/7 Superior Farmhouse Kitchen Island for a Multi-Functional Cooking Area
farmhouse kitchen island

7 Superior Farmhouse Kitchen Island for a Multi-Functional Cooking Area

Ever thought of a Farmhouse Kitchen Island? If yes, then your thoughts would be of changing cabinet colors, adding appliances, or getting a new ceramic set. But here we are talking about the perfect makeover, where you will change the way your kitchen looks. The kitchen is such a delightful place, and it is a solution to all your problems, from physical illness to mental illness.

This is the place where you will get the most delicious food and family chatters. What if we say, there is something that you need to add to your kitchen for more functionality and entertainment. No, it’s not TV! (though that is also a good option! haha!) Here, we are talking about a kitchen island. There are many styles of kitchen island that you can opt for! But the one that’s in demand right now is the farmhouse kitchen island. 

In this article, we have covered the following points:

  • What is a kitchen island?
  • What are its benefits? 

Then we will move towards the necessary things to add for the farmhouse kitchen island and its ideas.

What is Kitchen Island?

farmhouse kitchen island

Source: robbierob.co

A kitchen island is a multi-functionary unit standing at the center of the kitchen. It can be used as an extra workstation, breakfast area, washing area (if added sink at the one end), and storage (as it has cabinets and drawers too). Most importantly, it creates a dividing line between the cooking area and the living area without the wall.

*Just so you know: The average size of the kitchen island should be about 3 x 6.5 feet, and it should have a leeway zone of at least 40 inches.

What are the benefits of Kitchen Island?

  • Additional Storage Space
  • A Seating Area
  • A Place for Extra Appliances
  • Addition in Workstation
  • A Focal Point for the Kitchen

Now, you know why is it important to have a kitchen island at your place. As we mentioned above, the farmhouse kitchen island is in demand, and the sole reason for it is its vintage look. The vintage look adds warmth to the place and makes you feel aesthetic.

Necessary Elements to add for Farmhouse Kitchen Island

  1. Wooden for Island
  2. Bar Stools for Seating
  3. Rustic and Vintage Effect
  4. Pendant Lights
  5. Attached sink
  6. Storage space
  7. Vase for decoration

Keeping elements in mind, now let’s start designing the kitchen island. Below are a few examples of best farmhouse kitchen islands that you can implement for the vintage look of the cooking area. When you go through the ideas, use your prowess to add something more personalized to the island.

1. Royal White

farmhouse kitchen island

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Go total white for the vintage yet royal look. Place a woven basket and gorgeous cutlery set to enhance the look and a wooden chair with soft leather. If you are just looking for a place to eat and talk, then this one is the best option.

2. Farm Wood

farmhouse kitchen island

Source: lume.ir

A kitchen island with a separate working unit and eating area is also a good option. It will add a section to the kitchen, which will give a dividing look even though it is attached. Use wood to build your Farmhouse kitchen island. Let go of the pendant light and fix the utensil hanger as a chandelier. It will give a perfect farmhouse look to the cooking area.

3. Uniquely Different

farmhouse kitchen island

Source: baneproject.com

Rectangle and square is the boring option for kitchen island, think out of the box, and go for a C-shaped kitchen island. Add a sink to the island by integrating extra space for the same. To store cutlery in an exclusive manner, add cabins at both ends of the unit, as shown in the image. And pendant lights for the warm and bright effect.

4. Pure Farmhouse

farmhouse kitchen island

Source: pinimg.com

Give your kitchen island a vintage table look by adding wooden angles for the support. Use barn wood for the modeling and bar stools that double as a table. Add DIY flower vase and wooden cutlery for a pure farmhouse appearance. Use wooden fruit baskets and trays as decor and vintage model pendant light. Alternatively, you can go with a bulb too.

5. Black and white with Wooden Bar Stools

farmhouse kitchen island

Source: chicagoblackhawksjersey.org

Umm… We guess it can also be called a modern farmhouse kitchen island. The black and white combination with a tint of wood looks just perfect. The sight of such a kitchen is soothing to the eye. Add drawers and trash cabins to the table and open shelves to keep fruit and vegetable baskets. To add a focal point, vases, chandeliers, and pendant lights are the best option. You can also get your hands on vintage-style pendant light, like the one in the picture.

6. Storage Island

Source: trendehouse.com

Make your kitchen island look like a storage island by adding drawers to the table unit. This way, you can store almost everything in a reachable area. Choose classic-style bar stools as an exterior part. This is the simple yet most functional kitchen island idea. The countertop of the model is the focal point of the unit. The antique-style hanging light will add magic to the outlook.

7. Multi-Purpose Island

farmhouse kitchen island

Source: hallstromhome.com

This is the multipurpose kitchen island where you can keep your recipe books, necessary utensils, and baskets. While you are getting the kitchen island built, make sure to add trash cabins and a sink area. This way, you will be able to get a perfect “multi-purpose” kitchen island unit.

Savor on a Vintage Style Space:-

So these were the ideas that you can implement to have your own farmhouse kitchen island. Use the above ideas to get a perfect vintage appearance for your kitchen. Design your kitchen island and show off your skills to the relatives (don’t worry, your secret is safe with us). What are you waiting for? Hurry up and make extra space for friends and family to chatter with you while you are cooking. To get more information about these w tips and ideas from Housedecorationtip.