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Exterior Barn Doors: 5+ Different Ways to Make Use of Barn Doors

The usage of glass pane, wooden and rustic sliding barn doors have taken the interior world of design to another level. However, people have forgotten to conceptualize the use of sliding barn doors for the exteriors of their houses. Exterior sliding barn doors can result in the best of your expectations. With the best of creative observation and skilled professional implementation, sliding barn doors help provide your property an entirely different level look.

All we need is a creative imagination and the passion for exploring the different ways we can install these sliding barn doors on the property’s exteriors. So come, let’s how amazing can we make our exteriors with the Exterior Barn Doors.

Different Ways to Utilize Exterior Barn Doors

  1. Main Entry Gate
  2. Garage Entrance
  3. Outhouse Doors
  4. Window Shutters
  5. Entrance Doors
  6. Sheds
  7. Doors for your closed nursery or clubhouse
  8. Terrace room doors

Main Entry Gate

exterior barn doors


If you are looking for privacy and security to your home’s main entrance, the garden, or the back gate, exterior sliding barn doors are the best option. It does not just give you the best security, but it also adds glam and an intense look to your home. 

Barn doors can be given different effects to make them look fancy, like making it run through a fence or sand-which it between wired steel gates or glass panels. It would be best if you had a professional to provide you with the best security and look. You can choose wooden and rustic sliding barn doors for the main entry gate to give it a glam look.

Garage Entrance

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Whether staying in an apartment or a bungalow garage is always needed. And when we talk about the garage, the closing door is the most important thing, which provides security to your cars and automobiles. 

You can replace your boring traditional garage doors with a rustic wooden or Moonlight Exterior Barn door to create drama for the people passing by.

Stay in a bungalow and have your garage area. You can provide your garage a side entry by using exterior sliding barn doors to make an entry in the garage rather than opening the entire main traditional door.

Guest-House Entrance Doors and Windows

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We love to welcome our friends and guests to stay and spend time with us. And we have always been told that our first impression is our last impression, so why spoil our first impression with those traditional and straightforward doors for the guest house. Let’s be modern and install sliding Meadow or Moon-Light Exterior Barn doors for the entrance.

To add some bliss, install a glass pane sliding barn door for windows to make it easier for your guest’s access. It not just provides them safety and privacy but also offers them ease to access.

Window Shutters

exterior barn doors


As we saw for guest house windows, you can also install a barn door on the window’s sides to eliminate the traditional look and give it a fancy modern touch. Exterior barn door shutters can frame out the front porch windows to bring on the shine to a home’s first impression. You can install a glass frame sliding barn door as a window shutter to add some exciting twist. Make it transparent with security, and let the world see the beauty within you.

 You can also plan to install an Orchid Exterior Barn Sliding Door window to give it a look, but this kind of window can best suit sunny places to avoid the heat and sun rays passing through the window.

Entrance Doors

exterior barn doors


If you have wanted a different contemporary look for your house, you must try out Rustic and Meadow Exterior Barn Doors for your Apartment or house entrance. Sliding Barn doors are not just fancy in look, but they also have the stability and security featured in them. If you think that they do not provide protection, then you are wrong.  

Modern Exterior barn doors are being installed with the complete undertaking of your home’s security. So you should try the Exterior Barn Door for the entrance of your house. How does the idea sound to you?


exterior barn doors


Usually, people do not pay attention to the shed of the backyards, but the fact is that if you install a sliding barn door replacing the traditional sheds, they can turn out to be the best functional backyard. Transporting heavy things gets hard when we have traditional sheds, but if you have sliding barn doors as your shed, you can easily pass out and slide the door to transport or move out your objects and parcels. 

Sliding Walls for Closed Nursery or Clubhouse

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Are you fond of the closed and transparent nursery, or are you finding a solution for building a proper club-hose for your kids? Then why don’t you try out sliding barn doors? Yes! Barn doors can turn out to be the best solution. Instead of building four walls for your nursery or clubhouse, try out the Exterior Sliding Barn Doors as the four walls. 

They can be easily accessible and low maintenance.

For a nursery, you can install glass-paned Exterior Sliding Barn doors to provide natural Sunlight to your plants, and for a clubhouse, you can install Moonlight Sliding Barn Doors.

Kids can easily slide the doors and make the indoor clubhouse converted into an open outdoor club-house.

Terrace Room Doors

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Usually, people have a terrace space, which they like to convert into a dorm. So what if you use a sliding barn door to make the dorm entrance look even more private and classy. You can use the Exterior Stable barn door as the entrance of your dorm. This would look elegant and classy and give you your privacy to the best extent.

We discussed how many different ways you could use the Exterior Barn door. But now, let’s see how you can install the barn doors.

Installation Process

Choose the Door

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First of all, choose the appropriate style of barn door you would want to install for the respected area. Select the door based on; the theme you have planned for the space, the climate and the weather of your house, your budget and expectations, and most importantly, the one which would best suit your personality and privacy.

Choose Hardware

Selection of the hardware is a must. Choose the option based on what kind of installation you want. Whether you want a stable barn door or a sliding barn door, the structure differs in both cases. 

So the hardware must be decided based on the functioning, design, access, security, and spatial restrictions.

Usually, Flat Track, Box Track, No Show, and Top Mount are the common and popular choices offered and availed by people.

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Choosing Handles and Locks

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This is an essential step to be considered when installing an exterior barn door that is availing the locks for your security.

If we are talking about garages, terrace rooms, gardens, or backyards, a rustic hook, teardrop latch, or eye latch is perfect for your security.

But for your main entrance or the apartment doors; The Surface Mounted Privacy Lock and The Privacy Barn Door locks are the best options. They are very sturdy, strong, and secured when it comes to your security.

Handles are an option to open the doors based on their functionality quickly. There are hundreds of options for handles, and you can select any of them based on your color, design, and theme.

Door Assembling

Main out of them all, assembling of the door. Now here is where you need a skilled and professional person. It would be best if you were very accurate while building and installing the door. So you must hire an experienced or professional person while assembling and mounting the door. Once it is done, your fancy and classy door is ready to welcome people.

The Conclusion to Exterior Barn Doors for Home

So with this, here we are to the wrap of the blog. We presented you with the different ways to fit an exterior barn door into your home. What all you need is proper research and exploration of the different styles and planning. Have a look around your home and property, and imagine how amazing it can be to add classy barn doors to your space.

The sliding barn doors can turn out to be decorative additions to your garage, windows, gate or entrance, etc.  The Classic and conventional barn doors are not just designed to fit the interiors of the home. Instead, they can best serve and add a timeless royalty and class to the exterior of your homes as well.

If you did find this blog interesting and helpful, please share it with others and be the solution to their problems!

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