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dining room wall decor 2021

20 Trending Dining Room Wall Decor Ideas

Interior design, usually, focuses on the living room and kitchen as the prime entertaining spaces. But what about the dining rooms? Dining rooms are the make or break solution for a home, they act as binding areas that glue the home together. Be it for dining activities or family events, these spaces act as a communal area in a house. These aspects are not restrictive to adding an aesthetic element but they also add a functional dynamic that makes these spaces a critical call while designing. Right from the furniture selection to the dining room wall decor ideas, many aspects add eclecticism to a dining area. 

Dining spaces allow you to experiment, they are where you can let your creativity go free! The Dining room wall decor is also one of the core aspects that defines the function and mood of space which helps in accentuating the aesthetics even more. Unlike past myths, dining room wall decor is not only restricted to color schemes, but a range of options are also now available to make these walls aesthetically pleasing as well as functional. 

Within a few years, Home Decor has seen an array of trending ideas that have revamped dining room wall decors to a newfound level. 

Here are some of the Trending dining room wall decor ideas to look out for in 2021!

1. Sustainable Solutions 

Sustainable Solutions 

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Since an environmental emergency is on the verge, many design thinkers and residents have started opting for sustainable solutions. ‘Going Green’ has accounted for being one of the most trending concepts for dining room wall decor. 

Materials like Reclaimed wood, green plywood, bamboo, cork, etc can be used for designing these walls. Planters, Vertical Gardens, indoor plant pots, earthy elements, etc can make your dining space soothing and calm. Apart from their green aspect, these materials have a longer life span for wear and tear making them an ideal option for your dining room walls. 

2. Artsy Dining Room Wall Decor Ideas 

Go Artsy

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If you are a passionate art collector, you can opt for artifacts, paintings, wall art that add an artsy backdrop to your dining spaces. Walls act as a representation of your personalities, using your hobbies and interests in the form of decor can be the best way to design your spaces. 

Wall Art, artifacts, wall clocks, vintage elements, paintings, etc can be a good solution to accentuate your dining wall decor through artistic elements. 

3. Wallpapers Are the New Go-To Solutions

Wallpapers Are the New Go-To Solutions

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Wallpapers are the newest trending phenomenon in Interior Design, with a range of patterns, textures, colors, etc. With new premium companies, giving a five-year to ten-year warranty for every type of wear and tear, wallpapers have overpowered the use of wall paints. They can even make your dining spaces look more exquisite and dynamic, considering the range of options in the market. 

4. Aesthetics Through Draperies


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Draperies add a flowy touch to your spaces, be it carpets or curtains. This can be an ideal solution for renters or short-term homeowners as it gives you the advantage of having multiple usabilities without any constraints. Rods can be installed in various ways to accommodate layers and patterns to highlight your dining decor walls.  

5. Just Strip It

dining room wall decor ideas

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Vertical and horizontal lines on the walls can accentuate your spaces with a bold statement. Bold horizontal thick stripes can make your small dining rooms look spacious and wide. For small dining spaces, this can be an ideal option. Strips in the form of Wall paint, wallpapers, carpets, or even on the ceilings can help in adding broad visual access. 

6. Merging Colors and Patterns to Form the Ultimate Product Mix

dining room wall decor ideas

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Mixing different patterns and textures can act as a positive crossover for your dining room wall decors. By keeping a monochromatic undertone one can always merge florals with stripes in a calculative way. This in turn makes your dining spaces look more edgy and eccentric. 

7. Functional Walls 

dining room wall decor ideas

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Dining room wall decor ideas are mainly restricted to aesthetics than functionality. If you have a constraint of space, you can make use of verticality to optimize your storage needs. Innovative shelving display with racks can be one such solution. You can even convert your dining space into a kitchenette to accommodate two functions in one. Foldable furniture can be hooked and attached to the walls to make the space multi-use in nature.

Making your walls functional can be a useful aspect for Micro houses as there is a need to bring out multiple solutions from a single space. 

8. Less Is Much More

dining room wall decor ideas

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A simplistic approach to dining decor can go a long way in accentuating your focal points. An accent wall with muted or monochromatic tones can give a seamless look and feel to your walls. Over that, a minimal approach can also act as a money saver due to the less use of materials. These walls can be further enhanced by products like chandeliers, shelving displays, etc. 

