmer colors won’t appear as intense in the mornings because of the intensity of natural light. So, gray owl paint will be the best choice. It is because the color is not too warm or too dull.

Gray Owl Benjamin Moore In A East-Facing Room

Natural light in an east-facing room will be warmer in the mornings and cooler in the afternoon and evenings. Therefore, the room will have a yellow-orange tone in the bright morning. So, please go with a warm palette. It will also help you balance the lack of natural light in the evening. Gray owl Benjamin Moore will look more fabulous in the evening in an east-facing room.

Gray Owl Benjamin Moore In Artificial Lighting

gray owl benjamin moore


You should know that artificial lighting also affects gray owl Benjamin Moore undertones. The shade of your artificial light bulbs will influence the look of your paint color. Warm shades of light can make your room look cozy and dark. On the other hand, if you use bright white lighting, your room will look bright and sleek with gray owl Benjamin Moore paint. Therefore, you need to choose lighting that will suit your look while using gray owl paint color in the room.

Now you know that lighting plays a significant part in the room’s look when you use gray owl paint color. But there are other aspects too that can change the look altogether. For example, the color of your decor, furniture, fixtures, cabinetry, and floors also plays an essential role in the appearance. These are basic elements that may affect the appearance of paint color in your room.

Choices Of White Paint When You Select Bm Gray Owl Paint

The white color works very well with the bm gray owl. Here are some shades of white which can never disappoint you:

  • Cloud White CC-40
  • Simply White OC-117
  • Chantilly Lace OC-65

Where Should You Use Gray Owl Benjamin Moore Paint?

Gray owl Benjamin Moore paint is a gorgeous color for many different surfaces. It works perfectly on the walls, cabinets, furniture, and exterior walls of the house. You can also add other colors to pop it out.

Gray owl Benjamin Moore undertones blend well in a living room, dining room, entryway, and bathroom. Also, you can highlight one wall in your kitchen with this beautiful color. Furthermore, you can make a cozy bedroom with the help of gray owl Benjamin Moore undertones.

Furthermore, OC 52 Benjamin Moore is an excellent anchor shade. It is the best neutral shade to act as the foundation for many great color themes.

Gray Owl Complementary Colors

OC 52 benjamin moore


The gray owl paint color is very versatile. Therefore, you can easily pair it with a variety of other shades.

Almost every shade of white can look flawless with it. But if you want the seamless white shade for a bm gray owl, use White Wisp. The combination of white and gray is crisp and sleek. However, if you want a darker accent wall, use Durango. Durango is a color that perfectly coordinates with Gray owl paint color, and it gives cozy vibes. Some other Benjamin Moore paint colors that work flawlessly with Gray Owl are as below:

  • Rock Gray
  • Silken Pine
  • Mustang
  • Snow White
  • St. Lucia Teal
  • Natural Elements
  • Shoreline
  • Storm Cloud Gray
  • Louisburg Green
  • French Vanilla
  • Cloudy Sky
  • Polar Frost
  • Wind Chime
  • Hampshire Gray
  • Blue Echo
  • Ocean Beach

Ben Moore Gray Owl VS. Balboa Mist

OC 52 benjamin moore


When you compare ben Moore gray owl and balboa mist color, you will get to know that the bm gray owl is a more traditional and more accurate gray color. Balboa Mist is much more like a brown shade than gray, making it darker. You can say that it is a taupe and beige neutral shade of gray color.

OC 52 Benjamin Moore VS. Classic Gray

OC 52 benjamin moore


When comparing the classic gray color with OC 52 Benjamin Moore, you will see that classic gray is lighter in the shade. Classic gray will give you a much warmer tone as you reach Gray Owl. However, it also tends toward a beige brown shade.

Gray Owl Benjamin Moore VS. Stonington Gray

OC 52 benjamin moore


While choosing the gray shade, many people usually compare Stonington Gray and gray owl Benjamin Moore. Stonington Gray is generally selected from over the gray owl Benjamin Moore, but there should be ample natural light. If there is a less bright light, it can look quite dark.


Gray owl Benjamin Moore is an excellent choice of paint color for any room in your house. You can use it almost anywhere, including cabinets, walls, ceiling. Furthermore, it works nicely with many other paint colors. A gray owl Benjamin Moore paint is perfect for all of your living spaces. It is a striking, versatile, and functional color that you can use in your house.

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