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6 DIY Window Decorating Ideas: Enhance The Beauty Of Your House 

Having some free time in your current work schedule? Want to utilize it doing something creative, fun and productive? Then, you are at the right place today as we are going to show you some DIY window decorating ideas in this post that will not only give you fun while you do it but will also make your windows look elegant and attractive.

DIY Window Decorating Ideas

Following these ideas will enhance the beauty of your room too so let us check out these ideas quickly. 

1. Heart Decoration

diy window decorating ideas


You can cut pieces of heart shape from a colorful papercraft like red with all the pieces of the same size and then take a string and attach those pieces to the string and hang it to the window. Use a thick paper and not a light one. 

If you took a red color for the first time then you should take any different colors for the second time and repeat the process.

Make 6-8 such strings of heart shapes and then hang it to the window. It will look simply beautiful. Make sure that you cut hearts of the same size for all the strings to make it look great. 

8 strings of hearts, 4 strings on the left of the window and 4 to the right and you can cover the complete window too if you want with. Depending on the window size, you can add more strings of hearts to it. 

There is not a compulsion to do this DIY decoration only at the time of Valentine (hahaha) so just take the materials and just start doing it! You will make your windows look simply fantastic, beautiful and it will spread the love across the room. 

2. Festival Based Decoration

diy window decorating ideas


Now, if there is any festival coming soon then the best way to decorate your windows is to use the festival-based decoration items. For example, if Halloween is coming soon then you should decorate your windows with pumpkins, scary hands, ghosts, bats and something similar that you see in the festival. 

Draw it on your own, paint it and cut it if you are good at drawing otherwise you can look for ready-made items available in the market. You can make those items at home too if you are a little more creative and wish to do it on your own. 

Tie those items with a string and hang them on the window as we did in the first idea. Take a fancy string to match up with the beauty of the decorative items. 

You can cover the whole window or partially depend on the window length. This will make your room fill with positiveness, energy, and cheerfulness for welcoming the festival even more.  

3. Plants will make it Green and Lush

diy window decorating ideas


You can even do the decoration of plants at your windows, this will make the room environment cool, green and fresh. You can grow some plants in small pots and keep them near the window railings and it will really look nice. Provide them water daily and soon they will turn out in bigger plants. 

Other than this, you can take a couple of glass jars that you have at your home and add some colorful flowers to it and then hang the glass jars with a string at your window. This is a risky step as if your glass jars get fallen down then it will break so you need to hang them tightly with a strong string. 

You can change the flowers every day to let the freshness and coolness remain the same. You will have a fresh morning every day with the plants kept in the window. Also, the item used for this is natural so you are contributing to the eco-friendly environment too. 

4. Paper Cones Decoration

Paper Cones Decoration


This is another very easy and quick way for decorating your windows. You have to take a chart paper of two to three colors like blue, yellow, green or anything else. Now, make small cones out of it (the shape of a clown cap). 

Now, you have to take a good strong string and insert two-three cones in it from the top of the cone. This will make a string of cones. Make 3-4 more strings of cones and then attach them at the window and it will look superb. Colorful cones will make your room fill with colors and this decoration will amaze anyone who visits your room. 

5. Hang Colorful Decorative Balls

Hang Colorful Decorative Balls


It is also a simple, easy and quick DIY window décor idea that everyone can do on their own. You have to bring some 15-20 decorative balls that we use to decorate our house at Christmas. Then, attach some 5-6 balls with a string at equal distance and hang it at the window. 

Make 2-3 strings just like that and attach all of them at the window. These vibrant balls will make your room colorful; bring more such balls if you have a big window and hang them all. Your kids are gonna love this idea for sure.

6. Make Anything out of your Creative Mind

diy window decorating ideas


The last idea is to think of anything that your creative mind lets you explore. You can go out of the box, brainstorm for a while and let your mind find out the best idea for your windows. It can be anything that you think will suit your windows in the best manner, in this way you will get some creative freedom and you will definitely get the perfect decorative piece. 

So, here were the DIY window decorating ideas that you can try for your home windows. Take out some free time at the weekend, select any idea that you liked the most, gather the material and just start decorating it. 

You will enhance the beauty of your room by doing this and your family members are going to appreciate you for your creative efforts for sure. Do it for all the windows in your house and make your house look more than beautiful! For more information, visit Housedecorationtips.



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