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External Wall Insulation: Know What Is It and Why You Should Go for It

External wall insulation is done to maintain the heat inside the house. This helps to keep a warm atmosphere inside the house and it helps to keep the heating bills low. It is an option considered by most of the people in the places where the region is cold. 

Exterior wall cladding is a similar term but it is inclined more towards the decorative side where you decorate the exterior of the house along with protecting it from the harsh weather elements. 

If you are planning to get your walls insulated then you have reached the right place. We will have an overview of external wall insulation, what are its advantages, what does the process comprises of, and other important things that you need to know about it. 

So, let’s not waste the time and quickly read ahead to know about it. 

external wall insulation

What are the advantages of doing this?

  1. The insulation capacity of walls is measured in terms of U-value. The U value is quite high for the walls that are not insulated. After you insulate the walls, the U-value will go certainly down and so will be your heating bills. 
  2. Noise entering through your walls will reduce. So, if you are living in a house that is surrounded by a busy street then after insulating the walls, you will have low noise entering your house from outside. 
  3. Walls will catch up more heat after the insulation, so the rooms will remain warm for a long time. So, if you are living in a very cold place, you will have a huge benefit of getting the walls insulated as it helps to keep warmth in the rooms and lowering down your need to turn on the heater. 
  4. Water vapor in the air generated from cooking or similar stuff will not condense on the walls as the temperature of the walls will be high now. 
  5. It will protect against penetrating damp.
  6. It increases the life of the wall as weatherproofing is improved. 

external wall insulation


What materials are used for the insulation?

Many materials can be used for this process. Expanded polystyrene, Phenolic resin (K5), mineral wool, wood fiber are the materials that are used in this process of wall insulation. Expanded polystyrene(EPS) is the widely popular material that is used in the majority of homes as it is the most cost-effective option. Also, know about the types of bricks that you can use.

What pre-checks are done in the process?

There is a render test carried out first to check the strength of the existing render to hold up the insulating panels. If it is strong enough then it is good to go applying the insulating panels to it otherwise, we have to remove the existing render and then apply the insulating panels to it. Also, we have to remove all the pipes that are attached to the walls. These pipes will be reinstalled at the end but they need to be removed while the insulation work is being carried out. 

external wall insulation


Ask for permission from the government for the wall insulation

Planning portals say that permission is not required when you are undergoing external insulation of the walls and the external appearance of the walls is not going to be changed. If your property is in a conservation area then you need to consult once with the local planning authority. We will advise contacting the local planning authority once so that there are no problems regarding the permission afterward. 

What are the steps for external wall insulation?

Step 1: The first step involves fixing the insulating panels to the wall using adhesive mortar. 

Step 2: For securely fixing the insulated panels to the wall, plastic capped fixings are driven through the panels. After that, mortar is applied to the panels and fixings. 

Step 3: For holding the wall insulation boards in position, an insulating mesh is applied to the mortar. 

Step 4: The final step is to color the walls with an appropriate color. There are many varieties of finishes possible for your wall like smooth, painted, tiled, pebble-dashed, textured, etc. 

external wall insulation


Should I call some professional For External Wall Insulation or is it a DIY job?

No, you should call a professional to do this job for you. It is not an easy task and requires the right skills to do it. It requires to insulate the outer walls of your house and the look of the house after the process is done should be attractive too, one has to keep this in mind as well so better to get it done from a skilled professional who can do the task in the proper way and make it look attractive as well. 

Is it expensive?

Yes, it is an expensive task but worth its cost. Consult a good professional for it and show your complete house to them. They will guide you on which areas of your house will require insulation and the approximate cost of it. 

external wall insulation


So, here was an overview of external wall insulation. Hope you got an idea of it and now you will plan out to get it done for your house. Wall insulation will very helpful to you so if you really need it then contact a professional today and consult with him on this and get it done quickly.

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