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Interior Decorating Hacks by Using Decorative Wall Mirrors

The design trends have changed a lot over the last few years. From all-showy and bling to low-key and minimalistic, interior trends have almost flipped over. Tufted furniture is now replaced with solid subtle furniture, light and airy kitchens are now preferred over Tuscan kitchens and decorative wall mirrors have taken over the huge realistic portraits.

Mirrors make a huge part of modern decor so let’s take this design element and explore some super-exciting possibilities and opportunities.

Fake Some Extra Space

Decorative Wall Mirrors


Mirrors have the magical property of creating an illusion of extra space. They reflect light which makes the interior look wider and brighter. This effect is specially used to enhance small interior spaces. Full-length decorative wall mirrors work best to brighten up space so make use of a full length mirror, preferably gilded to do the trick. 

Use the Sorcery of Greens

Nothing can beat the refreshing look and feel of plants. Why not maximize the vibe!

Pair a decorative mirror with some greens. Set up the mirror on the wall and adorn it with some planters. You can put the planters on the console table or embellish the mirror with some fascinating green vines. Sounds refreshing, right? Just go ahead and cherish a small indoor gardening experience. 

What About a Mirror-Mess

Decorative Wall Mirrors


Ever heard of a mirror mess? Here’s the idea!

Round up your mirror collection. Put them to display on the main wall without considering any special orientation and design course. The mirrors of different shapes, sizes, frames, and designs will collectively make a beautiful mess that will grab the attention in an instant!

Light Up the Dark Corners

We all have some dark nooks in our houses on which we have tried every idea, but none works on them. Employ the mirror trick there and don’t let these corners dull your interior aesthetics. Add a full-length mirror or put a bunch of small mirrors on display and light up the area. The mirrors will not only brighten up space but also give off a feel of spaciousness. 

Bring Your Hand-Me-Downs to the Spotlight

Decorative Wall Mirrors


How often do we put the hand-me-downs in the storeroom just because we think that the design is outdated and does not fit our contemporary interior? Owing to their exceptional beauty mirrors never lose their charm, even when tarnished. So bring out all the mirrors that you have under sheets in the garage and display them on your walls. 

Go Creative

The DIY trend is on the rise. People are using simple everyday things (and sometimes junk and scraps as well) to make super-fun home improvement projects. It’s a great way to channel your inner artist and add personality to the interior. If you want to be unique in your interior, embrace your aesthetic sense and use it in your home decor. 

Turn the simple everyday mirror into an exquisite piece of art by making some simple tweaks. Adding a rope frame to the mirror, painting some intricate designs on the corners of the mirror, or inscribing a few words on the mirror are some very basic ideas. You can step up your game according to your creative approach. This trick works wonders in adding a wow factor to the interior. 

In the Reminiscence of the Days of Yore

Decorative Wall Mirrors


All the decor elements, be it paintings or artifacts, wear out after a certain period of time and lose their charm. However, decorative mirrors are an exception. Even an old and stained mirror does a fascinating job in enhancing the interior. In fact, people get their mirrors tarnished to add a classic feel to their interior.

So instead of throwing the old mirrors away, put them up on the walls and incorporate a vintage vibe in your home decor.

Make a Statement

You can never go wrong with a mirror. Put them up in a bunch or use a single statement piece, you will earn some appreciation both ways. A single mirror with a gilded frame or a frameless mirror on the dining wall is the best way to enhance the dining experience.

A huge decorative mirror can also be put on the main bedroom wall as the statement decor item. To be precise, there is a whole world of decor opportunities with mirrors. 

Fashion and Function Combined

You can come out to the norm and double up the utility of decorative mirrors with your creative sense. Here’s how!

DIY a frame deep enough to hold your everyday things. Or couple a glass shelf with the mirror to hold some succulents and art pieces. You can also use a decorative mirror as the doorway to a secret chamber (pun intended). Hang the mirror in front of a shelved corner and double up the functionality. This setup works great as a vanity area. 

So Let’s Have Some Mirror-Amends

Decorative wall mirrors are a sure way to embellish and enhance the interior. Combine your unique esthetics with the decor ideas available online and make a zesty fusion. Accentuate your interior with the magical feel of a mirror and inspire others with your aesthetic sense!



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