/DIY Plant Stands: Beautify your House with These Indoor Plant Stands
diy plant stand

DIY Plant Stands: Beautify your House with These Indoor Plant Stands

Nature brings life to absolutely everything. Nature lovers undeniably go bonkers over greenery and crave to see this greenery even where they live: their own house. Having indoor plants in your house enhances the beauty of your house and even compliments your personality. Indoor DIY plant stand are a great way to store plants in your house. 

There are a variety of stands that can be made. Those consist of normal or even wooden plant stands. Today we will be witnessing some of the DIY Plant stands that will make your house look more attractive. Whether you are looking for a place to hold your succulents or just to decorate your house, here are some of the DIY indoor plant stands that can help you: 

Copper Round Plant Stand

diy plant stand: Copper Round Indoor Plant Stand

Source: pinimg.com

If you have always desired an up-to-date yet antique-looking stand for your plants but either couldn’t find one or simply couldn’t afford one, well, now you can make them at home! No more wool-gathering about those romantically designed stands for plants that suit perfectly in your house. Click here to hire Louisville arborists to prune your trees.

Indoor Plant Stands Created from Wood

diy plant stand: Indoor Plant Stands Created from Wood

Source: pinimg.com

With the use of these wooden plant stands, bring nature into your home! These mind-boggling plants stand are easy to make with just the use of a few materials here and there along with some tools that will easily help you make wooden stands like a pro. And the cherry on top? You don’t need a ton of money to make this piece of art! 

Metal Lamp Shade Plant Stand

diy plant stand: Metal Lamp Shade Plant Stand

Source: blogspot.com

All you need for this project is a mere lampshade; yep, that’s right! Making a plant stand has never been easier. This one’s for you if you don’t have a box full of tools and supplies to work with. To see how you can do it, check out its super easy tutorial. 

DIY Plant Stand Tutorial

diy plant stand

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It appears that solid wood is one of the most favored materials when it comes to building a plant stand. If you suck at DIY projects that necessitate some skills, then this wooden plant stand is the perfect fit for you— I’ll even go as far as saying that it’s a match made in heaven— since it doesn’t require much cutting or any hard work that can tire your lethargic persona out. The result is spectacular and stunning! 

Wooden Plant Stands Inspired by West Elm

diy plant stand: Wooden Plant Stand

Source: thesprucecrafts.com

Wood and plants are two of the most common natural resources that can be seen around us and combining them will result in. To construct this wooden plant that has been inspired by the West elm, all you need is a basic item such as wood. These plant stands are very easy to construct and can be placed with the utmost ease. No specialization is required to construct them and a normal person can also create such.

DIY Mid Century Planter Stand

diy plant stand: Mid Century Planter Stand

Source: amazon.com

It is one of the most popular modern-day plant stands. It is very easy to construct and can be placed anywhere. A round metal planter would be required to keep the plants inside. To keep the round metal planter above the ground level, you can also have a wooden stand. 

Place the metal planter on top of this wooden stand. You can keep it anywhere and it will add more glow to your dwelling. Such Mid-Century Planter stands are most likely seen at almost every place. These are easy to create and fulfill the need with ease. 

Easy Outdoor Plant Stand

diy plant stand: Outdoor Plant Stand

Source: thegardenglove.com


If you are looking for some of the easiest outdoor plant stands then this can be prepared by you. If you want to place the stand near the garden, or a balcony, then this type of plant stand will be good for you. It is a crate-looking plant stand and the plant is placed inside the crate. It is simple but unique and hence, it will seem more attractive to every visitor and even you. 

Recycle books! Unique Plant Stand

diy plant stand

Source: blogspot.com

In this type of plant stand, all you need is books. Books will be covered with different colorful papers. Various colors will be chosen and will be covered in the books. This way, use multiple colors to cover the books and pile them. 

On top of them, keep your plant intact. Usage of multiple colors will make even the darkest days bright! They are very easy to construct, and if you do not want to DIY many things, this one is for you as in this one, you just need some bright color papers to cover your books. If you are a book lover, this will surely attract your attention!

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DIY Trash Can Plant Stand

diy plant stand: rash Can Plant Stand

Source: feminis.ro

As the name suggests, the only equipment that you will need for this one is a Trash Can as well as your plant. The primary way to construct is to keep a trash can upside down and keep the plant on top of the stand. 

To make it more attractive, make spiral linings on the trash can or you can also trim the can in a spiral way. This will create a more attractive place for the plant. You can also add some décor items at your convenience. 

Ultimately, you have to do just a few things, improvise your trash can up to some extent and keep your plants on top of the trash can by placing it upside down. All of these steps will not take more than 20 minutes. 

Hexagon Shaped DIY Planter

diy plant stand

Source: uglyducklinghouse.com

diy plant stand

Image Source: pinimg.com

diy plant stand

Source: diys.com

diy plant stand

Image Source: thecottagemarket.com

diy plant stand

Image Source: pinimg.com


diy plant stand

Source: hotbeautyhealth.com

diy plant stand

Image Source: fantasticviewpoint.com

diy plant stand

Source: masterclasso.ru

diy plant stand

Image Source: designmag.fr

diy plant stand

Source: atomic-ranch.com

If you want some creative shapes for your house, then this one will attract you. In this type of DIY planter, all you need is a hexagon-shaped planter. Inside this planter, keep your beautiful plants, and done, you have an attractive plant stand. You can change the texture by working hard on the finishing portion of the planter. You can even add some carvings on the outer layer and it will add icing to the cake!

This was all about a variety of DIY Plant Stands. These indoor plant stands are unique and will catch your attention every time you pass by them. 

Nature lovers always want to add greenery to their house, and this way, it will take a minimum amount of space and also will make your house look more attractive. This was all about DIY plant stands. A variety of plant stands can be constructed such as a wooden plant stand. We hope that this article has helped you in every way possible and will help you in your time of need!

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