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Crittall windows

Crittall Doors and Windows: Brief Detailing With 17 Best Ideas

What does a house or office owner look for, while creating a beautiful space to live and work? No, not that, we mean except the community surrounding it, like in terms of designing. We guess a simple, sophisticated, and elegant space. Right? Today in this article, we will see Crittall doors and windows ideas that enhance the interior of your home.

When we talk about design, people often forget about the doors and windows. If you don’t know, they are the parts with the highest people interaction. If someone is dropping off at your place, they will come inside through the door. 

Imagine your entrance door being too average and the interior of the house is an example of a luxurious place. Don’t you think it will create a negative impression on the guests? Definitely, it will.

However, you have found the solution of changing the entire look of it with Crittall doors and windows, which isn’t a bad option. In fact, it is a perfect timeless selection, that will go with any design and still look amazing (Always).

So here’s the information you need to know about the Crittall style doors and windows, from when they came into existence to their pros and cons. Stay with us, there’s a surprise waiting for you at the end.

What is Crittall Style?

Crittall doors

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A style of doors and windows was developed by Francis Henry Crittall in the year 1860. He was an ironmonger from Essex, who first created a window with steel frames which is now known as Crittall Windows. It has been 160 years but the charm of it has never faded out. The timeless and contemporary look has won over thousands of hearts (including famous interior designers).

Soon after a few years, this type of framing became popular and was tried for doors as well. How was the reaction? Even after so many years, you are also searching about it and in the back of your mind thought of having it installed as well.

The answer lies here only!

What are Crittall Doors Made Of?

Crittall doors

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The original Crittall doors are made of metal frames. The reason behind this is to make it last longer and add an aesthetic outlook to the room. Though the Crittall door is named for the design only, you may find it being manufactured with different materials like timber. You can create different zones, and partitions, without compromising on the natural light or space. You can also select blinds Canada to protect your window. 

What are Crittall Windows Made Of?

Crittall doors

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The original Crittall windows are made of steel-frame and glass windows. It reflects the grid paneling and clean design. There are many notable buildings that have Crittall windows as their essence (even now). Apart from that, you can now find Crittall windows’ frames in different materials as you find indoors.

How would you know, if Crittall Doors and Windows are the Right Choices for Your Place?

Crittall doors

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There are many different styles of doors and windows available in the market to install like French doors or Scandinavian. However, how would you know if these are the ones you are looking for? Or are these the perfect style for your place? Be it an office or house, you need to have doors and windows that make it look elegant.

For that first, you have to set your priorities, like whether you want something that is minimal in look but has toughness. Or the one with a decorative look but no durability. We guess even your choice is the former one!

Once you know what you want you can move forward to have a look at its pros and cons. (Knowing these are a must!)


  • The Crittall windows and doors are double glazed and thermally efficient, meeting the modern building standards.
  • They are easy to clean as well, just wipe down the frames and glass on the regular basis.
  • They have annual lubrication of hinges, pivots, stays, catches, and handles that will help them stay in good condition for a longer time.
  • These doors and windows are more secure than plain glass pane windows or doors. How? It is not possible to gain entry by smashing the glass only.
  • Most of the time, there’s no need to repaint it for 20-years.

All these together make Crittall doors and windows more durable.


There’s nothing in this world that has no negative points. Thus, Crittall doors and windows have cons. They are not that much still you should have a look at it, in order to think about how to eliminate those cons.

  • It has a metal frame, so there are high chances of it getting scratched or dented. Though it won’t change its life span it will also put a dent in its entire look.
  • Metal also has a high tendency of rusting, which will definitely affect the durability of the door and window.

How Much Crittall Doors and Windows Cost?

Crittall doors

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Crittall windows will cost you around £2,700 square meters. However, the Crittall doors will cost you an average of around £2,640 to £3,120 per meter, meeting standard door height.

Crittall Doors and Windows Ideas

So this was all you needed to know about the Crittall doors and windows. It would be good if you can get your hands on the original Crittall windows. They are expensive but worth it. Whether you are going for an industrial look or embracing minimalism, it will enhance both style in a unique manner.

Here are a few ideas on where you can install this classic piece of art. Let’s have a look:

1. Crittall Style Main Entrance Door

Main Entrance Door

Source: pinimg.com

2. Spacious Illusion with Hallway Crittall Door

Hallway Door

Source: pinimg.com

3. Create a Partition Between Kitchen and Living Room

Partition Between Kitchen and Living Room

Source: elegantdoors.co.uk

4. A Gateway to Nature’s Beauty (Balcony or Garden)

Crittall doors

Source: futurecdn.net

5. Revolving Partition in the  Office Space and Canteen

Crittall doors

Source: steelwindowsanddoors.co.nz

6. Crittall Door for Bedroom

Crittall windows

Source: happynest.vn

7. Internal Crittall Style Doors

Crittall windows

Source: pinimg.com

8. White Crittall Doors

Crittall windows

Source: pinimg.com

9. Internal French Doors with Crittall style

Crittall windows

Source: pinimg.com

10. Double-heightened Bedroom Crittall Window

Crittall windows

Source: muvrealestate.com

11. Contemporary Crittall Windows

Contemporary Windows

Source: hzcdn.com

12. Black-frame Crittall Windows

Crittall windows

Source: pinimg.com

13. Overall Crittall Windows Villa

Crittall windows

Source: wp.com

14. Kitchen Crittall Windows

Kitchen Windows

Source: kandm.london

15. Full-Length Crittall Style Windows

Full-Length Style Windows

Source: pinimg.com

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16. Original Crittall Windows

Original Crittall Windows

Source: unsplash.com

17. Modern and Industrial Office Space with White Crittall Windows

Crittall windows

Source: rapinteriors.co.uk

Wrapping Up:

What else do you need to know about the Crittall doors and windows? This article told you everything about its design, style, pros, cons, and even placement ideas. Important thing: If you are going for original Crittall windows or doors, look out for the genuine dealer. Ask questions or search online for them.

However, if your primary motive is to get the exact outlook of them, you can also ask for the bespoke windows and Crittall style designs. With the increasing popularity of the style, we guess it will definitely stay with us for another 160 years.

For more interior or exterior designing ideas, DIY inspirations, or even gardening-related tips, visit HouseDecorationTips.