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Go Trendy with These Gothic Bedroom Ideas

Though gothic designs are an old business since it is not being used widely, the theme sounds new. One may think of churches with spiraling poles and whatnot on recalling gothic but that is not always true. You can create a bedroom into a cool gothic-inspired masterpiece. You can choose a gothic theme while keeping your room clean, organized and beautiful. The gothic design doesn’t mess around with your bedroom when it is clean.

I have researched for hours and shortlisted the top 12 amazing gothic bedroom ideas for you. These ideas range from fantasy rooms having silver walls all around and a starry ceiling to dark rooms with haunted pictures. But before getting started on gothic bedroom ideas, you must have a quick sneak peek at titbits and things to consider while adding gothic texture to your rooms.

Titbits to Consider:

  • For creating gothic heaven, you must keep color tones in your mind. While black is an essential color, you can accentuate it with other rich tones, for example, dark blue shades, crimson and more. Remember to not keep your room devoid of colors just because you choose to keep it gothic.
  • It is not always important to choose dark colors for your room; even light colors may play wonders for you. All you need to decide is to either choose a classic gothic theme or a more modern gothic look theme.
  • You need to keep the room clean. A messy room is not going to look well with a gothic room. Hence, cleaning the room is the first step towards gothic bedroom décor. All other textures can be added later on.
  • You are good enough to fuel your creativity and play with textures. Remember with darker colors, your room will look smaller. You must ensure to have at least one wall with a light shade to broaden the room and add requisite essence to the décor.  
  • A monochromatic look with different shades of the same color for example different shades of grey or burgundy is a big no. It creates a cohesive backdrop and you should avoid it.

Things to Consider:

  • Candles: Either choose to hang candle holders on the wall or pick the candles to be placed on your furniture. You can choose candles that are black, silver, red, or even cream-colored to add a charismatic look to your room.
  • Plants: They add a live look to any room and also go well with gothic room décor. Silk flowers such as a rose, lilies, or orchids will work fine to add romantic nature to the room with minimal effort.
  • Cushion and pillows: Decorative pillow covers are a great way to add a little romantic touch to your gothic bedroom décor. Choose from embroidery, silk, or velvet depending upon your taste.
  • Rugs and blanket: Choose rich colored beddings with luxurious textures like satin. Also, keep a unique textured rug beneath the bed or at the foot of the bed.

12 Gothic Bedroom Ideas to Make Anyone Go Crazy:

First, pick up the theme from the list and then do the decor. You can also use patterned wallpapers for a dramatic effect. Here is a list of the top 12 ideas on gothic designs that I have prepared for you guys.

Beverly Hill Estate Gothic Bedroom Ideas:

gothic bedroom decor: Beverly Hill Estate gothic bedroom Idea


The theme involves having dark black lace all around the bed, backlit lucite steps, and a platform while keeping the walls of the room of light shades. It will be awesome to compliment the shade of the bed with a pair of bed lamps on the two sides of the table.

Pro- tip: Cover the stand of the table with flower decoration to bring more gothic essence to the aura.

Gaillardia Gothic Bedroom Ideas:

Gaillardia Gothic Bedroom Idea


Enclose the bed with the wonderful bed frame of wood or black color and match the color of the ceiling with the frame of the bed. Place a pair of table lamps of the same color on the two sides of the bed.

Pro-tip: You must keep the shades of the walls of the room light different from the color of the bed and ceiling.

Mills Gothic Bedroom Ideas:

Mills Gothic Bedroom Idea


You must keep the whole bedroom white while making black distinctions occasionally. Use black columns to achieve the look. You can also choose to keep the bedding of black color while keeping the sofa set and other furniture of white color.

Pro- tip: Place a black two-seater in front of the bed to enrich the theme.

Modern Gothic Bedroom Ideas:

gothic bedroom decor: Modern Gothic Bedroom Idea


Choose the combination of black and blue color to achieve the theme. You must keep the wall at the back of the bed of blue color. Wallpaper with small floral prints will do great for the wall. You should keep the bedding black while keeping the bench at the front of the bed blue.

Pro-tip: Red color quickly imbibes the gothic essence. I suggest you keep a red-colored chair in front of the mirror.

