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Find Everything About Door Casing

There are few trims that can help you enhance the room’s style before setting out to dress the interior doorway. The trim that is around the door is popular as door casing. It is installed initially and conceals the annoying construction gaps between the frame and the drywall.

Choosing a door casing style can help you enhance the look and minimize the seams in the construction of the house. The clean visual border around the door will also help you improve the architectural beauty of the home.

Whether you want to implement a new exterior door casing or update the existing one, you can take the assistance and inspiration of this article and learn all about the interior door casing.

What Is Door Casing?

Door Casing

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Door Casing

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Door casings will help you set the tone of the room and enhance the architectural beauty. Door casings are available in various styles, from ornate to elegant to simple designs. You can choose the door casing according to your preferences.

If you are annoyed with the gaps between the wall and the frame, you can hide them with the help of door frame trim. However, expert designers say that it is better to keep the trim consistent from room to room to get the flow and continuity.

Generally, the door trim is supposed to match the window trim style. The sizes may vary according to the elements of the house. For example, Apply the intricate trim to the interior side of the front entry door. The next wide trim should be on the interior of other large door exteriors, such as sliding and French doors. In the end, you should use the same size trim on interior windows and doors.

When we look at history, people used the door casings to set up the room’s tone. During the Victorian era, designs from the late 19th century took the help of the fluted boards that are butted against the decorative corner blocks. People used these types of designs that were symmetrical and used a uniform pattern across the faces.

Tapered casings were created by building several profiles within the door jamb to the outer edge. It was common in the 19th century federal and Italianate homes, and later on, the Greek Revival and colonial styles prized the depth and the dimension. There are various types of door casing molding that you can choose and improve the look of the house.

Door Casing Styles

There are several popular door casing styles that you can choose, such as:


Door Casing

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Door Casing

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This type of door casing will give your house a cozy feeling. Timeless farmhouse styles comprise the simple, clean lines with too little décor or ornamental on the boards. If you want to include dimension and character to the house or the room, you can try staining, whitewashing, or you can also apply the dark color to the farmhouse-style door casings.

Craftsman Door Casing

Door Casing

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door casing style

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Craftsman door casings are made with simple yet exciting details that will let you add purposeful style to the home. This type of door casing represents the signature elements of crafts, architecture, and the British arts. The durable quality and the handcrafted pieces of this style also play an essential role that will complement and unify the exterior elements.

If you are thinking of adding more texture and depth to the craftsman’s home, you can paint the door casings with a creamy neutral tone or dark color. Craftsman style door casing can help you to make the house look more modern and vintage.


door casing style

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door casing style

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It is a modern door casing that will help you produce a simple, clean, and finished look without overwhelming the space. It will work effectively with the industrial and modern décor styles or in the informal areas. You can create a sophisticated and open feel to contemporary rooms. With the help of door casing trim, you will also beautify the walls of the house.

Colonial Door Casing

door casing style

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door casing style

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Colonial door casing usually comprises elegant, simple beads and cavetto shapes in the design. These casings will help you combine the rich details and the timeless simplicity, which will enhance the feeling of coziness and comfort of the house. If you have a room with low ceilings, it will help you to get more feminine and voluminous feelings.

Butted and Mitered

exterior door casing

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When installing a doorway’s three casing pieces usually involves placing the board’s thinner edge towards the frame inside. It will help you to reduce the bulk that forms in the doorway. with the help of either mitered or butted joints, you can connect the short-head casing ends to the top of two side casings. If you do not know about these two types, these are:

Butted Joints

exterior door casing

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It connects the two flat surfaces at 90 degrees. This process is executed with the help of glue and nails. Traditionally, the flat board casing with the help of a head casing that is sitting on top of the side casings.

Architects usually go for the butted joints when they do the designing process of the house that has high ceilings. The reason for this is that the butted joints let the custom above-door designs with detailed and intrinsic head casings. Decorative corner blocks can help you to add more character and interest.

Mitered Joints

exterior door casing

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It includes the cutting of both the tops of the side and the head casing at a 45-degree angle, and when the fitting process is completed, it will be a 90-degree angle. Installing door casing in Mitre joints will help you make a neat and clean wood joint.

What Are the Best Materials for the Door Casings?

There are several things and factors that come when choosing the best material for the front door casing. For instance, the build-up and detail amount you will need for the casing, whether you want to stain or paint the door casing. There are types of materials that you can choose from:

Paint-Grade Wood

exterior door casing

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You can make the paint-grade wood casing. It is made from pine and poplar. It consists of bare wood that needs the homeowners to prime and paint. Also, It will help you to get more detail and character than other types of man-made casings materials.

If you paint the casing, you will hide the joints, but you should know that the staining will not help you hide it. If you want to apply the wood stain, you will have to select another material option.

Stain-Grade Wood

interior door casing

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This type of wood is suitable for all of the stain colors or clear coat finishes. It will help you provide a color consistent, durable, and long-length wood option for stain-grade molding. The pitch of the wood and the resin-free pacific coast will help you prevent the bleeding and blotching through the finished surface and produce an even-grained molding with a fine texture.

If the doors of your house are exposed to the moisture, it is better that you choose the stain-grade hardwood casings as it does not warp. You can stain the hardwood materials and hide the joints, and you can also resist the streaking. Builders frequently opt for hardwood, followed by poplar, maple, cherry, walnut, birch, and mahogany.

What Are the Things to Consider When Choosing the Door Casings?

Consider the Home Style

interior door casing

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Some architectural styles create the air of formality that is designed for the trim options. Victorian homes are popular for their intricate woodwork, elegant crown molding, and soaring ceilings. When it is about the homes that are ranch-style, these are less formal. It uses simple trim lines that will create a visual look and feel.

You Can Try Your Style

interior door casing

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If you want to replace the molding in any of the rooms of your house, do not hesitate to be creative with the molding choices. You can also make notes on styles that you find interesting and bring some samples to your home to have an idea.

You can explore with the help of existing molding profiles, but it is better that you choose another type of material or color scheme to get your idea of it. For instance, you should change the plain white door casings with the solid wood options in the stain option.

Take the Help of Experts

interior door casing

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Instead of wandering through the improvement store, it is better that you visit a molding specialist that can help you with the fluted door casings. Various companies have their website; you can take inspiration from their site and visit their store to see the samples in person. They are all types of flat door casing and butted door casing, and their expertise will help you select the excellent option for your house.

Companies have all types of door casing styles that are according to the budget of their clients. If you visit the store, you will get the options according to your budget. It is always essential to keep the budget in mind when decorating the house.


These are all the essential information you should know when choosing the exterior door casing or interior casing for your house. Door casing has helped countless homeowners enhance the look of the house and hide the flaws and gaps between the door frame. It is the excellent and best choice anyone can make for their house. Trimming around doors is the best and easy way to enhance the look.

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