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Inspiring Deck Railing Ideas That You Must Know

You may put a lot of care and think into choosing the best decking materials that provide the deck floor; deck railings add equal aesthetic touch. If you look at your house from far away, the first thing you will notice is the deck railings. It is vital to know that choosing the railing defines the look and style of the deck. Let’s see deck railing ideas.

There are plenty of deck railing ideas to choose from that work with various architectural categories. However, your house style is also essential to create a look that defines you. It is necessary to take your time and look for the best railing ideas you can think of.

Things to Consider:

Depending on the view from the deck and from inside the house, you should look for a railing that you can look through with minimal obstruction, or you may consider a more solid railing that is eye-catching. Before buying, do thorough research and ask questions like.

  • What will be the cost of railings?
  • How difficult is it to install the railings?
  • How much work is needed for maintenance in years to come?

Deck Railing Ideas:

Read the following for some of the common yet beautiful design, styles, and cheap deck railing ideas.

Glass Railings

deck railing ideas: Glass Railings


deck railing designs: Glass Railings


You can choose a patterned desk for example a waterfront deck with a circular checkerboard that works best with a clean and simple railing and does not compete with the pattern. Instead, it perfectly works with the design by using crisp, white decking to play off the unique pattern.

Aluminum Deck Railings

deck railing ideas: Aluminum Deck Railings


deck railing designs: Aluminum Deck Railings


The bronze railing complements the rich tones of natural wood, providing a beautiful tonal style to the deck. In addition, these types of railings illuminate an attractive, natural contrast to greenery, overlooking a tree-lined yard. These timeless Aluminum railings work well with a more rustic theme and elegant decking in dark hues or bold light. In addition, aluminum railings are evergreen, meaning that they will never go out of control.

To add to the beauty, You can pair aluminum railing with natural-look decking in a neutral tone. Clean and straightforward black aluminum will provide you with a timeless look to a deck.

Black railings and balusters work with almost all deck boards, giving the ability to refresh the look with a simple change of décor or furniture.

Cable Railings

deck railing designs: Cable Railings


deck railing designs: Cable Railings


Cable deck railing systems are one better way to open up views that can give your deck design a more modernized aesthetic. They are amazingly cheap deck railing ideas. They include stainless steel cables and aluminum posts, composites, or wood.

The cables run through intermediate posts and end at the corner where the cable is attached to a turnbuckle for creating and maintaining accurate tension. The cables should be no more than 4 inches apart to work with codes, so maintaining the proper pressure is essential.

Lighting Ideas for Stairs and Deck Railing

deck railing ideas


deck railing designs


Beautiful yet functional, the involvement of LED riser lights illuminate each step, which can make it easy to see where you are going and welcoming guests during evening hours. You can arrange the lights in a pattern, or either side of each step will add tasteful charm to a staircase.

Cocktail Railing Ideas

deck railing ideas: Cocktail Deck Railing


deck railing designs: Cocktail Railing


A cocktail rail will make an attractive and practical addition to the deck or porch if you are into entertaining. This railing style uses the deck board as the top of the railing bar, providing a color-coordinated look that will help you match the railing to the decking. In addition, a cocktail rail will offer you a broad flat surface to place drinks or other items when enjoying time outdoors, such as barbecuing with the family.

There is no more perfect place to enjoy a lush backyard view than an elevated deck. Installing a cocktail railing on either side of a built-in-grill and food serving station makes for a unique place to serve and entertain guests. A curved cocktail rail will not only add a safety layer to the elevated deck, but the wave formation will also create visual interest with a place to keep beverages or a small plate of party foods.

Wood Railing Ideas

horizontal deck railing ideas: Wooden Deck Railing


Deck railing ideas: Wooden Deck Railing


Rattan and wicker furniture will enhance the factor of a gorgeous deck and make it more inviting. Contrasting tones inside the weave of wicker furniture can complement light and dark wood decking and railing components. Cushions will add pops of color for a soothing and heartwarming backyard oasis.

Horizontal Deck Railing Ideas

horizontal deck railing ideas


horizontal deck railing ideas


With its sleek, horizontal deck railing ideas are now becoming the favorite of homeowners. Aluminum horizontal rods span between posts will give a fresh and modern look. Its low maintenance approach is amongst the reasons why most people prefer it.

Horizontal rod railing looks excellent on an elevated or rooftop deck, allowing a contemporary approach to outdoor style. Keeping the look casual but also classy. Decors will help to clean the lines consistently throughout the outdoor space.

Take classic outdoor décor elements like wicker deck furniture and large potted plants and provide you with a modern twist that plays off the linear look of rod railing. Choose square-shaped pottery with a jolt of green and lounge chairs that are square instead of round. This will create a stylish outdoor space that works with a trendy rod railing.

Lattice Deck Railing Designs

horizontal deck railing ideas: Lattice Deck Railing


horizontal deck railing ideas: Lattice Deck Railing Design


Lattice is a frequently-used deck railing, and the reason for that is that it adds visual interest and offers a barrier for added deck privacy. But if the lattice is an old look for you, try a personality-driven version that reflects your deck’s style.

Traditional Deck Railing Designs

horizontal deck railing ideas: Traditional Deck Railing


Deck railing ideas: Traditional Deck Railing


The white and orange railings match the overall house vibe. In the same way, you should carefully choose your paint colors to beautify the home walls; your horizontal deck railing ideas the wall of your deck.

Not only will it provide you with safety measures, but it also defines the area, providing it a final frame. You can use various materials to make multiple styles that complement the home design. At times, a similar base material can offer multiple looks based on the design and finish.

Many railings come with lighting, these are usually placed on top of posts, but you can also install them on the sides of posts or balusters. When installing lights on a wood railing, you should cut holes and channels to run the wires. However, for components of aluminum and vinyl, you can usually run the wiring within the post sleeves, with little to no cutting.

How to Layout Deck Railing Ideas?

Start by putting markings on the place of the rail post before installing decking. Usually, one post each 4-8 feet is common; however, check the local building regulations to clarify and be sure to examine your railing framework to identify particular needs.

There are two ways to layout deck posts:

Start from a corner and position a post every set foot to the corner of the opposite deck, the rail edge, if stairs or openings are accessible. Keep in mind that spacing will depend on railing and code prerequisites in your area. All posts, aside from the last post, are spaced equally. It works for deck stair railing also.

After that, you should measure the length of the rail area from corner to corner and even separate the space for equally spaced posts. Finally, pick spacing to meet the allowed needs of code and the rail design choice.

What Are the Benefits of Deck Railing?

There are various benefits of deck railing, such as:

Increase Property Value

If you wish to sell your home, the projects you do in the house may add value to the house. When people look for new houses, they search for the buildings with the features they want. It could be anything, such as:

  • A big garden
  • Eco-friendly appliances
  • Hardwood floors

And this also goes for the deck. A deck serves as an expansion of your home, meaning that it will increase the property value. However, a complete deck will be worth more than one without a railing. It offers various benefits, such as aesthetic appeal and safety.


As efficient as decks are for spending time outside or hosting gatherings, they are also a safety hazard if not appropriately enclosed. Decks are usually raised off the ground, meaning that if you don’t pay attention, there are chances that they will fall. In addition, children are more inclined towards getting hurt than adults; keep an eye on children.


You can solve many problems if you install a railing, which will work as a barrier that can add to the safety of the infrastructure. You will not have to worry if your children are running around. Railings will prevent you from falling or slipping off the deck or into the pool. Organizations and cities have construction standards, which are written with safety in mind. The above article discusses many deck railing ideas. Choose the one that suits you best.

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