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coffee bar ideas for small spaces

Eye- Catchy Coffee Bar Ideas

Coffee is one of the world’s favorite beverages with high levels of antioxidants and beneficial nutrients. Many of you can’t even complete your day without a sip of coffee, but it often seems hectic to move out for a cup of coffee. Want a restaurant-like feeling in your home? How about planning your coffee table to enjoy the heavenly waft of piping hot cups of coffee right at your house? The idea seems fantastic for all Café lovers. . To help you out, I have come up with the below coffee bar ideas that will not let you enjoy a cozy and inconspicuous vibe but will also add to your home décor.

These private coffee bar ideas and designs are fun to keep everything you need to make coffee organized. Now you can have coffee anytime you want without much hassle bustling right at your fingertips.

Coffee Bar Ideas

Nothing is more beneficial for coffee lovers than installing a coffee bar in your home. Whether you are short of money or don’t have much space at your home, these coffee bar ideas will cover it all for you. Starting from coffee bar ideas for the kitchen  to the one in your big hallway here is an amazing list to inspire you :

Beneath the Staircase

Coffee Bar Ideas

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Are you short of space in your home but still want your private coffee bar? What about installing it below the staircase? This is one of the fantastic coffee bar ideas for small spaces that will not only turn your wasted space into useful ones but will also add to your home’s beauty exponentially. Put a small wooden table close to the wall beneath the staircase. 

Make sure that the shape of the table is designed according to the space available. Install a coffee machine on the table, and you are all good. You can also think of installing a row of small floating shelves to hold your coffee beans and cups. To add a personal touch, paste a banner beneath the frame that says for coffee lovers only. Now you can have your personal coffee space without investing a lot of effort.

Take It to Your Backyard

Coffee Bar Ideas

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Coffee Bar Ideas

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Do you own a backyard? Want to enjoy a hot sip of coffee while enjoying the rainy atmosphere? Here is your pick. This is one of the most incredible coffee bar ideas for the backyard that speaks of installing the coffee bar table in the backyard and complimenting it well with a pair of chairs.

You should also attach hooks to the wood for hanging mugs. Choose the face for the bar in the direction that witnesses more scenic beauty. You can also keep a flower pot at the center of the table. 

Transform a Hallway

Coffee Bar Ideas

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Coffee Bar Ideas

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If you are one of those who loves coffee, you can turn your hallway into a coffee bar. It is really easy and convenient to convert a hallway into a chic home coffee bar. You will have a dedicated place to enjoy your coffee. Also, it will save your energy and time because the coffee bar will be near to the kitchen; therefore, you do not have to make trips up and down.

Also, you will have a lot of storage with the help of the cabinets and mini-fridge and there will be a free surface for decor and prep work. The mini-fridge should be hidden for a flawless look.

Have mate-black-colored cabinet doors and a white marble surface with minor details and place a small tray with some cups on it. Place two or three black stools in front of the surface that will give you a decent seat to have your coffee.

Splurge on Appliances

coffee bar ideas for small spaces

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coffee bar ideas for small spaces

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Nowadays, no one has a lot of time, so you should keep things modern and simple. Have a built-in Thermador coffee maker near the cabinet in your kitchen. If you have a small kitchen then choose a warm color palette and pack plenty of texture-rich materials.

Put It in a Cabinet

coffee bar ideas for small spaces

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coffee bar ideas for small spaces

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I love to keep things simple and if you too love that, this idea is for you. Place all the coffee ingredients and appliances with other breakfast ingredients inside a cabinet having a clear glass door. Use clear or labeled jars for coffee beans and sugar which will make it easy to see but in a stylish way. This will be the one-stop-shop for you in the morning. 

Many people want a cup of coffee to start their day. They will not do anything unless they have their coffee, therefore, this one-stop-shop will be perfect for them. You will have everything you need in the morning at one place. Also, this way you can keep your counters decluttered and open.

Keep It on the Counter

coffee bar ideas for small spaces

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coffee bar ideas for kitchen

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This is one of the best coffee bar ideas for the kitchen. Many people love cooking and spend most of their time in the kitchen so why not have a coffee bar in the kitchen. For this idea, the space of the kitchen does not matter.

Whether you have a small kitchen or a big one, you only have to clear a little space for your coffee bar and adjust it with the breakfast goods. Place all your coffee maker appliances in the space with a few jars with some of your favorite cookies that you like to have with your coffee.

You can also add little cute things to the corner that are related to the coffee. For example, you can place a floating coffee cup mug sculpture or a small piece of board with a coffee quote written on it. You will love to make your morning or evening coffee there.  

Create a Caffeine Cart

coffee bar ideas for kitchen

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coffee bar ideas for kitchen

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If you are short on space then you should have a cart for your coffee essentials. This is one of the best coffee bar ideas for small spaces. It creates a place of its own and will give you plenty of storage space. You can choose different carts having different storage. Some of them also have extra drawers and shelves if you have a lot of coffee items.

Also, you can choose a cart that has wheels, and then you can make your coffee anywhere and anytime. Try adding other accessories to decor your cart. Put the decorative tray on the cart which will also give a sturdy surface to mugs and a coffee maker.

Make It a Shelf

coffee bar ideas for kitchen

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coffee bar ideas for kitchen

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Want to try something different then make shelves for your coffee essentials. This is a unique way to have a coffee station in your kitchen. Place mugs, a French press, and coffee grinds on these shelves and have free counter space. These shelves act as decor themselves but you can also add little cute coffee elements on them.

For example, you can add signs or florals on the shelf and get a coffee shop feel. It is a simple and perfect idea for any kitchen but fits perfectly with small spaces. You can add shelves as per your need but remember to keep it simple and elegant. In my opinion, you should hang four pure matte-black shelves on the wall behind the sink. It will be easy and more convenient for you and also, it will give a quite classy vibe. 


Going out for coffee may sometimes be both inconvenient and time-consuming. Choose a bit smarter way to enjoy your coffee. Install a coffee bar at your home and customize it to suit your lifestyle and home decor. The above article discussed different coffee bar ideas to guide you.

Choose one of the ideas and have your favorite coffee every day without having to leave the house. These ideas will not cost you much and will fit right into your budget. Moreover, it is a one-time investment that will serve you for years. 

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