/DIY Closet Organizer Plans: How to Organize Your Storage Space Efficiently!
diy closet organizer

DIY Closet Organizer Plans: How to Organize Your Storage Space Efficiently!

While searching for a scarf, do you end up creating a messy pile of clothes on the floor? Don’t be embarrassed; it happens with everyone! We all put our excess clutter in our closets and close the door so that nobody can see our messy side. A wardrobe is one of those places in homes that many people might forget about. Don’t think that nobody can see what’s inside of your closet, so you don’t have to make it look pretty. 

Are your shoes and scarves scattered all over the floor, clothes are hanging here and there, and purses that you can’t reach are full of dirt that you’ve placed at the corners? If yes, it’s time to give your closet a major makeover. To help you out on this task today, we’ve gathered some really cool DIY closet organizer ideas. And guess what? The best part about this whole process is that you can actually make and customize everything according to your space with your own two hands.

An organized space will save you from chaotic weekday mornings, and you’ll start your day with a more positive perspective. Just imagine how wonderful and easy your life will be when you’re able to find your favorite pair of shoes with ease, there will no longer be clothes that are stuffed randomly in your closet, and your precious jewelry pieces are neatly displayed. Isn’t this feeling amazing? So now close your eyes and picture this beautiful closet, then open your closet and start organizing it! Keep on reading to find ultimate simple and budget-friendly ways to transform your Clumsy closet into an organized space! 

10 Best DIY Closet Organization Ideas

All the organization ideas that we’ve mentioned here can be effortlessly applicable to any shape or size of the closet. And don’t worry if you’re a newbie to organizing; all the below storage ideas are pretty easy to learn and apply. Apply these storage ideas to your cabinets and get a new transformed place to store all your stuff. 

1. DIY Box-Style Closet Organizer

diy closet organizer

Source: hearstapps.com

Let’s start with the basic organizing step. The best way to store jeans, sweaters and other clothes are to keep them in various compartments. Just build some wooden boxes or compartments for your closet as per its size. Add a couple of rods for clothes, and your closet is ready to fill stuff!

2. Install Pants Racks

diy closet organizer

Source: bigpicture.ru

Do you own many pairs of pants and you don’t know how to store them properly? Install a sliding pants rack. You can also make your own or just buy ready-made. This way, your trousers will not only be stored correctly but also they’ll remain crease-free. 

3. DIY Sunglasses Organizer

diy closet organizer

Source: pinimg.com

Love collecting new pairs of sunglasses? This sunglasses organizer will help you to organize all of your collections. To make this, all you need to do is to mount an acrylic nail polish rack to the back of your wardrobe door. You can also mount it on the wall and then display your luxurious glasses collection. 

4. Include Wire baskets

diy closet organizer

Source: ebayimg.com

Place some wire baskets in your closet. You can place your shoes, sweaters, and other stuff in each wire basket and later label them. This DIY closet organizer will keep your stuff in an organized manner. 

5. Use Multilayer Hangers 

diy closet organizer

Source: nmhmedia.sk

Are you completely out of space in your closet, and there is no place to hang new clothes? To maximize your hanging space, instead of regular hangers, invest in these types of hangers. You can hang multiple clothing items on a single multi-layer hanger, and it will only take up the space of one hanger in your closet. Brillant right? More space means you can hang more clothes. 

6. Use Closet Bins

diy closet organizer

Source: hearstapps.com

When you’re doing a fresh closet reconfiguration, don’t forget to build some extra shelves at the bottom of the closet (under the hanging clothes.) Fill these shelves with some spacious bins. They’re ideal for hair products, accessories, socks, and sweaters. 

7. DIY Drawer Dividers

diy closet organizer

Source: pinimg.com

This is another essential closet organization hack for you. Just don’t fill your drawers with random pieces of clothes; this will look really messy and unorganized. Use drawer dividers. Believe me; this is such a clever hack for your storage! 

Just use pre-measured pieces of wood and cord clips to create dividers for your drawers and then put socks, undergarments in each section one by one. Perfectly work for any size and shape of drawers. 

8. DIY Hat & Glove Organizer

diy closet organizer

Source: hearstapps.com

As winter is coming up, we have already started filling our closets with winter clothes. We all know how easy it is to lose our winter accessories, right?  Finding a glove in a jumbled pile of clothes can be a little overwhelming for you.    

So, build this inventive organizer in your closet, and we assure you that you’ll never miss any piece of your winter garments. Just with dowels, curtain rings, and wire hooks, you can easily make this in no time.   

9. Install Double Closet Rods

diy closet organizer

Source: apartmenttherapy.info

Are you building a closet for your daughter? The best way to do it is to create various sections. Yes, you can easily DIY these drawers and compartments that act as “zones” for different clothing items, such as one can be used for baby suits, another one for dresses. This also works even for nursery closets

Just place two sturdy metal closet rods instead of one. Look at the picture for more guidance. You can also add a cute little pattern or design to the closet wall. 

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10. DIY Freestanding Closet

diy closet organizer

Source: blogspot.com

These types of closets you may have already seen everywhere; after all, they’re trendy these days. If you’re struggling with your too-small closet or just prefer to see all your clothes at the same time, this freestanding closet is all you need.  

This DIY closet organizer is quite strong and will hold all your clothes brilliantly. You can easily make this closet organizer according to your space measurements. Grab some solid wood shelves and pipe-style rods and assemble them in your desired outlook, and your chic and rustic freestanding closet will be ready in a few hours!  

11. Build a Shoe Closet

diy closet organizer

Source: upbeatsoles.com

Do you have a good number of pairs of shoes, but they’re creating a mess in your closet? If yes, build an organizer specifically for your shoes. Buy some wooden shelves and install them on one of the walls of your wardrobe. If you want, you can also add crown molding for an aesthetic touch.

12. DIY Jewelry Organizer

diy closet organizer

Source: pinimg.com

We all love to wear jewelry on various occasions, but do you have the right place to store them? If not, then create one. Without it, your special day may be wasted in finding a pair of earrings. If this is already happening with you, it’s time to get those earrings and bracelets under control. 

You can store them in a DIY closet organizer. For this, all you have to do is frame a pegboard and attach pieces of metal hangers that’ll work as handy earring holders. You can also put your bracelets, necklaces in it; this organizer will keep everything neat and organized. You can build it either in your closet or right next to it. 

diy closet organizer

Source: closetfactory.com

Final Words!

With just simple organizing tips, you can get your closet or storage area under control. The best thing about these organizers is that you can implement these in any kind of closet. So, no matter you have a small storage space or a huge walk-in closet, these organizing tips will work. After installing these quick and budget-friendly DIY closet organizers, your life will become so much easier and convenient. We’re pretty sure that it’ll alleviate your daily stress and also save you time.

Now you won’t have to waste your precious time wondering and searching where you placed your favorite jacket or bags because now everything is in its place. I hope you like all these organizing ideas, and if you do, please do share this blog with your family and friends. Keep coming to Housedecorationtip for more home improvement ideas.