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Best DIY Ideas To Decorate Your Corner Shelf

Creative minds can’t sit tight! A lot of us must have searched for ideas to redo or decorate our bookshelves, study areas, kitchen corners, and more. We always wish to make the ambiance look spacious without giving up on style and making it look interesting. Commonly in all houses across the world, we look for more space, ignoring corners of the house. We actually don’t realize that the corners of the house have a lot of potentials to make your room look quirky. Also, these DIY corner shelf can be used for storage purposes, be it in the kitchen or an empty corner in the living room, or bathroom corners. You can also add some decor elements in the limited corner spaces which will make your room look more stylish. 

A lot of us live in small spaces and would like to remove huge furniture which is not being used as much. Have you dumped your outdated corner shelves? With endless styling options, you will surely be able to find some old shelves that were not being used. You don’t really need to buy stuff when you can use outdated stuff, which was to be dumped and make DIY corner shelves using those items. 

Here are some tips for your DIY corner shelf project:

  • You need to be really patient while working on a DIY project. Don’t rush and take your time to see the best results. 
  • List down stuff that is to be purchased. Make sure you have all your equipment ready at once. 
  • Do research about the execution of your idea. You will come across endless inspirational ideas online. 
  • Corners can be dull for obvious reasons, so you can add some overhead lighting above the shelves to brighten the corner. 
  • Take proper measurements of your corner before starting the DIY as corner shelves can be tricky. You need to be really patient to achieve the end result just the way you wanted. Trust us, it is all worth your time and effort!

Below are some DIY corner shelf ideas, just for you.

1. Rustic Wooden Floating Corner Shelves

Rustic Wooden Floating

source: homebnc.com

The Rustic wooden floating corner shelves offer a rustic look and are easy to make. These corner shelves can be used for storage needs or to put things on display. Using wooden planks you can make thick and sturdy shelves that can be used to hold speakers, books, photo frames, and other accessories. You can place the wood planks in various different ways, maybe across each other, one above the other on opposite ends, or following the corner pattern making a triangle. Take enough time to make the DIY corner shelves rustic and natural. As it is made of wood, making it look natural shouldn’t be a problem. If you wish, you can use some white paint to match the background depending on the decor of the room. 

2. Zig-Zag Wooden DIY Corner Shelves

Zig-Zag Wooden

source: amazon.com

Zig-Zag Corner shelves are similar to a maze with its twists and turns. This edgy and clean design is an easy choice for any room. It can be a perfect match for bathrooms, bedroom or kitchen. It is a versatile design for either rustic or urban rooms. Make each piece independent to others so you can arrange them in your style. You can customize the design with your choice of color and the right size. The number of shelves can be more or less depending on the space you have. You can place your special items on this DIY corner shelf which can be installed quickly and in any corner of your bedroom as a nightstand or in the bathroom for a decorative corner. 

3. Hanging Swing-style Shelves

diy corner shelf

source: pinterest.com

If your room has a playful design or if you are planning to make a shelf in a children’s room then this hanging swing-style DIY corner shelf idea would be perfect. Overlapping a little, the shelf planks meet on each wall in the middle, right in the corner. Connect the planks with a strong rope and hang it with the support of a beam. The rope should be strong enough to hold anything you wish to place on the shelves. You can customize the look with your choice of paint which matches the theme of the room and find a rope that also goes well with the theme. These shelves will give your room a playful and quirky look. 

4. Hanging Wooden Shelf

diy corner shelf

source: homebnc.com

You can DIY hanging wooden shelves giving a modern look to the corner with its thin and almost not visible industrial wiring holding the pieces of wood. As per the measurements, you should cut the pieces of wood in a quarter circle, so that they fit well in the corner. It looks like the shelf is actually built in a corner but in reality, it doesn’t need drilling into the walls for each shelf, instead you just need to drill just once to anchor the hanger. Hanging wooden shelf is perfect to hide the gaps in the corner. You can follow the same theme in other rooms of the house to follow a uniformity. Keep enough space between two shelves, to place anything you like on each of them. 

5. Planter Stand Shelf

diy corner shelf

source: banggood.in

Shelves can be used to place anything and everything if they are strong enough. So if you want to use the corners of the room, then why not make a planter stand giving your room a natural vibe. To make a planter stand, you need a cabinet door from an old kitchen or from an old cupboard. Add shelves between the cabinet door and if you have some scrap wood pieces then you can create a drawer kind of look. Before cutting wood into triangle pieces make sure you take the right measurements. Put a small pot on the shelf and check if there is space for more and for how many. The height of the planter can be as tall as you want, depending on how many plants you wish to place. 

6. Triangle Shape Shelf

diy corner shelf

source: pinterest.com

If you wish to just decorate your corner and not use it as a storage area then the easiest of all DIY corner shelf ideas is a triangle shelf. They fit in corners perfectly and are great for entryways, hallways, and almost any other corner in the house. They look simple and need less space as well and as it is easy you can make as many as you want. 

7. Storage Shelves in Kitchen

Storage Shelves in Kitchen

source: hgtv.com

Corner shelves are great for the kitchen. You can use every corner of the kitchen to maximize storage as much as possible. Corner storage shelves can store multiple things like spices, dishes, jars, spoon stand, and other things that you may need frequently. You can also place some small planters near the windows to give an interesting look to the kitchen. 

8. Ladder Style Corner Shelf

diy corner shelf

source: alibaba.com

Everyone likes unique details in their own room as well as in the living room. Imagine getting compliments for a DIY ladder-style corner shelf! Yes, it is possible to DIY it. You can use it as a bookshelf and decorate it with a few collectibles and planters. It would give a modern and chic look to the corner. You will need a strong metal framing and wooden planks to make as many levels as you wish. Such shelves can look great in an office too creating a sophisticated look.  

To be honest, DIY corner shelf ideas are endless. They are budget-friendly and are great for people who have newly shifted to a new place. A personal touch is a significant part of all houses. Tiny details like showcasing family photos and collectibles reflect your personality, and it does give a new effect to the whole room. For more information, visit Housedecorationtips.