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easter crafts for kids

Cute and Creative DIY Easter Crafts For Kids & Toddlers

After the new year, Easter is the first festival, where we gather with our family & friends. As Easter is approaching fast, naturally you would be busy planning the Easter things!! Right? Some of the Easter things that you cannot miss at any cost include mouth-watering Easter meals, festive decorations & a party!! Decoration means creating Easter crafts for kids like bunnies and chicks.

It’s like an Easter tradition that we all follow. So, are you ready to do this? Spend your afternoon with your kids to make these awesome crafts. Not only you’ll get personalized easter decorations, but also you’ll create unforgettable memories with them!!

Easter Crafts For Kids

Easter Art can be created from anything, you don’t need expensive or many items. Do you agree with this? So, don’t get upset if you don’t have much stuff or money to buy these things. You can create almost anything with the things that you already have in your house. So now you’re thinking how? For that first look at these cute DIY crafts pictures:

 easter crafts for kids

source: masandpas.com

 easter crafts for kids

source: goodshomedesign.com

Is it even possible with the stuff that you already have? We’re pretty sure that this is your next question after looking at the above images. Right? Don’t worry, these are the common thoughts of the people. So to make you believe, we’re providing 25+ DIY easy Easter crafts for kids. So read till the end, and you’ll find simple and fast projects that your kid can make in no time.

The most exciting thing about all these projects is that you can create with the supplies that you already have in your home, so you don’t have to buy anything, or you can find the supplies in a dollar store, which means BUDGET FRIENDLY!!

So, look at these awesome 25+ easy Easter crafts for kids and try them:

1. Lolly Pop Bunnies

Lolly Pop Bunnies

source: pinterest.com

This will be an enjoyable and easy craft for kids. You’ll need some lollipops, googly eyes, sparkly white foam, and styrofoam balls. First, insert the styrofoam ball into one candy, as shown in the pic. After that place, eyes and small foam balls to complete the face of a bunny. To make ears use a pipe cleaner (smaller one) and paste it on the top of the head of the rabbit, and your Lolly Pop Bunny is ready!!

Here are some paper crafts for kids:

2. Paper Roll Bunnies

Paper Roll Bunnies

source: pinterest.com

To make this cute DIY, you’ll need Coloured cardstock, a White pom or cotton ball, Googly eyes, a Black gel pen, Crafter’s tape, Invisible tape, and Scissors. Cut a rectangle and two circles and two ears & one nose from the scrapbook paper. Draw mouth and paws on the circle and paste eyes and nose & Whiskers, then let it dry. Roll the rectangle paper and secure it with tape. Then glue the circles (i.e., mouth and paws), and your bunny is ready!!

3. Paper Roll Chicks

Paper Roll Chicks

source: pinterest.com

This DIY is quite similar to the previous one. You’ll need the same supplies, just this time make chickens out of it. Follow the same procedure, and you got your beautiful chickens.

4. Paper Lilies 

 easter crafts for kids

source: familyfelicity.com

Look at these cute lilies!! They’ll be a perfect DIY project for easter. So let’s start, you’ll just need 3 things – Pink paper, green or yellow pipe cleaners, scissors. Trace your kid’s hands-on paper and then cut it out with the help of scissors and roll them up & secure them with tape. Then curl the edges with the help of a pen or pencil. After this, bend the yellow and green pipe cleaners and make the stem of the plant and then insert the flower part on it. And ta-da… your lilies are ready for Easter!!

5. Peek-a-boo Clothespin Eggs

 easter crafts for kids

source: pinterest.com

Isn’t this looking interesting? So start making it right away. For this, you’ll need a wooden clothespin, glitter foam, and tape & scissors. First, cut an egg from a pink glitter foam, then cut it from the center in a zig-zag pattern. After this paste it on the pin. Now create a small chick-like shape and draw the eyes & paws and then paste it also on the pin but the backside. So, whenever you open the clip, you’ll see a small chicken see through it.

6. Cupcake Liner Spring Flowers

 easter crafts for kids

source: thefunkystitch.com

Who doesn’t like flowers? Everyone. Right? So help your kids to make one for themselves, surely your kids love this DIY. For this project, you’ll require these things:

  • regular cupcake liner
  • mini cupcake liner
  • green popsicle stick
  • large yellow sticker rhinestone
  • crafter’s tape & Scissors
  • green construction paper

Select the two cup liner of different sizes as per your choice, flatten them, and fold them in half again & again (means fold 4 times to get 8 petals). With the help of scissors, shape them into a petal. After this, unfold them and paste one on the others. Don’t forget to put a rhinestone in the middle of the flower. The last step is to attach it to the stem and leaves, and you’re done. 

7. Easter Bunny Paper Plate 

 easter crafts for kids

source: pinterest.com

Dress your baby like a bunny!! Yes, just dress him/her in the cutie pink color and to create the face, use this paper plate mask. Take a paper plate and color it pink. Next, draw the eyes and mouth & for the nose paste a pom ball.

8. Pom Pom Chicks

To make these cute little creatures, you just need a few items like Yellow chunky yarn, yellow and orange felt, orange pipe cleaner (12 inches long), and googly eyes (7mm). Wrap the yarn around your fingers 60 times (depending on the thickness of the wool). After that, tie this with a smaller piece of yarn and cut the loops from the middle. Repeat this process 2 times to make the head and body of the chick. Cut the wings, legs, and beak from the yellow and orange felt, then attach everything from a glue gun. 

9. Bunny From Cotton Balls

 easter crafts for kids

source: thebestideasforkids.com

Isn’t this cute?

