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Find All About Double Sided Fireplace: Ideas For Elegant House

The fireplace looks so cool when you install it in your house. Update your ordinary fireplace with a trendy double sided fireplace. With a two sided fireplace in your house, you will be able to cover a larger area with only a fireplace. For example, you can effortlessly warm a dining room and a living room at the same time with this fireplace. But you have to install it in the right place.

The traditional place of a fireplace was alongside the wall but now that is not a trend anymore. Use a double sided fireplace as the centerpiece of your house. Installing a fireplace is a new way to divide your rooms, especially your living and dining rooms.

Furthermore, you can use a two sided outdoor fireplace as the transition spot between the indoor and outdoor areas. Continue reading and you will find some amazing ideas which will make your house look trendy, stylish, and up-to-date.

What Is The Difference Between Gas, Electric, And Wood 2 Sided Fireplace?

Before creating a magnificent area with the help of a double sided fireplace, you should know the difference between gas, electric, and wood fireplace.

If you make a gas and wood fireplace battle for their efficiency, gas fireplace efficiency will always win. Gas fireplaces burn more cleanly and produce fewer polluting emissions in comparison to wood fireplace efficiency. For example, if you compare statistics, wood-burning fireplaces typically emit 28 pounds of particulate emissions per MMBtus (one million British thermal units) compared to natural gas. This also means natural gas produces up to 99 percent less emissions.

However, if you compare gas and a two-sided electric fireplace, Electric is the best. It is the cleanest fireplace that does not release pollutants into the atmosphere. Also, they are fantastic to touch. It also makes them exceptionally safe in homes with small children and animals.

If you are looking for some relaxed yet authentic look and feel, we’ve set out some of the pros and cons of all the three- gas, wood, and electric fireplace that you should consider in the table below. Also, choose maximum convenience or low running costs from this quick comparison here. 

Pros and cons of using Gas Two- Sided Fireplace

Pros Cons
Two-sided Gas is a fairly inexpensive form of energy Gas-burning fireplaces lose heat up the chimney
Gas fireplace offers efficiency and also includes easy maintenance Needs professional installation costs
You have no ashes or soot in the chimney that makes it easy to use You have less choice of location as  most styles of gas fire will need to be placed within a chimney or against an outside wall so they can be vented

Pros and cons of using Wood Two- Sided Fireplace

Pros Cons
You can create the wood fireplaces of your choice. It can be a great decor point in your living room. It creates a warm, cozy feel with real flames Wood-burning fireplaces heat the chimney. Also, you need to get a professional to install your stove to make sure it meets building regulations
With the fire screen option, you can operate the fireplace without doors. It creates a fire pit effect. Wood-burning fireplaces can also draw warmer air. Also, it further decreases efficiency. 
It offers low running costs. It is believed that it is helping the stores to save money on heating Wood-burning stoves need preparation. It can take time to light. Also, some need the ash cleaned out first every time you want to start the fire
There are different fuel options available for wood Two-sided fireplaces. Along with the traditional log burners, you can also choose from multi-fuel or wood pellet stoves It needs proper storage.  This is especially true if you’ll be burning logs and plan to dry them out yourself

Pros and Cons of using Electric Two-Sided Fireplace

Pros Cons
They are easier to install. It depends on the model and where you want to put it. You may be able to plug it and go- it is as easy as that. You can also avoid the cost of professional help to install it These are expensive to run (the biggest drawback of electric appliances is the running costs).  Electricity is an expensive fuel.
They prove to be low maintenance. Electric fires don’t produce ash and hence doesn’t needs clearing up It is less realistic for those who love a real flame effect
They are more flexible, and you can place electric fires anywhere. Electric two-sided fireplaces have low heat outputs, with most electric fires and stoves limited to just 2kW or less.
Electric two-sided fireplaces are very energy efficient ( almost electric fires are 100% efficient). It also means that all the heat is emitted into your room as none is lost in a chimney or flue You can’t also customize it according to your chosen decor theme.

