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17 Inviting & Artistic DIY Christmas Decorations For Outside Space

Holidays are the most exciting time of the year, especially CHRISTMAS!! We all eagerly wait for this time, so that we can finally take rest from our hectic lifestyle and spend quality time with friends and family. Maybe you’ve got your indoor ready, but what about outdoors? Don’t leave it plain and boring. Spice it up with some cool and unique decorations. By this, we didn’t mean expensive decor items. You can actually make great decor pieces with the materials you already have around your home. How? The answer is DIY. We are here to help you with the DIY Christmas decorations for outside. In this article, we will tell you how you can create DIY decor items easily without spending much time.

Artistic DIY Christmas Decorations For Outside

So below are the best DIY Christmas decorations for outside ideas to dress up your lawn area in different ways using basic decor items. Whether you start your decoration from outside to inside or vice-versa, these decorations will surely help you in making your space festive-ready!! 

Let’s dig-in into the article for the ideas related to DIY Christmas decorations for outside

1. A Snowman

DIY A Snowman


Imagine Christmas without the snowman. You can’t…Right?? Snowman is a must in your Christmas decorations!! Last night if your place had a snowfall, then collect the snow and make a real snowman. But if you live in the regions where snowfall doesn’t occur, don’t worry, just make a snowman with plastic cups. It’ll look amazing and doesn’t cost you much so, make them in a pair. 

2.  Double Wreaths

DIY Double Wreaths


This Christmas decorate your front door with a wreath. Not one but from two!! Hang wreaths vertically one after another to make your entrance more appealing. 

3. A Christmas Tree

DIY A Christmas Tree


Place another Christmas tree on the porch. Don’t think it is an inside decor; you can also include a tree in your outdoor decorations. Place a small version of your indoor tree or make a small cute Christmas tree from tomato cages. Cover the cage with green lighted garlands and add a big red ribbon bow on the top.

4. DIY Lighted Candy Canes

DIY Lighted Candy Canes


These eye-pleasing candy canes are made from PVC pipes and decorated with Christmas lights. With simple drilling, Candy canes are easy to make. You can actually make them with any height (Whatever height you like). 

5. Fill The Porch With Gifts

Fill The Porch With Gifts


Fill your entryway with presents and gifts. (Of course, the fake ones). Make a lot of presents from card boxes. Wrap them in shiny gift papers and place them on one another like forming a pile of gifts.

6. Paper Plate Lollipops

Paper Plate Lollipops


These cute giant paper plate lollipops will be a great addition to your Christmas decorations for outside. Easy to make and you’ll only need three things- paper plate, wooden stick, and paint. 

7. DIY Tall Ornament Topiary

DIY Tall Ornament Topiary


This is super easy and inexpensive to make. You just have to buy ornaments in various sizes and a string. Attach them on a stick according to the ascending order of their sizes. Put these topiaries in planter pots on the sideways of your door. 

8. Concrete Gift Box

Concrete Gift Box


Concrete gift box? Sounds funny and stupid!! But it looks really wondrous in your outside area. If there are solid stones laying around in your porch, you can do this simple project with them. Paint the whole square stone with silver glitter paint and place a giant flower ribbon on the top. You’ll be proud to showcase this decor year after year. 

9. DIY Twine Garden Lanterns

DIY Twine Garden Lanterns


With these awesome Twine garden Lanterns, you can easily achieve a classic country look. They are relatively very easy to make with twine and holiday lights. 

10. Decorate The Trees With Fairy Lights

diy christmas decorations for outside


Another creative outside decor is to glam up the outdoor trees. Cover the entire tree and branches with string lights. The whole ambiance of your house will change by this single decor.  

11. Festive Oversized Ornaments

Festive Oversized Ornaments


These oversized ornaments will surely jazz up your dull outdoor space. To make them more alluring, hang them at various heights. (Tutorial)

12. Christmas Painted Pallets

diy christmas decorations for outside


Painted Christmas pallets will make your Porch festive ready in no time. Write holiday quotes in colorful paints like “Joy to the world”, “Have yourself a little Merry Christmas”, “ Believe in the magic of Christmas”.

13. Cage Christmas Lights

diy christmas decorations for outside


You can make a beautiful DIY project from the tomato cages. DIY means to make great things with simple supplies. Use tomato cages to make cage Christmas lights. All you need to do is- wrap colorful lights (Use battery-operated lights) around them, and that’s it!!  Cage Christmas Lights are one of the best ideas for DIY Christmas decorations for outside.

14. Santa Claus Firewood Bundle

Santa Claus Firewood Bundle


Santa Claus firewood bundle is cute and rustic decor for your porch decorations. Make a bunch of these from cedar logs and place them outside. 

15. DIY Holiday Wood Star

diy christmas decorations for outside


To create this, you’ll need a few pine boards and clear lights. Cut the boards in the shape of stars and make holes at every inch. After that place the lights in the gaps.

Do them in various sizes and hang them on your deck. 

16. DIY Starburst

DIY Starburst


For kids, this will be a simple yet creative DIY project. You’ll need colorful straws and a zip tie. Tie around 15 straws all together with the plastic tie and your starburst ornament is ready. You can hang them on outdoor trees and porch area to dazzle up your outside space. (Tutorial)

17. Gingerbread Man

diy christmas decorations for outside


Gingerbread is also a staple element in Christmas. Your Christmas will not complete without gingerbread. But this time try something unique!!  Make a giant gingerbread man (Not from gingerbread, but from a foam). Cut the insulation foam in the shape of a gingerbread man and decorate it as you want. Place it in the garden so, neighbors will also get to know about your unique and innovative Christmas decor.

All of these ideas are budget-friendly so that you can quickly and comfortably decorate your garden or front porch without giving a strain on your pocket. Enhance your outdoor spaces with these super awesome DIY Christmas decorations and make your house stand out among all the neighboring houses. For more cute and adorable DIYs and home decor ideas, visit Housedecorationtip.



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