These are easy easter crafts for kids. Cotton balls, pipe cleaners, and colorful cardboard/paper are things that you’ll need to do this project. Cut the cardboard in the shape of a rabbit face and then cover it with cotton balls. After you’re done with that, glue the eyes and make whiskers from the pipe cleaners.

10. Pipe Cleaner Bunnies

For this DIY, you’ll just need pipe cleaners. Tell your kid to bend these pipes and create a bunny shape. After that paste, the googly eyes and your small rabbits are ready to jump!!

11. Pom Pom Easter Bunny Crafts

 easter crafts for kids

source: pinterest.com

Just like you made pom chicks, make these bunnies. They are super cute and the perfect decoration for your table. Take a ball of wool in colors like white, grey, or pink and make pom balls, then join them & also add ears to complete the look, and your bunny craft is ready!!

12. Plastic Cup & Spoons Craft

 easter crafts for kids

source: archzine.net

This will be a perfect centerpiece decor for the table. To make this, you’ll only need some cups and spoons. The first step is to color & decorate them with paints & tapes. After that put one spoon in each cup and finish it off with a ribbon. 

13. Tissue Paper Roll Easter Bunny

 easter crafts for kids

source: pinterest.com 

The best way to use your empty toilet paper roll is to create art from it. It may sound weird, but it is an excellent way to recycle it. Take three rolls and flatten two of them & join them all. (Take reference from the above picture). This is your bunny stamp, just have fun while creating any shape.

14. Baby Chick Paper Plate

 easter crafts for kids

source: frugalfun4boys.com

Isn’t this adorable? So to make it, you’ll just need 2 paper plates and yellow & orange color paper. First, cut the paper into a chicken and then paste on the plate. Complete it with eyes and a small beak. Now cut the other plate in a zigzag way and glue it on the first plate.

15. Egg Carton Craft

 easter crafts for kids

source: typicallysimple.com

Other great kids easter crafts are these ones. Use your old egg carton box & transform them into super cute eggs and shells.  

16. Easter Bunny and Chick Fingerprint 

 easter crafts for kids

source: funfamilycrafts.com

Tell your kids to make Easter cards and give them to their friends. To add more personal touch to them, add fingerprints. Tell your baby to dip his fingers in colorful paints and then stamp them on the cards. To finish it off, draw the Easter bunny and chick patterns with a black marker and write some wishes & greetings. 

17. Tissue Paper Eggs

Tissue Paper Eggs

source: firefliesandmudpies.com

Try this fun and super easy DIY project. Just roll some colorful tissue in the shape of eggs. And place them in a basket and your easter craft is ready. Put this one-of-a-kind craft on the table!

18. Emoji Easter Eggs

Emoji Easter Eggs

source: thediyplaybook.com

What do you think about these? Pretty funny, right? Try this silly idea by painting eggs in various emojis. There is no way you can find this kind of art in any other house.

19. Cute Sock Bunny

This is the toy that we all made in our childhood. Remember? Now it’s to make it once again and decorate it in your Easter decorations. Tell your kids to do this awesome project, just grab some old colorful socks and fill them with cotton. Then decorate them with ribbons, and don’t forget to put your eyes on them.

20. Tin Foil Easter Eggs

Tin Foil Easter Eggs

source: countryliving.com

So many people make eggs from various materials such as paper, tissue, and wool. Hence, try a new one in such a way that your easter decoration stands out from the others. Use kitchen foil and cut it in the shape of eggs and paste it on the cardboard. Then tell your children to draw random patterns with different color pens.

21. Easy Paper Easter Wreath

No festival decoration is complete without a wreath. So include some in your easter decorations. To make this kind of beautiful wreath, just grab some colorful craft papers and cut them in the shape of eggs. Tie them with a ribbon and finally hang them anywhere in your room.

22. Pinecone Bunnie’s

Pinecone Bunnies

source: firefliesandmudpies.com

If your kid loves to collect pinecones and acorns from the garden, then tell them to create something interesting like these cute easter bunnies. This is one of the easiest DIY easter crafts.

23. Felt Easter Chick

 easter crafts for kids

source: pinterest.se

Look at these dancing birds!! This may look hard to make, but believe us, this is super easy. Just take some colorful fabric and cut them into the shape of a bird (cut each by each section- wings, head). For legs use black wire as by this, you can bend them in any position.

24. Mini Popsicle Stick Chicks

This is another easy craft that your child can make in 5 minutes. Just take some ice cream popsicle sticks, yellow paint, colored paper, and googly eyes. Paste five sticks side by side and then paint them in yellow. Glue the eyes and nose, and your popsicle chickens are ready for decoration.

25. Easter Bunny Ears

Easter Bunny Ears

source: womansday.com

Accessories are an essential part of the festival, just like at Christmas – a Christmas tree is a must just like that Easter bunny ears are essential for Easter!! Isn’t it true? So, make some for yourself and your kids. First, take a headband and wrap it into the colorful fabric. With the same fabric, create ears & tightly secure them with glue. And Ta..Da…Your kids will have a jolly good time with the Easter bunny ears.

26. DIY Easter bunny headband

You can create another type of headband with paper. Take a white paper and measure it around your head & then cut it. Use another color paper to create ears and glue it on the front side, just like shown in this picture. Surprise! Surprise! Your DIY Easter bunny headband is ready for use!

So, now do you believe that you can make anything from the home stuff? All these Easter Crafts for kids do not require any expensive items and the best thing is that your toddler can make it without creating any mess, albeit, with your small assistance. Let your kid show their creativity in the Easter decorations and create memories!! So, try out as many as you want to decorate your place for Easter!!

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