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Best Tiles To Use In Your Garden

Kiss of the sun for pardon. Song of the birds for mirth. You’re closer to God’s heart in a garden than anyplace else on earth. 

If you have a garden, then you own a piece of heaven at your place already!!! And it’s your job to keep that heaven top-notch.

Many people don’t even realize that their garden plays an important role in enhancing the beauty of the house as well as their personality.

So it’s essential that you keep your garden shining with elegance. And the choice of tiling on your outdoor areas plays a vital role in amplifying the beauty of your garden.

Through this article, I will be enlightening you with the perfect choice of tiles that you can use to make your garden look like bliss!!!

Garden Tiles


How Natural Stone Tiles Enhance a Garden’s Beauty?

Suppose you want to bring nature onto your outdoor area floors. Then this is the perfect option you can have in your hands.

Natural stone is the umbrella term for tiles made from graphite, slate, limestone, and travertine. The reason these tiles are sold like hotcakes is because of their perfection with the outdoor environment.

These tiles can actually make your garden side look gorgeous and sensational. However, you might have to pay a bit more for their astounding appearances to fit in with your garden. 

Also, these tiles are very polished and easy to care for, but the only issue that you might face is when the tiles get wet, they become very slippery. So you really need to be careful when you are stepping onto those wet floors.

That’s why I highly recommend you to choose tumbled or honed natural stone tiles, as these have built-in slip resistance. So you really won’t need to worry about falling!!

1. Granite Tiles 

Garden Tiles


These tiles are the hardest natural stone tiles in the market. Undoubtedly, granite tiles are durable and very long-lasting due to the composition of the materials these are made with.

It’s one of the best options if you are looking for something that’s durable and long-standing. These are the idle tilings for your garden if you are living in such parts of the country where the weather changes drastically.

Granite tiles are also available in various ranges of color and designs. So you don’t need to worry about the textures and looks!! From striking and dazzling white to moody black. All are available!!!!

2. Marble Tiles

Garden Tiles


Marble tiles can be another option for you. It’s unconditionally gorgeous and striking. It also gives that majestic look on to your garden. 

Although it’s less hard compared to granite and is also porous, so it requires sealing to withstand the weather changes. 

Its eye-catchy finishes and unique styles make it a prime option for every homeowner. And in addition, it escalates the beauty of your garden to a whole new level.

You’ll find varieties in color and styles in these tiles. And I can assure you the textures and finishes won’t upset you!!

But one thing you need to know is that these tilings are highly polished and can get very slippery when wet. Therefore, I suggest you go for a slip-resistant rough marble for the outdoor floorings.

3. Porcelain Tiles

Garden Tiles


You will be amazed to know that the porcelain tiles weren’t just made for bathrooms. So you should definitely go and try them on your garden floorings. 

Trust me, these tiles are just as stunning as any other tiles you’ll get in the market. Porcelain can be an ideal choice for your deck or patio area. 

And the best part about these tiles is that they are very durable and non-porous due to their clay-based composition. So undoubtedly, they can be on the list of your prime choices!!!

These tilings won’t crack or get damaged in extreme weather conditions. Therefore, it makes a wise choice for your outdoor floorings. They don’t even absorb water during heavy rains. Since they are non-porous, so you don’t need to worry about giving effort to cleaning. Just a simple wipe or sweep will do!!!

Porcelain tiles are very soothing to the eyes as you’ll find them in various colors and textures, including those that mimic the colors of nature.

Although, polished porcelain tiles can be very slippery during the wet seasons. So a matte finished tile will provide you with the right grip and resistance. But heed in mind, the more textured the tiles are, the harder it will be to keep them clean.

4. Wood Tiles

Garden Tiles


These tiles are one of the smart options you can have for your home. Wood tiles give that premium look to your flooring. Not only you can use these tiles at your home but also for your outdoors as well,

It brings out that sensational and flawless look on your deck and patio areas. They are crafted from hardwoods to make them look tough and well-textured.

These can even withstand a lot of foot traffic due to their hard materialistic compositions. So you don’t need to dwell on whether they’ll get cracks or not.

Ipe and Bangkirai are two of the most appealing wood tiles you’ll get in the market. Both of them suit like cheese and butter on your garden flooring.

Ipe wood tiles have that natural grainy look. They have that soothing texture that gives the homeowner real peace of mind. However, they might be made of wood but are highly fire-resistant. And also resist insects from decaying these woods.

Bangkirai wood tiles are also insect resistant, including devastating termites. Since these tiles are equally suitable for indoor and outdoor floorings, so it won’t be a tough call for the homeowners to have these tiles as their optimum choice. 

Wood tiles are affordable as well. Don’t get the wrong concept that just because they are so good-looking and durable, it doesn’t make their price go skyrocket.

Varieties of color and designs are available, from creamy pale to dramatic darker woods.

These sorts of tiles are very effective and efficient for both indoor and outdoor floorings.

And can surely build up that elegant look for your garden space.

I hope this article will help you to know about the best types of tiles you can install for your garden!!!



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