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colors that go with purple

Colors That Go with Purple Perfectly

Purple is a perplexing color that represents creativity, peace of mind, and luxury. Numerous colors go good with purple color and the color combinations will leave you speechless by its exquisiteness. You can use any color combination for purple and incorporate it into fashion or home design. Everything looks classy with purple color.

Continue reading if you are looking to incorporate more purple into your wardrobe or want to decorate your house or any area with the beautiful purple color. In this article, you will find some of the best color combinations with purple.  

What Color Looks Good With Purple?

You can easily make bold statements with the help of purple color. However, in art and literature, the purple color offers royalty, spirituality, serenity, and knowledge. Many people get inner peace and feel calm by just gazing at a purple color. You have to pick one of the right color codes to make a combination with purple color and can create any look. Here is a top list of some colors that go good with purple:

Purple and orange

colors that go with purple

Source: rebubble.com

Orange and purple colors are perfect for each other. Each color helps the other color to magnify its beauty and makes the combination extra-ordinary. If you are peeping for what color goes best with purple in a bright and beautiful bouquet, you should choose orange.

Purple, Pink, And Blue

colors that go with purple

Source: Pinterest.com

When you want to make a bright and cute combination, you may use purple with pink and blue colors. This is a color combination that can brighten up any space or area.

Purple and Grey 

colors that go with purple

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If you want to focus on the purple color, there is no other better option than the grey color. With the help of grey color, the purple color will be the main focus. However, if you want to blend everything, you should choose a light shade of purple color that will complement the grey color.

Why Should You Choose Purple Color?

Many people think that there are only a few colors that go well with purple and that colors that complement purple are hard to find. They think purple is too bold and too different. For them, it is too difficult to pair purple color with other color combinations, and don’t know what colors go well with purple. But why is that? Are you a purple color fan? Do you wonder why you find the purple color so perplexing? Well! The answer lies in the psychology of the person. It is because purple is not a naturally occurring color like green and blue. Even if it’s not as naturally occurring as that of green or blue, it is often associated with darkness, mysticism, and magic to make it attractive. 

What Colors go Good with Purple- The Color Wheel

Many of you might be wondering what color goes best with purple? To ease your curiosity, there is a well-drawn color wheel that states which colors complement well to each other. You need to use a color wheel and find out the best color combinations. The theory tells us that colors that are directly opposite to each other in the color wheel bar contrast each other. These are seen as complementary colors. And hence they balance each other out. The colors for example bright yellow, orange, and green are the most obvious colors that complement purple. 

In comparison, there are also colors in the bar that are to the right and left to the purple. These also complement each other. For example, there is indigo and pink on the right while blue and green on the left. You can form a color scheme or a color palette. To do so, start by pinpointing three colors. These three colors must form a triangle on the circle for great results. You can also choose four colors in the form of a rectangle to make a great color combination. For example, if you choose a triad, you’d get a purple, green, and orange color combination.

Playing Purple color with various tints and shades also leads to wonders. You can mix and match with neutrals like white, black, grey, and brown to customize color combinations. Even if it is just a theory, anyone who loves purple would experiment with this color in his room. If you too are a purple color fan, make the right purple color combination for your room to add to its decor. Choose your favorite purple color and match it with your second favorite color. Honestly, the possibilities are endless but make sure that you choose the base of the purple color. Paint small textures with the second favorite color if it’s out of the color wheel bar.

What Goes Well with Purple in the Bedroom?

Does it seem difficult to you to find colors that match purple? Looking for ways to incorporate purple into one’s aesthetic? I have got a complete list of ideas for you. Discover purple’s unlimited decorating potential. Now you don’t need to compromise on your favorite. From lilac, lavender, or a moody aubergine, you can prefer any color of your choice. There’s something here for every style. Moreover, these ideas are easy to execute and will add to your home decor flawlessly.

Glitching Schemes

colors that go with purple

Source: brainstudy.info

Aubergine color schemes make the best combination and will always be in style. The scheme is backed by the theory with contrasting colors purple and green. The combination goes together in perfect harmony and adds to the extra glamor of any bedroom. Choose to paint the walls of the room purple and place green-colored furniture around.

This is going to look amazing. Also, place the long cushioned green colored chairs along with one of the corners of the room. This will work even greater if you choose the corner close to the windowpane. Keep a wooden table at the center of the center to hold your coffee cup while you relax and drink. For extra glamor, you can also place some books on it.

Childhood Dreams

colors that go with purple

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Want to have a room that fulfills all your child’s room dreams? Choose a blue and purple color combo for the room. The color combination will remind you of cotton candy and early childhood while not compromising on the essence of luxury. You can also try creating a trio of blue, green, and purple palettes. It is going to look cool and will also be easy on the eyes. The combination is deeply relaxing and is going to be your favorite. You will find proof of the success of this color combination in the famous apartment from the TV Show “Friends”. All you need to peep into that lavender living room and turquoise kitchen to make the best combination.

Old World Glamour

colors that go with purple

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Lilac and Dusty Pink make out a great combination. This pairing is perfectly suitable for grown-up spaces and associated with royalty, luxury, and sophistication. The pink color also brings in warmth and excitement. The combination is perfect for any social space in your home. For example, you can choose this color combination for living rooms, dining rooms, and even kitchens. Paint the walls with lavender color and also bring in a charming assortment of framed artwork with quirky matting.

