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Top 5 DIY Home Decor Ideas To Try Out Now

Do you feel decorating your home would cost you a bomb? Well it does if you would get all your decor from the market as decor items are quite expensive so sadly investing in such items can be tough for almost everyone and it seems illogical to invest so much in such stuff. Luckily there are ways you can create your own décor items at home that too with minimum products and these things would as beautiful as the market bought stuff. This is not only a great idea to save on some money but at the same time, it would also be fun to prepare those at home. If you are wondering about some of the easy DIY home decor ideas then here are some of them listed below that you can check out and also you can try them up as well for decorating your own home at the same time:

Star Mirror:

This seems like a statement piece and this one item it just enough to decorate your room this can be placed anywhere you want but to be specific you can keep this hanging on your living room wall as well as on your bedroom as well and this would make your space look beautiful. Here you would have to get your hands on a round mirror, some hooks, a rope, and some glue. You would have to mark the place where you want to hang this mirror and get a hook fit at the center and get several other hooks around the center hook after maintaining a distance.

Here you would have attached the mirror and get a rope to create a star-like shape behind the mirror and tugging it with the help of hooks. This would turn out to be amazing and it would get prepared in literally minutes. Apply a decent amount of glue on the rope just to be sure about the grip.

DIY Home Decor Ideas: Star mirror


Rope Vase:

Flowers always make us happy and believe it or not but flowers are the best way to decorate the house but flower vases are actually expensive and the basic one is not at all attractive so we always try to find a new and trending design. What if you can make an innovative-looking flower vase at home using just a few materials? Here you would need some thick jute rope, some glue, and cardboard that’s it.

Here you would have to roll the cardboard and paste it in that way and then you would have to braid the ropes and then just paste the ropes around the cardboard with the help of glue and then let it dry for a while and it is ready to use. You can also paint the rope vase if you want a pop of color in your room or else you can keep the vase as it is and it would look equally beautiful. Consider keeping it on the side table of your bed or else keep it in the living room.

DIY Home Decor Ideas: Rope vase


Ladder Hanger:

Do you have a small ladder in your home that you no more use? If yes, then you can make it a hanger of yours and this is the easiest way to repurpose your old unused ladder. Here you would have to get the ladder painted so that it could like a new one and then you would have to press on some hooks on the ladder step. Here you can hang your keys or small things in the hooks whereas the ladder step can be used to hang your clothes or even towels.

You can place the ladder in your bedroom or in front of your bathroom so that you can get your towels easily. You can also decorate it with some quirky paintings and this would make your home decorated rather it would help you in keeping your things organized. Also, you can let a creeper plant grow with the help of the ladder but in this case, make sure not to harm the plant by keeping heavy things on it. Make sure to get a small-sized ladder in this case and if you have got a huge ladder then you can, of course, cut it into half in order to use it.

DIY Home Decor Ideas: Ladder hanger


Flower Wreath:

Wreaths are the best way to decorate the exterior of your home and they look so welcoming but if you would get it from the market then it would cost you a lot but thankfully wreaths are easy to make and can be made at home with few simple materials. To make a flower wreath you would, of course, need some flowers, a grape wine wire, and some glue that’s it. Here you can use the flower of your choice and here you would just have to attach some flowers on the wine wire and also you would have to attach a rope on the back of the wreath so that you can hang it on the door and you can also hang a written message like welcome or love beneath the wreath as it looks beautiful.

DIY Home Decor Ideas: Flower wreath


Pom-Pom Curtains:

This is a very easy way to decorate your curtains and here you would have to get some woolen pom-pom and that you would have to attach at the end of your curtains. Make sure to get your hands on the colorful one as that would add a pop of color in your room which is a great thing for sure. You can also combine the pom-pom with some tassels to make your curtains look prettier.

DIY Home Decor Ideas: Pom-pom curtains


These were some of the best DIY home decor ideas that you can check out and to know more about such things you can, of course, browse through housedecorationtip.



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