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12 Cute DIY Room Decor Ideas

Your room is a place where you create fantastic things. Whether you want to create a traditional, rustic, modern or relaxing space, your decor helps your vision became a reality. You can get a stunning looking room by doing some easy DIY ( Do It Yourself) projects. Whether you are decorating your bedroom or your daughter’s room or someone else, these DIY room decor ideas will surely help you.

Here are twelve super adorable DIY room decor ideas.

String Lights

String lights are magical. They instantly transform a dull looking room into a gorgeous one. You can decorate string lights on your bed frame, or you hang it on the wall of your room. You can experiment with different styles of string lights like fairy lights, different shape bulb lights to make your place extra special.  Put lights in a Waterfall style or hang it above a wall art piece; it will look amazing.

DIY Room Decor Ideas: String Lights


Decorative Pillows

Pillows are essential for any bed. You can buy some fresh and funky pillows and add them to your bed or couch. Or you can DIY them to make the area more personalize. Take some plain white pillow covers and paint them with your favorite pattern or design. You can also print pictures on them and add some lace and fur to give them a bohemian look.

DIY Room Decor Ideas: Decorative Pillows


Dream Catcher

A dream catcher is present in the room of every girl. It is a good piece of art, and it looks incredible. Buying new decor items could be expensive, so you can simply make one for yourself. You will need a circular loop, yarn or thread of your choice, beads, and some fake feathers. Put the thread in the loop as the design you want to make and then add some colorful beads to it.

And lastly and some feathers at the end of the dream catcher. You can make your dream catcher in layers, and you can add some lace pattern in the center to give a chic bohemian vibe to it. Depending upon the size of your room, you can make as many and as big, which could be in different colors.

DIY Room Decor Ideas: Dream Catcher


Gallery Wall

Wall art is a perfect DIY room decor idea. Print some of your favorite pictures of yourself with your friends. Add these photos to the different shapes and sizes of the frames. Frames will give your room a beautiful look and give unforgettable memories to you with your family and friends. You can convert a whole wall into a wall frame art or chose a specific area to decorate it with these frames. 

DIY Room Decor Ideas: Gallery wall


Flower Wall

A flower wall is a perfect background for pictures, and it is so trendy on Instagram. Just buy some fake flowers of your choice and sew or glue them on a thread string and hang it on your wall. It will create an accent wall in your room. Put your flowers on a plain pure white wall so that it will be more reflective. You can also DIY this with Pom Pom balls. Make some pom by using different color yarn in various sizes. After this attach these to a string and hang it, as you like. Alternate the colors for extra personality. You can also add some tassels to the garland to make it even beautiful.

DIY Room Decor Ideas: Flower Wall


Glam Bookends

Try some unique shape bookends to keep your books in place. Bookends could be a real statement piece of your room. You can color them in bright colors like red and yellow to make them eye-catching. You can also use gold or silver color to give that glittery look. 

DIY Room Decor Ideas: Glam Bookends


Chalkboard board

Add a chalkboard near your desk. This will helps you to remain updated and organized. Buy black chalkboard paint and paint the small portion of the wall near your desk. Making a chalkboard is easy, and you can do it in just 10 minutes.

DIY Room Decor Ideas: Chalkboard board


Chic lampshade

Revamp your old-looking lamp into a funky style statement piece. Paint the base of the lamp in pastel colors to stand out. You can also make a string lamp shade. You will need some yarn of your choice, glue, and a balloon. First, blow up the balloon and keep it aside. Then add glue and water in a 2:1 ratio. Then dip the yarn in this mixture. After this place the yarn on the balloon in a random pattern and leave this overnight. The next day blasts the balloon and take it out. And lastly, add a hanging bulb and your new lamp is ready.

DIY Room Decor Ideas: Chic lampshade


Marquee Letter light

Marquee letter is made up of wood or cardboard. Letter light is a perfect room decor.  You can make this in any shape like in a heart or alphabet letters. It works as decor and also as a night lamp. Add string lights to your existing marquee letters and transform them.

DIY Room Decor Ideas: Marquee Letter light



If you want your room to look Tumblr-inspired, then the canopy is a perfect idea for you. It gives a princess look to your room. Add a canopy above your bed, or you can also add it anywhere in the room. And you can use this corner as a reading area. Place some floor cushions and some books around, and you are good to go.

DIY Room Decor Ideas: Canopy


Polka Dot Wall

Polka dot wall is effortless to make, and it looks incredible. Just grab some wall paint and place some random dots on the wall. This wall seems cool, and you can achieve this in less than 20 minutes.

DIY Room Decor Ideas: Polka Dot Wall


Creative Artwork

Beautiful artwork makes your room more attractive. Paint simple designs on canvas like stripes or polka dots and then frame them to create an impressive art piece. You can also add some inspirational quotes to your room. Write on either canvas or wall with bold color and in good handwriting.

DIY Room Decor Ideas: Creative Artwork


You can also go for a specific theme for your room and create your room decor according to that. From creative wall art to fun accessories and bedding ideas, you can create a perfect room for yourself. Room decor does not have to be complicated or expensive. You can effortlessly handcraft your decor and place them in the right place to make your room a delightful place.



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