/DIY Valentine’s Day Card Ideas To Steal The Heart Forever
DIY valentine's day card

DIY Valentine’s Day Card Ideas To Steal The Heart Forever

Dalia: Hey, Mary, where are you now?
Mary: I am at my art and craft class, why and what happened?
Dalia: I don’t know I am pissed off. I am not able to find a perfect valentine’s gift for Josh, and this is our first valentine together. I want to surprise him but don’t know how to do it?
Mary: First of all, calm down, I have got an idea, why don’t you present him DIY valentine’s day card?
Dalia: Hey…Hey wait, don’t you think valentine’s card is an old school idea.
Mary: Of course it is an old idea, but darling it never fails to spread its charm, and don’t worry, I’ll help you with the best and fantastic DIY valentine’s day card ideas.

So if you are one like Dalia and need help to surprise your love of life, then keeping reading and keep falling in love. Wishing you a cuddly and best valentine’s day of your life. 

So, all the girls and boys out there, are you ready to amuse your love?

Here we go…

You Stole My Heart

DIY Valentine's Day Card Ideas

Source: pinterest.com

This valentine reminds the love of your life that your heart is still with him/her. To create Valentine’s card, follow the step:

  • Take card stock and fold it in half
  • On the front page, write “You stole my heart.”
  • Create a tic-tac-toe game with the permanent marker
  • Place the tiny heart stickers in a diagonal position in the game 
  • Leave a sweet note inside the card and your card is ready to present

You Light Up My Life

DIY Valentine's Day Card Ideas

Source: realsimple.com

Create a bright spot for him on this 14 February with “You light up my life card”. Have a glance at its steps:

  • Take card stock and fold it in half.
  • Take four small birthday candles and paste in on the front of the card.
  • In place of flames of candles, make a little four heart and color it red.
  • Below the candle write, “You light up my card.”
  • Inside the card, tell him how much he means to you.

Are You a Pro Racer?

DIY Valentine's Day Card Ideas

Source: yellowstoneartboutique.co.uk

Does his presence skip your heartbeat? Then we have got the best way to show your undying love for her with the “Make my heart race” card. Follow the steps:

  • Take a blank note card and fold it into halves
  • On the top left side of the card, write “You make my heart race.”
  • Create a racing track with the zig-zag lines and paste a toy car with the help of glue at the bottom of the card

Isn’t it an aww card?

Heart Shaker

DIY Valentine's Day Card Ideas

Source: youtube.com

Through the heart shaker card, you will clearly convey the message that she/he is a real shaker of your heart. As you shake the card, you will see a little cute heart flutter on the front of the card. Read below to find out the steps:

Create a DIY Polaroid frame with the help of a square and rectangle sheet. 

You have the option to keep the background blank or some design, we suggest keeping it plain as the whole focus will divert to those cute little hearts made of colorful leftover paper. 

And you are ready to present an amazing heart shaker card?

Careful, it’s My Heart that Has Fallen Out

DIY Valentine's Day Card Ideas

Source: pinterest.com

The next card is the best way to express your immortal love for your munchkin. Come and follow our steps for an adorable result:

  • Cut out the colorful tiny hearts made on the paper
  • On a blank card, stamped the jar upside down on the top left of the card in such a position that it should seem hearts falling out of the jar
  • Now write “LOVE YOU”, each alphabet should be in such a way that it should seem that it is falling out of the jar.
  • With the help of glue, arrange those colorful tiny hearts in a jar and some in such a way that it should appear to be falling out of the jar 

Nuts for You

DIY Valentine's Day Card Ideas

Source: proflowers.com

Nuts for you is a pretty crazy but cute valentine card idea. Below are its steps to follow:

  • Take a blank card
  • Draw tiny little hearts and paint them with different colors
  • Cut out those small hearts and paste in randomly on the blank card
  • Now take different nuts like apricot, groundnut and fix them on the front of the card with glue
  • String a note with it, the note says, “I’m Nuts for you”

Hearts Stitched Together

DIY Valentine's Day Card Ideas

Source: blogspot.com

Dedicate your true love and value of him/her in your life through this valentine’s card. This card needs a few embroidery skills for the perfect result. Following are the steps to follow for this cute little card:

  • Take a blank card and fold it in half
  • Now draw two hearts with the help of a pencil
  • With the help of the string, stitch the card in a zig-zag way
  • Write a sweet note for the love of your life
  •  And your card is ready to present

52 Things About Us

DIY Valentine's Day Card Ideas

Source: thehealthjournals.com

52 things about you or us is an interesting idea, so this basically ain’t the card, but it is a kind of a love diary made out of the whole deck. To know more about its DIY crafts, follow the following steps:

  • Take 52 cards from a deck
  • Now start writing the reasons to be with him/her and get it print, but it should be funny, cute to create a blend of emotions
  • Find perfect pictures for those reasons
  • Once done, cut out each reason and image and past it on each card
  • Now punch the 52 cards 
  • Now tie the punches holes with red ribbons

Pop the Color Heart

DIY Valentine's Day Card Ideas

Source: hearstapps.com

If you are not an artistic type of person but wish to present a romantic and beautiful valentine’s card then pop the color heart is the best for you, to know more about it, follow the steps

  • Take a blank white card with the round corners
  • Draw tiny hearts on paper and let them remain white
  • Arrange the heart with the help of in the ascending order row-wise, i.e. one heart in the first row, two hearts in second, and like that
  • Now paint the last heart of the last row with red color
  • And write” special message” at the bottom

DIY Valentine's Day Card Ideas

Source: youtube.com

Final Words

Do any of the ideas knock on your heart’s door? Do you have any DIY valentine’s day card ideas in your mind? If yes, share it with us in the comment section below. These DIYs are pretty much easy and cute to steal the heart of your beloved one.

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