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DIY Paper Craft Ideas: How To Make Paper Flowers In Less Than 5 Minutes

Who doesn’t love flowers? We all love to decorate our house with flowers. Flowers add beauty to life and home and their irresistible fragrance lighten up the mood.  But the problem with the real flowers is that they dry in a few days. That’s why we got a solution for this problem, just place some fake flowers instead of real flowers. But you don’t need to spend a fortune on these; you can easily DIY them. We will give you some DIY paper crafts ideas in this article to decorate your house.

DIY paper crafts

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Yes, you read it right, and you can make them literally in five minutes with some basic supplies. So, why are you still waiting? Grab your supplies and start making your own flowers to decorate your place for the upcoming festive season. 

Do you know that you can craft beautiful flowers with the most basic products? Flowers have the quality to make any space beautiful within seconds. So, make your home a dream place with these flower DIY paper crafts. Whether crafting is your hobby or not, these papercrafts and very simple and will not take much time. So, let’s get started.   

What Will You Need for crafting beautiful flowers?

  1. Different types of Colorful papers or tissues
  2. Scissors
  3. Glue or Glue Gun
  4. Tape (double-sided) and Floral Green Tape
  5. Templates
  6. Color Pens or Markers

After you get all your things its time to make beautiful flowers, check out these five DIY paper crafts ideas: 

1.  Oversized Paper Flowers: 

You can print out the templates online to make the process easier. Or you can also cut it directly by hand. Fold the paper in half and cut it into in petal shape. Repeat this process until you got a sufficient amount of petals to make the flower. But make sure to change the size of the petals as you go from top to bottom. Bottom petals must be large in size as compared to the top ones. Contrasting colored paper flowers will add a ‘pop’ to your boring walls, and they will work great as photo drops.  For the detailed tutorial to make giant flowers, watch this tutorial.

2.  Paper Plate Flowers

To make this kind of flower, you’ll just need some colorful paper plates. We know it sounds weird to make flowers from plates. But after you make one, you’ll be amazed by how they look. The first step is to cut a plate into eight equal parts, then shape them in a petal. You can mark the shape by pencil on the plate to get the perfect shape of the petal. After that paste one by one onto a plate and at the end, add a stick to complete the look. You can also put them on your walls in an artistic way to create a collage or a photo backdrop. 

3.  Wedding Bouquet

Want a wedding bouquet? Then make one for yourself. For this DIY you’ll require crepe paper ( if you don’t have crepe paper then use normal colorful sheets). First, make some sticks from green paper and keep them aside, then start making flowers. Choose either a single color for flowers or try mixing two different shades; both will look amazing. 

4.  Roselogy

Red roses are a symbol of love and happiness. So, here we are telling you how you can easily make roses from paper. You’ll just need red and green paper. First, cut the circles of various sizes from red paper and then spirally from outside to inside. After this step, roll them up until the end and secure them with glue. And lastly, attach them to the stick, and don’t forget to attach the leaves to the rose. Make as many you like and place them in a flower vase, and they will be a great decor. 

5.  Crepe Peony Flowers

If Peony flowers are blooming in your garden and you love them. So, it’s time to bring them inside without plucking the real ones. How? By making the ones from crepe paper. After making one, it’s hard to tell the difference between the fake and real ones. To make this, you have to make a lot of petals in various sizes. So, after making all the petals attach them together on a paper ball and a wire (which acts as a stick) and make sure to cover the stick with green floral tape to get the real effect.

We know it’s hard to believe that all these beautiful and pretty flowers are made from paper. 

For decorations, you don’t need to have expensive things. From the paper, you can make many other wonderful crafts to add another beauty factor to your home. We hope all these easy craft ideas help you to create some awesome realistic flowers for the decorations for the upcoming holiday season. Stay tuned at Housedecorationtip for more amazing tips and tricks!



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