Simple Double Sided Fireplace Ideas

You can use a double-sided indoor fireplace to get the warm vibe in your house and it will also help you to enhance the look. Here are some simple but yet unique 2 sided fireplace ideas that will elevate the look and will you cozy vibes:

Double-Sided Wood Burning Fireplace In Neutral Wall Partition

double sided fireplace

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If you have a large living room and want to divide it into sections, this two way fireplace idea is perfect for you. Build a wall in the center of the room and make your double-sided wood fireplace at the bottom. However, remember to leave space from both sides of the wall so that you can enter both rooms from each side. In this way, you will get two living rooms but in a special way.

The neutral brick partition will bring a subtle charm to the open space. It is a unique and more youthful style to have a double sided wood burning fireplace in your living room. You can choose a light wood color for the bricks of the wall and use rugs of the same color beneath your tables or sofas. Both living rooms will give you a peaceful and cozy vibe.

Modern Double Sided Electric Fireplace In A Wall

double sided fireplace

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You don’t always have to use bricks to make your room look aesthetic. Split the area of your living room by a simple wall and create a double-sided electric fireplace in it. You can use one side of the room for more formal sitting space and the other side for a cozier area for your family and friends to relax.

For a formal area, you can place a classy sofa with large armless chairs near the electric fireplace with a soft rug under the table. Also, use a circular glass table and put small pots with plants on them. On the other side of the room, place a large L-shaped black sofa with a small golden table. Add fluffy cushions and place a rug beneath the table. Remember, on both sides of the room, furniture should be towards the electric fireplace.

Slick Double Sided Fireplace Between Two Rooms

double sided fireplace

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When you don’t have much space in your living room to create a partition for a two-sided fireplace, this is one of the best simple double-sided fireplace ideas. With the help of this idea, you can take full advantage of a two-sided fireplace. You can also install a double-sided indoor fireplace in the wall that separates your dining area and your living room.

Use a contemporary theme for your living room and install a chic fireplace. Place the sofa right next to the fireplace and keep some space under the fireplace area. Fill the space with some fluffy cushions. Your living room will be breathtaking. On the other hand, you can have a romantic dinner by placing your dining table towards the fireplace. The overall look will also be mind-blowing and you will be able to enjoy the warm and cozy vibes.

Infusion Of Styles With A Double Sided Gas Fireplace

double sided fireplace

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If you like both modern and rustic styles, this idea is for you. You can use this idea to enjoy both styles in your room, just create a partition and install a double-sided wood fireplace. In this way, you can create a modern theme on one side of the room and a rustic style on the other side. But remember you can’t go extreme on both sides. Moreover, the partition won’t deny the fact that the whole place is a single room. You also have to create two spaces in such a way that both areas should complement each other.

Make A Double Sided Gas Fireplace Centre Of Attention

double sided fireplace

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You don’t always have to use a wall to create a partition, use this idea to make a double-sided gas fireplace as a centerpiece in your living room. Install a double-sided gas fireplace in the center, it’s artistic and functional. The theme of the space won’t also affect the look because it will blend with every theme.

You should choose a black and white theme to make it look classier. Keep the area of the fireplace in black and install light-colored wooden flooring. Also, use furniture in both white and black colors and make your living room amazing and unique.

Two-Sided Outdoor Fireplace For Pleasant inside-out Activities

double sided fireplace

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With this idea, you can use a fireplace for indoor and outdoor activities at the same time. Choose the right place in your house where the wall is connected with both the living room and the outdoor patio. Also, install a double-sided outdoor fireplace there and enjoy the warm atmosphere.

It will be better if you use a glass wall instead of a regular wall. You can enjoy the living room while watching your children having fun outside. This idea is perfect for a big family. In big families, few members want to enjoy the fireplace while sitting outside and some want to be inside. This double-sided wood burning fireplace idea will resolve their problem.

double sided fireplace

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double sided fireplace

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double sided fireplace

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two sided fireplace

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two sided fireplace

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two sided fireplace

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two sided fireplace

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two sided fireplace

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The presence of any fireplace in the room makes it feel warmer and cozier. Most people feel that when you sit near the fire, it is more relaxing and calming. As fires provide a natural type of warmth it gives a more comfortable vibe. Moreover, a fireplace makes the area look homier. Hopefully, with this article, you will also be able to update your old, traditional fireplace into a stylish one. 

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