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What are Fire-Rated Doors? Their Importance & Benefits

Fire is a life-threatening situation to any property, including residential, commercial, and industrial! That’s why it’s highly important to protect all these spaces. A fire extinguisher is probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think about the easiest ways to protect spaces from fire. After all, it’s one of the most commonly used fire protection methods.  

However, there are many more ways to keep your building safe from fire, like fire-rated doors. These doors can save the residents of your home or any institute or organization as well as essential possessions, equipment, documents, etc.   

Apart from life-saving benefits, fire doors also have many other surprising benefits. Today in this post, we will explain the types of fire rated doors, their importance, and why you should consider getting one. These fire rated doors are specially designed for places like shopping malls, organizations, public buildings, industries, etc., as they provide great protection and security. 

What is a Fire Rated Door?

Fire-rated doors, also known as Fire resistant doors, are doors that are specifically designed to protect buildings from fire. These heavy doors are manufactured from various fire-resistant materials such as timber, glass, metal, steel, gypsum, or vermiculite boards. 

These fire-rated doors or roller shutters are really helpful in slowing or preventing the spread of fire and smoke around the spaces. It’ll give you at least up to a few hours in an emergency situation; at this time; you can put out the fire and call for help.

Fire Resistance Ratings

fire rated doors


These fire-resistant doors also have fire ratings, and it’s essential to know about them. Different countries have different building codes and fire-resistance ratings of the fire door assembly.   

Generally, the rating ranges from A to C, in which Class A offers the highest degree of fire resistance and C is the lowest. Also, these ratings are based on time, including doors with 1-1/2-hours, 1-hour, 3/4-hour, 1/3-hour (20, 45, 60, 90,180 minutes), and the swinging type fire door comes with three hours.  

Types of Fire Rated Doors

Fire-rated doors are available in various variations depending upon the features and materials. Here are some common types of fire doors:

  • Fire-rated swing doors
  • Sliding fire-rated doors
  • Fire-rated shutters
  • Guillotine fire-rated doors
  • Wood Fire Doors
  • Steel Fire doors
  • Glass Fire Doors

Let’s know what are the benefits of using fire-rated doors. Here’s is why you should use fire-resistant doors in your home or any space:   

Importance of Fire Rated Doors

  • Ordinary glass can easily break down in case of any fire accidents, but a fire-rated door can withstand high temperatures. This will delay the spreading of the fire and give the residents enough time to escape. These doors can provide a minimum of 30 minutes of extra time to exit the occupants of the building. 
  • These doors are made from high-quality materials that are also nontoxic. This simply means that even at the highest temperatures of fire or any external agent, these fire-resistant doors will never produce any type of toxic gases.  
  • The fire-rated door is capable of resisting fire and delays it for a long time. This will also stop spreading the fire to the rest parts of the house and even to other buildings. This way, you can avoid severe damage to your belongings and property.
  • Some fire-resistant doors come with sensors. These automatically operated sensors start ringing in case of a fire accident. You can use them as fire alarms as they can be operated with remote controllers.   
  • These fire-rated doors are available in various colors, designs, and patterns. You can select them according to the specific material and the rating as per your area/country building codes.   

Fire Rated Doors Installation

fire rated doors


Now the question is where to install fire doors? There are many places where you can install fire-rated rolling shutters in industrial, commercial facilities, and residential premises. 

Here are some locations where you can put a fire-rated door to increase the fire protection: 

  • Entrances and exit areas of the building.
  • Entrances to the staircase
  • Hallways and Emergency exits.
  • Exist to the corridors, and lift areas.
  • Between the space that separates two nearby buildings.
  • Between any hazardous and non-hazardous areas of the building. 

Nowadays, it is mandatory to use these fire doors in malls, cinemas, hospitals, hotels/restaurants, and even in private properties. Selecting the right location for the door can maximize your fire protection strategy. 

Fire Doors Save Lives!

Increase the safety and protection of your important belongings and property with fire-rated doors. Apart from providing safety and security, these doors can also be used for separating spaces such as rooms, closets, and other areas. 

Another thing is that these doors are available in numerous styles and designs, so you’ll get plenty of options and select the one according to their function, purposes, and your property. That’s why every home commercial space needs fire-rated doors to make the building safe and secure.     

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