Contemporary Gothic Bedroom Ideas:

gothic bedroom decor: Contemporary Gothic Bedroom Idea


What about the quintet of faux trophies to decorate the wall at the back of your bed? It is going to be a definite hit if you choose to keep trophies of the same color as that of the wall. My suggestion for you is to choose white color for the wall and trophies.

Pro-tip: The same color of trophies and walls makes us take a closer look. It emphasizes their shadows. Use the bedding that has black and white textures on it.

Bachelor Gothic Bedroom Ideas:

gothic bedroom decor: Bachelor Gothic Bedroom Idea


Black is the color to create all the drama. Choose a black color theme for your bed and wardrobe. Outline both of them with white lines. You should use different shades of black color for your bed and furniture.

Pro-tip: This is one among the other gothic bedroom ideas that suit well to the bedrooms that have large space. You need space to accommodate royalty, else the room will look small and dark.

Johns’ Bedroom Gothic Bedroom Décor Ideas:

Johns’ Bedroom Gothic Bedroom Décor Idea


To create the perfect backdrop, choose black and white bedding for your bed while keeping light lilac walls. Damask prints and a black chandelier will go well with the theme. Though keeping the room gothic, it adheres flawlessly to glam style.

Pro-tip: A glass stand table lamp will add much more royalty and essence to the theme.

Crescent Gothic Bedroom Ideas:

gothic bedroom decor: Crescent Gothic Bedroom Idea


If you want to play with colors this theme is a perfect fit. This theme is not only limited to two colors only but you can play with variety. Although a stark contrast between white and black can be used to create this entire high drama theme. But you can choose green-colored pillow covers and green color furniture to add beauty to the room.

Pro-tip: A pair of Brown color one-seater will add rich light colors in contrast to the black dark theme.

Dublin Gothic Bedroom Ideas:

Dublin Gothic Bedroom Idea


If you are the one who wants to bring in the vibe of gothic romance to your bedroom, here is your theme. Keep a candle stand of 5 candles right in front of the mirror and choose to keep your beddings dark. You can also keep a variety of mirrors of different sizes and textures to add glamour to your room.

Pro-tip: The lighting is simple but sure creates all the drama you want to have in your bedroom for example a long single table lamp made of iron will work best with the theme.

Purple Chic Gothic Bedroom Décor:

Purple Chic Gothic Bedroom Décor


The theme is a perfect fit for you if you are in a mood for romance. With this theme, you are not rooted in the white shades of the chandelier. You can top the chandelier with glamorous little black shades. Dark shades in the room will only add to the feeling of romance.

Pro- tip: Keep all the furniture and wardrobe of wood color while keeping the mattress and pillows of bed purple.

Carlton Residence Gothic Bedroom Ideas:

gothic bedroom decor: Carlton Residence Gothic Bedroom Idea


This is a perfect example of a mixture of glamour with gothic design. It is a perfect mix of signature vintage and modernist elegance. To achieve the blend, you should hang a long branched candle stand to the wall on both sides of the bed. Keep the bedding velvety purple with minimal things on the side table of the bed.

Pro-tip: Since there is a pair of candle stands on two sides of the bed, table lamps must be avoided. Also, I suggest a white-colored candle stand.

Man’s Gothic Bedroom Ideas:

gothic bedroom decor: Man’s Gothic Bedroom Idea


This is the most fabulous gothic bedroom idea for men. The theme features a black leather headboard, nightstands, and pillows. The bedroom employs brick wallpaper and a metal desk lamp to instantly send out a Gothic feel to the viewers. You can add little small artwork to add more character to space.

Pro-tip: You can use sheer gray curtains to soften the masculine vibe.


If you love to experiment, Gothic bedroom décor is the right choice. Getting a gothic bedroom theme is not only easy to execute but also pocket-friendly. Also, It can be made affordable on just any budget you may think of. However, it is important to pull off the right mix of dark and light shades to create a gothic haven. Luckily my blog on gothic bedroom ideas will do the task for you. All you need to do is to pick up a design that suits your taste and follow my idea to turn your thoughts into reality.

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