If you wish to highlight your furniture over the walls, a minimal approach can always go the right way in creating eclectic spaces. 

9. Dining Room Wall Decor With Earthy Tones

dining room wall decor ideas

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Earthy pastel tones can have a soothing and calming effect on the entire space. Dining wall decor can be a mix of pastel-colored walls with natural landscapes to make it look more calm and peaceful. This concept can be ideal for spaces that wish to bring the outdoors, indoors!

10. Mirrored Walls

Mirrored Walls

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One of the most commonly seen trends for many years, the mirrored wall has more than one benefit. Adding mirrors can make your dining spaces look wide. As mirrors reflect light, they make your spaces more well-lit. 

Mirrored walls are not restrictive to adding seamless mirrors as many innovative designs with textures, patterns, etc are available to choose from.

11. Personal Gallery Dining Room Wall Decor

Personal Gallery

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Dining room decor walls that showcase personalized family photographs, memoirs, souvenirs, etc can be a great option to make your dining spaces more homely. These pieces can either be monochromatic with a bold backdrop or vice versa, making it a highlight.

12. Shelve It Up!


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Wall shelving can be a great option to display your collectibles, paintings, artworks such as pottery, handicrafts, etc. For homes with more storage needs, using the vertical aspect of these decor walls can be an ideal solution. This way one can always showcase their artistic approach by using verticality.

13. Bold Dining Room Wall Decor Idea 

dining room wall decor 2021

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Although some might say that a minimalist approach is the safest way to deal with dining spaces, one can always opt to go bold with their dining wall decors. Your dining wall can be converted into a highlight wall as well by using pop colors or bold artistic elements to make this wall the highlight of the house. 

Features like shelving displays, chandeliers, chair rails, wall moldings, etc can be used in eccentric colors to add dynamicity. 

14. Exploring Architectural Styles 

Architectural Styles 

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Art deco and Barque have been on the most highly adapted trend for dining room wall decor ideas in 2021. Being one of the heritage architectural styles, they are a reflection of grandeur and panache. If you wish to have a dining space that evokes richness and elegance, you can always opt for these styles in the form of furniture elements or wall detailing. 

15. Go Monochrome


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If you are passionate about spaces that are subtle yet edgy, you can go for Monochromatic tones in your dining spaces. Acting as a trendsetter for many award-winning homes, monochromatic styles have been the new age trend and is here to stay!

16. Two Split Walls 

Two Split Walls 

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Two-tone walls can be the best way to make your spaces look dynamic with the most minimal solutions. You can choose two tones of a single color, one light and one darker, and split the vertical wall into two. This will make your dining spaces look wider, attractive, and classy as well.

17. Dining Room Wall Decor With Dark Hues 

Dark Hues 

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Dark hues considering their ability to make a space look smaller weren’t used widely before. But in 2021, a new trend of using darker hues has been seen. Darker tones merged with metallic accents give your walls an opulent vibe giving them a sense of luxury and timelessness. 

18. Textured Wall Tiles Dining Room Wall Decor

Textured Wall Tiles 

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3D wall tiles, subway tiles, or patterned tiles can be the ideal way to highlight your dining spaces in a dynamic way. Tiles are one of the most reliable and cost-friendly materials. A wide range of patterns and textures are available in tiles to fit every color scheme. They can give your dining spaces a striking look. 

19. The 5th Wall

dining room wall decor 2021

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When we talk about dining room decor walls, we always forget the 5th wall and that is the Ceiling. Be it a layered ceiling or a striped backdrop, one can innovate in as many ways as possible. Your ceiling walls can be accentuated with innovative false ceiling designs, lighting fixtures, and color schemes. 

20. Adding the ‘Wow’ Factor

dining room wall decor 2021

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Every space in home decor requires a ‘wow factor’ of its own to make it more liveable and pleasing. It is, therefore, necessary to identify your ‘wow’ factor in your design. Ranging from an innovative abstract dining table to an artistic wall piece, you can identify these factors that are supposed to be the first striking feature of that space. Rather than having multiple bold pieces and muting them, you can choose one eclectic piece to act as the eye-catcher, making your dining spaces high on experiential aspects. 

Dining room wall decor ideas in 2021 are a mix of traditionality with a striking amount of contemporary ideas, merging to form a unified solution to provide an exquisite dining experience. 

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