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How to Organize Craft Room? 13 Creative Ways to do it!

Are you a professional tailor? Graphic designer? Fashion designer or you a creative person who loves to do craft projects? It is always good to have a hobby and who does not love showing a bit of artwork every now and then. But, somewhere down the line, we all lose out our creativity while doing a mundane task. The important thing is to keep your artist alive all the time. One way to do that is to treat your artwork as a hobby, as there is a saying:

Find three hobbies you love:

  1. One to make you money
  2. One to keep you in shape
  3. And One to be creative

So for the creativity part, you have various options to choose from, and one of them is weaving or sewing. Please make a separate place for this art, so that it will not create a mess in your living area. I mean, who loves a cluttered place, nobody, right? 

Do you have amazing crafting skills and always wanted a place to store your craft stuff but are confused about how to do it? If yes, again here we are to help you out with this problem. Whether crafting is your profession or just a hobby, these craft room ideas will surely gonna help you out. 

When you do any creative work, it is pretty obvious to have a mess around you. But sometimes it becomes the barrier in your creativity and blocks everything. Just imagine, when you want to knit something, and waste all your time in finding the needle, then what is the use of this, right? 

Your craft place should be organized and tidy so that whenever you get an idea, you simply pick your supplies and start working on it, rather than spending time in finding the things! So, keep on reading, today we bring 15 innovative craft room organization ideas. All these ideas are budget-friendly and easy to do, so let’s start:

Below are the 13 craft storage ideas that will super easy to do: 

1. Wall Organizers

Wall Organizers

Source: designeatrepeat.com

When you have a ton of stuff to store, but all your floor and cupboards are already full of the stuff, then its time to fill your walls!!… Hahaha…Just kidding, but the idea is not a joke, it is conducive. 

2. Fabric Hangers

Fabric Hangers

Source: jornalminuano.com.br

When you’re a fashion designer, you would have tons of fabrics. So here is the perfect solution for you to store your clothes, use a fabric hanger. 

3. Open Shelves

Open Shelves

Source: pinimg.com

When you can see all your wool at one place, then what is better than this? Nothing right? Latch hooks, Macrame thread or Lucet tools, you can store anything in these awesome shelves. 

4. Giant Pegboard

Giant Pegboard

Source: pinimg.com

Do you have a giant empty wall? Then this will be a perfect solution for the craft room organization problem. Place a giant pegboard on the wall, it not only helpful but also looks great. 

5. Rollers


Source: ytimg.com

Whether you want to store your twins or craft papers, dwells are the perfect place to store them. Just place some rollers on the wall and put your stuff one by one in the rollers. 

6. Magnetic Strips

Magnetic Strips

Source: pinimg.com

Buy a magnetic strip and place it near to your desk. This is the perfect place to store your crafting and fabric scissors. 

7. Label the Baskets

Label the Baskets

Source: wp.com

Whenever you store your stuff in little baskets (which is btw a cool idea), always label them so that you never get confused or lookout for every basket for a particular thing. 

8. Magnetic Pin Holder

Magnetic Pin Holder

Source: suburble.com

Do you love to sew? Place a magnetic pin holder on to your craft table. This comes really handy, when you’re sewing, this will keep all the pins in one place. 

9. Craft Organizer Cabinet

craft room organization

Source: pinimg.com

If you’re a ribbon lover or love to collect ribbons? Dedicate a whole cabinet section for ribbons. Place similar color ribbons in one drawer-like, red in one compartment and all the blue ones in other. 

10. Clear Jars

craft room organization

Source: pinimg.com

Buttons…Such a tiny thing but are so useful (never underestimate the small things!). You can clear jars to store them, place them on the open shelves so that they are easily accessible. 

11. Glitter Spot

craft room organization

Source: sndimg.com

Make a spot just to store those pretty glitters!! 

12. Multifunctional Craft Table

craft room organization

Source: sebringdesignbuild.com

Buy such a table that is multifunctional, so that you can store most of the stuff in the table or near to the table. 

13. Rolling Cart

Rolling Cart

Source: containerstore.com

The rolling cart comes very handily when you’re doing your crafting in another room. You can easily glide this from one place to another place.

craft room organization

Source: happinessishomemade.net

So what you think about these craft storage ideas? Your mind will surely get a creative dose after reading this blog on craft room organization. Right? So why are you still waiting? Start implementing these storage ideas and make your craft room a neat and tidy place. For more cool and unique ideas, visit Housedecorationtip.