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6 Tips On Designing Dining Room Walls

The dining room is an important part of your home. It serves as a place for your loved ones to enjoy a meal and spend time together after busy days. Additionally, it is often a social center. You may have friends and family over for dinner in this room. You want to design a room that is perfect for these important functions. With the following tips and a few of the right construction tools, you can do just that. Get these 6 tips on designing your dining room walls.

1) Open Things Up

Many people struggle with making their dining rooms feel sufficiently open. Part of the challenge comes from the fact that you may use the room for very different group sizes. A weekday meal maybe just you and your immediate family. Conversely, a holiday gathering could be a dozen or more people.

Dining Room Walls

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Consider opting for a more open layout. This could require you to remove some walls from your dining room. Open-concept homes are very popular. This is in part because they are so flexible. When you need a little more dining space, all you need it to extend your table and add a few chairs. With fewer walls, you are less restricted.

2) Remember the Lighting

In any room, lighting is essential. For a dining room, you likely want to have a combination of plentiful natural light and a suspended ceiling light such as a chandelier. There are a plethora of options for artificial light ranging from traditional, formal fixtures to contemporary, artistic lights.

Dining Room Walls

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For the natural light, consider upgrading your windows. This may require a few construction tools and a little knowhow. However, you may be impressed by how much of a difference large and/or higher-quality windows can make. One great option for dining rooms is to use recessed, full-length windows. These will bathe the room in light and look beautiful.

3) Get the Colors Right

Wall painting is one of the simplest ways to change a space. Never underestimate how much you can achieve simply by changing the color of your paint. It affects everything from the tone of the room’s décor to how spacious it feels.

Dining Room Walls

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Neutral colors such as white, cream, beige and light gray are always easy to work with. They also have the benefit of reflecting a lot of light, helping to make space feel more open. If you want something more imaginative, consider opting for a bolder color. One great option is to paint a single, accent wall a bolder color. That way, you can have a little fun without overpowering the room.

4) Find the Perfect Wall Decor

Your wall décor is another chance to greatly affect the room. Dining rooms are dominated by the table and chairs in the center. This can leave little space for other furnishings and decorations, depending on the size of the room. However, the walls still present a chance to get artistic.

Dining Room Walls

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Décor is very subjective. So, you should aim to find pieces that speak to you. Keep in mind the proportions of the room when you choose items. A very large painting, for example, can make it feel cramped and awkward. Consider using a mirror on one wall to make space feel larger.

5) Consider Built-In Furniture

For a fun, mid-century feel, consider adding some built-in furniture to your dining room. This works especially well if you have a dining area rather than a dedicated room. A nice bonus for using built-in furniture is that you can often use the space underneath for storage. That can help you get even more utility for the area.

Dining Room Walls

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Built-in furniture can offer a more casual feel compared to a formal dining room set. Of course, it can be harder to get in and out of a bench or booth. So, this option may be best if you have kids or a lot of younger people. With this tip, you can turn your wall space into functional space.

6) Set the Scene

Take advantage of your walls to set a scene for your dining room. As with designing other rooms, using a theme in your dining space can help you to create a more harmonious and pleasant aesthetic. It can also help you to turn your dining room into a quiet sanctuary for eating.

Dining Room Walls

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For example, consider painting an accent wall with a floral pattern or a design inspired by your favorite culinary destination. If you love Italian food, for example, use colors and patterns inspired by a Tuscan villa. When you sit down for dinner, it will be like stepping into a whole new world.

Get Started Today

With a little effort and the right construction tools, you can transform your dining room. You may be surprised how much you can achieve with a little learning and some time. Turn to Engineer Supply for all your tools, design gear and more. We’re here to help you make get things done.