/Decorative Mirrors and Why You Should Have Them in Your Space
Decorative Mirrors

Decorative Mirrors and Why You Should Have Them in Your Space

A common question we all ask at some point when formulating blueprints for the interior of our house/apartment is what exactly decorative mirrors are. How are they different from regular mirrors? What are the perks of having one? We’ll discuss these along with a few other things in this blog.

Decorative mirrors are ones that exist not to serve any practical function, but to enhance the appeal of your space by adding a certain volume of reflective charm and elegance to it. In order to serve this purpose, they will be positioned at odd angles (angles that you can’t use for styling your hair or applying makeup, but angles that will exemplify the potential your interior décor has to provide).

Needless to say, there are many hybrids (usually supported by a luxurious frame) that can give you the best of both worlds, allowing you to use them for practical functions without stamping on your style. However, for a general overview, decorative mirrors will usually seek to either contrast your surroundings with an elaborate, intricately carved frame or ameliorate with the rest of the setup duplicating your décor in most cases. Before we move on, you need to know that unless you’re running a gym or a dance school, wall mirrors will also fall into the category of decorative mirrors. It is always a good idea to opt for these if your place includes a chandelier or other luxurious peripherals.

So, why does one need decorative mirrors? I’m glad you asked.

Decorative Mirrors

Opening up Spaces

Decorative Mirrors

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All mirrors possess an inherent quality, which allows them to add depth to any room. I’ll spare you the psychophysics, but you need to keep in mind that mirrors can make a small and compact room feel more open and spacious. Position your mirrors at the entrance or establish them as a focal point in the middle of your area.

Try to cut down on unnecessary furniture or if you must, go for one that inculcates glass into its frame. It’s really a tradeoff between the illusion of space created by a mirror and the functionality provided by a cabinet. It depends upon where you draw the line. More space is better for economic reasons though (this part is explained in detail later on).

Amplifying Luminosity 

Decorative Mirrors

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Thanks to electricity, we can brighten up our homes during the night. However, the same lightbulbs that grant us the gift of vision during nocturnal hours unnecessarily rack up electricity bills during the day. Placing decorative square wall mirrors at strategic locations throughout your house can eliminate the need for switching on lightbulbs during the day. Start by examining the points where natural light enters your environment (windows, glass walls, skylights, etc.) and work from there. Take care not to bounce the light onto wooden furniture though as it may cause their finish to fade quicker than normal. 

Filling the Gaps in Your Décor

Decorative Mirrors

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More often than not, we come across a gap in our design which we absolutely must fill, but are clueless as to what would go there. This may either be a gap between your furniture or an empty dividing wall where none of your items would fit. A decorative rectangle wall mirror can easily fill these spaces, boosting your outlook manifold. The key trait here is that decorative mirrors are fully customizable. Choose your own size, shape, frame, edging, and type. This lets you craft a mirror that will complement your sense of fashion instead of having to make your furniture forcibly work with a base regular mirror.

Adding Economic Value

Decorative Mirrors

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If you’ve dabbled in real estate, chances are you know how much a coat of paint can boost the value of your house. Dark colors decrease the value and light colors increase it. However, we’re not here to discuss paints. 

Decorative mirrors have a similar effect on the economic value of your house. Although a realtor may not consciously factor in your mirror, it does play an important role in subtly influencing the overall value an agent may quote. Furthermore, just like paints, properly positioned mirrors can boost the value of the place by multiples of their own intrinsic value. To put it into perspective, a decorative mirror costing seventy to a hundred dollars can magnify the worth of your estate by as much as four hundred dollars!

This is also partly the reason why interior designers are so popular. It’s better to get a professional opinion in order to realize maximal gains if you know what I’m saying.

To conclude, decorative mirrors play an important and pivotal role in bringing out the best in your house. The initial outlay may dissuade some people, but it is nearly always worth investing in a couple of mirrors for the reasons mentioned above.