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4 Step-Guide to Refurbishing Your Dream Vacation Home in London

Rebuilding your dream vacation home lets you have the lifestyle you want in the place you love. Do you fancy yourself spending your holidays and vacations in London or wish to own a home in one of the most beautiful cities in the world? If yes, then purchasing a vacation home in London seems like a feasible option for you. Well, it is much easier said than done. 

Even if you can find the perfect location in London for your dream vacation house, it will be definitely challenging to find a home that meets all your requirements. What if your potential home doesn’t have a backyard for your kids to play games? Or what if you needed a four-bedroom house, but the price doesn’t align with your budget?

In such a case, buying an old home and renovating it according to your choice and needs seems like an intelligent and cost-effective move. 

Therefore, if you really are interested in owning a vacation home in London, here are some steps that can help to fulfill one of your biggest dreams.

Buy a Pre-Owned Home

Dream Vacation Home


Before we get into the renovating and remodeling tips, there is something you should know. Getting a home in the UK can be a substantial financial investment. The houses are well-built due to which it can turn out to be an expensive decision.

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t fulfill your vacation-home dreams. As mentioned earlier, buying a pre-owned home and remodeling it as per your vision can be an economical and satisfactory decision. It might need your time and finances, but when you spend your vacations in a home you actually like, everything will be worth the effort. 

So, choose an ideal location in London and select the perfect pre-owned home. Before making an offer, it is better to opt for a complete home inspection to know what problems you’ll deal with after buying the house.

The professionals will conduct a complete inspection survey and draft a detailed report of the house mentioning all the issues in your would-be home. It will also give you an idea about whether you need a renovation or complete rebuilding to land you into the house of your dreams. Let’s not forget that it will give you an upper hand during the price negotiation. If ever you choose to reside in South London, it is wise to consider renting a Brighton self storage that could store your items while the place is under renovation.

Lay Down Your Design

Dream Vacation Home


After you’ve found your perfect home in the ideal location, it’s time to transform it into your dream vacation home. For this, you need to pen down your requirements and layout the design of your vacation home. The plan will act as a blueprint for your dream vacation home in London and give a rough idea to the builders about what exactly you want. 

Suppose you need a big lawn or a pool where you can plan small get-togethers. For this, you can design your new vacation home, in a way that you get a pool or a lawn of your choice. 

That is so cool! You actually have a chance to unleash your imagination and design a home you always wanted to have. 

Stay Involved in the Refurbishing Process

Personally monitoring everything is the most crucial part of the home remodeling or renovation process. It might cause you to take several trips to London, but that will not be an issue because you love London. Right? That’s precisely why you are planning to have a vacation home in one of the best cities in the world.

Anyway, once the remodeling or rebuilding process starts, it is better to monitor everything personally rather than getting stuck with something you don’t even like. It will help you ensure that the team uses quality materials to build your vacation home and everything aligns with your vision. 

Suppose you want a cottage home with big windows. Or maybe you have specific instructions for the renovation team regarding your master bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen. In such cases, be involve in the refurbishing process can get you exactly what you want in your vacation home.

Also, think about where you need appliances such as fireplaces, TV, and fixtures and convey them to the team so that they can transform your dream into reality. 

Go for a Thorough Home Inspection 

Dream Vacation Home


Suppose you bought an old home, demolished it, and got a vacation home constructed right from scratch. And you are planning to spend your next vacation in your new home in London. Meanwhile, chances are that your vacation home might start facing some issues which could be a problem for you and your family members. That’s precisely why you should go for a professional home inspection before you move in.

In fact, you’ll surprise to know that homeowners often forget about the home inspection part, thinking that a new home can’t have faults. It will also give you some valuable insights into the potential issues lurking in the property.

In a way, seeking help from the professionals who offer Snagging Survey London can save you from ruining your vacation as you won’t have to spend all your time fixing the issues. After all, not all newly constructed homes are perfect. Not to mention, you can’t risk staying in a faulty home with your family.

So, to be on the safer side, make sure that you go for a thorough house inspection to detect and repair the defects beforehand. The professionals will check the roof, floors, appliances, HVAC, drainage system, and literally everything inside or outside the property.

Also, you’ll be able to make remedies before it gets worse. The detailed inspection report prepared by the professionals will ensure that you bring your family to a safe space.

To Sum It All Up!

Buying an old home and transforming it into your dream vacation home in London can be exhilarating as well as challenging. You’ll have to take so many permits, complete a million formalities and make unlimited decisions. But once you are done, you’ll definitely feel everything worth the wait and effort.

Thus, use the steps mentioned above and live your dream to own a perfect vacation in London and spend all your holidays at a destination you love.



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