Sunny Style

colors that go with purple

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Want to bring in some happy vibes to your room? Nothing is easier than pairing yellow and purple. Purple and Citron are complementary colors and hence together makes an easy, risk-free way to make a statement. Choose to bring a poppy and lively attitude to your home. All you need is to use an unapologetically citron shade with your favorite shade of purple to make this lovely combination. The combination of lavender and lemon is sweet and subtle, yet fresh at the same time to suffice all your needs. I am sure that this sunny style purple combination will cheer you up.

What color looks good with purple for your Bathroom?

The idea of colors that match with purple doesn’t stop here. I understand how important it is to match the theme of the bathrooms with the rest of your house. To turn your dreams into reality, this article covers a list of some of the best color combinations with purple for your bathroom too. Here is my list of colors that go well with purple in your bathroom.

Gold Color Combination for Purple

colors that go with purple

Source: houzz.com

Do you find dark colors too bold and confused about what matches with purple to make it neutral? If yes, add a little breathing room between these zingy colors. I recommend you add white or cream-colored accents for your bathroom wall tiles. Choose a purple and gold shade for all the accessories. For example, a gold mirror will add to the decor flawlessly while a purple color counter in the front will make amazing contrast. White, and cream walls can tone down this power couple of colors.

Neutral Colors that Look Good with Purple

colors that go with purple

Source: popsugar.com

It is not always important to make purple the center of attention. Lean into the hues subtly and couple up colors that go with lavender. For example, light lilac and white make a great combination. Design a bathroom that is both elegant and stylish yet thoroughly modern by purple and white-colored walls. For the floor, you can choose grey marble flooring as it will be a good choice. You can also choose purely white marble for a poorly lit space. Keep all the bathroom utilities white for brighter space.

Dark Neutral Colors that Go with Purple


colors that go with purple

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I am sure many of you may look black to appear too dramatic for the bathroom. However, you don’t need to compromise on your dark neutral theme for the bathroom. You must opt for a light, yet versatile, chestnut color instead that will make the space look more livable and less pungent. The earthiness of brown color mixed with purple makes brown windows and storage feel young again.

Lavender Walls

colors that go with purple

Source: theofy.world

For those who are curious about what color goes with lavender in the bathroom while making lavender as a focus point, I have come up with the solution. Find what color compliments purple to make it neutral yet attractive and get the job done. I suggest you opt for a white color floral print for the floor. This will neutralize the space. You must also install a long end-to-end mirror on one of the walls of the bathroom and outline it with the white floral print frame. Also, compliment the decor well with a white color basin.

Monochromatic Master Bathroom

colors that go with purple

Source: homeenish.com

There is no need to settle for one shade of purple when you can enjoy a few of them. Mix and match several shades of purple to make the best for the master bathroom. There are many different beautiful shades of purple that will help you to create a punchy statement without feeling overwhelming. You can also pair well with purple shades with cool tones. I will suggest you pair darker shades of purple with lighter ones. For example, deep plum with pale lavender makes a great color combination.

Colors That Go Well With Purple For Fashion

You may be thinking what goes with purple in the fashion world. Well! Purple color offers royalty and nobility! It looks elegant when you combine it with the colors that compliment it. There are endless beautiful purple color combinations that will make you glow and also give an elegant vibe. Here are some of the ideas about what matches with purple that you can use while creating a mesmerizing wardrobe:

Purple And Mustard

Source: twitter.com

Want to feel elegant and royal? This color combination idea is for your wardrobe. Purple and mustard are a winning combo and perfectly balance each other. These colors complement each other in such a way that will amaze you. Mustard is a color that perfectly blends with the purple color. This color combination for purple will make you look and feel like royalty.

You should choose a more reddish-purple if you want a tone that is closer to the warmer side. As per me, you should choose a mustard top and purple pants to magnify the beauty of this beautiful and royal combination. Apply some purple lipstick with natural and a watch to complete the look.

Brown and Purple

colors that go with purple

Source: Pinterest.ca

No matter what gender you are. Whether you are black or white, this no-brainer purple and brown color combination will not disappoint you. Choose any shade of brown colors such as tan, coffee, or beige next to Dark purple and see the magic happen. Brown is a go-to color that goes with the beautiful purple color. This brown and purple color combination is a perfect muted, professional, and casual look with a hint of color. Therefore, with the help of any shade of brown color, you will be able to use purple color in your normal days without popping out.

Purple And Black

colors that go with purple

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Wondering what goes well with purple to make the combination neutral? Use a purple and black color combination if you want to make the purple color more casual. Black is the color that neutralizes each color and blends everything together without being too safe or boring. But that doesn’t mean it won’t give you an awesome look. Choose a dark purple color and a simple black pair of jeans and see the beauty of this combination. It will make you look extraordinary without popping you out.


You can make purple look bold and dramatic or quiet and restful, depending on its value, tone, and shade. Therefore, color temperature is the most important thing to consider when you’re working with purple. Hopefully, with the help of this article, you will find colors that look good with purple for your home or wardrobe.

You just have to give a little bit of thinking on what matches with purple perfectly which will give you a perfect vibe. Few colors that go with lavender will brighten up the mood and a few of them will neutralize the look. Also, what color goes best with purple wholly depends on your choice when you are combining purple colors with other colors.

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