/Epoxy Floors: An Easy Maintenance Guide
Epoxy Floors

Epoxy Floors: An Easy Maintenance Guide

Does your industrial space or facility have an industrial epoxy floor coating? Do you know how to maintain and take care of this specific flooring system? Epoxy floors are a very durable, resilient, and sturdy kind of floor coating utilized in multiple applications like warehouses, walkways, hallways, high traffic areas, sunroom floors, or garage floors.

Placed where huge tools and machinery are equipped and utilized, a durable epoxy floor forms an ideal choice for such flooring surfaces. Furthermore, even when the heavy objects are shifted all over on the floor repeatedly, the epoxy surface coating will maintain its standard luster. Epoxy surfaces are quite simple to manage, provided you follow a few ground rules. Let’s have a look.

How to Maintain Your Epoxy Floors?

You need to offer some care for your industrial epoxy floor coating to maintain it in its top form. Though they require minimum maintenance, a usual sense of care must prevail for them. In this context, below are listed some leading practices to maintain your epoxy floors.

Epoxy Floors

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  1. Keep Surfaces Grit And Dirt Free: Mainly, when you’re moving vehicles or machinery off and on the floor, grit and dirt will scratch and embed the epoxy floor. It is a perfect idea to remove dirt and sand regularly since the epoxy floors are rigid and they may begin showing damage after several scratches over time. So, the best way to perform that is by using a shop vacuum along with a delicate brush attachment. How frequently you vacuum your floor is based on how much grit and dirt are traced. When it is time to move vehicles and heavy machinery around the industrial epoxy floor coating, you must take some additional precautions to ensure the surface is grit and dust-free.
  2. Spot Cleaning: Often, you may require sweeping or vacuuming a compact area of the surface where something has been tracked or spilled in. The liquid that has spilled on the floor must be vacuumed up immediately with a soap vacuum. Finally, clean that area with warm water and wipe with a mop. Industrial epoxy floor coating is water-proof and very simple to clean when any liquid spill takes place.
  3. Avoid Usage Of Soap-Based Cleaners: Floor cleaners containing soap leave behind a haze on the epoxy surface, which develops spots over time. Epoxy floors don’t require a deck-scrubbing brush, only a good mop, warm water, or soap must be okay. If you need additional scrubbing strength, utilize things such as soft soap, that may aid you with more robust spills.
  4. Stains: Some stains like rust must be gently scrubbed with a delicate deck brush or a kitchen scrubber sponge and warm water. Avoid utilizing harsh chemicals and steel wools such as comets, since they are very abrasive to the industrial epoxy floor coating. You must not use cleaning compounds with acid or citrus in them, as they collapse the epoxy catalyst and make it unsightly. 
  5. Stiffly Soiled Epoxy Floors: The best technique to clean an extremely dirty epoxy floor is to vacuum and sweep the whole area very carefully. Get rid of all the objects on the way, and once you’re done with removing grit, grime, and surface dirt, make use of warm water and reliable foam mop to eradicate the dust. Next, you may use a mixture of water and ammonia for the second mopping.
  6. Car Chemicals, Oil, And Others: The crucial thing regarding car spills in a garage is not allowing them to sit on the industrial epoxy floor coating for too long, as it can cause damage to that surface. Household cleaners, paints, and all other harmful liquids require to be cleared out immediately.

 Epoxy Floors

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Industrial epoxy floor coating is one of the best options for industrial applications. Maintaining your epoxy floor shall engage your minimal amount of time, but it must be performed daily. These easy-care tips will help you maintain excellent value and great looks of your resinous flooring structure for years to arrive.