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Looking to Clean Your Door Mats or Rugs? Here Are 6 Easiest Ways

When it comes to doormats, there are a plethora of options that you can choose from. Best material, colors, or patterns- you’ll never fall short of choices. Once you pick a doormat that suits your preferences, the confusion lies as to what is the proper method to clean/ wash it. If you’re not sure on how to prolong the life of your doormats and rugs, you can get your rug cleaned by a professional and let them do the work for you. In this article, you’ll come to know about some of the easiest ways to clean and take care of various types of doormats and rugs. Following these tips will ensure that the doormats are cleaned thoroughly without compromising their quality. 

Vacuum Cleaning 

Clean Your Door Mats or Rugs


Vacuum cleaning at least once a week cleans dirt, dust, and debris. Before cleaning your mat with a vacuum cleaner shake your mat to unload any kind of loose dirt or grit trapped in the fibers. Make sure that your material is safe for a vacuum cleaner. If vacuum cleaning is not suitable for your doormat, avoid it to prevent fiber shedding. 

Washing Machine 

Washing your doormats in a washing machine is the most convenient option. Various types of rubber-backed doormats are machine washable. However, the traditional coir doormat is unsuitable for washing machines because of its tough fibers. Such doormats should be hand washed. 

Shake Your Doormat 

This is the easiest way to eliminate dirt and debris from your doormat. All the mats can be picked up and shaken regardless they are flat or 3-dimensional. The shaking of doormats eliminates the loose dust and debris trapped inside. This is a hassle-free process that does not require any detergent powders, washing machine, or other equipment. 

Wipe Your Mat 

Clean Your Door Mats or Rugs


Doormats may require frequent thorough cleaning. Use a damp cloth or broom to wipe the dirt, debris, or grime accumulated on your mat. If you are concerned about the material damage of the mat, use a soft-bristled broom. If the mats are abrasive and tough they can’t be damaged easily. The broom is a product that easily removes the stuck dirt and grime. 

Clean the Spillages Immediately 

If a liquid is spilled on the rug, soak it up quickly so that the stains do not penetrate the yarns. You can also use a wet cloth to remove the stain. Wet your cloth, rub it on the stain and do it until the liquid gets absorbed. After cleaning your doormat completely, let it dry for a while before placing it back on the floor. A doormat with a good fabric like nylon is good at repelling stains, they can even be steam cleaned.

Use Carpet Cleaner 

A carpet cleaner is just like a vacuum cleaner that many businesses and homeowners use for cleaning their doormats. Carpet cleaners facilitate deep cleaning that extracts the dirt from the doormats. 

These are some of the tips that can make doormat cleaning easier. To ensure that your doormat remains clean most of the time, you need to maintain a proper schedule of cleaning

Maintain a Cleaning Schedule

Clean Your Door Mats or Rugs


Weekly- Shake your doormat every week to remove the dirt or dust accumulated due to a lot of foot traffic. You can also smack your mat repeatedly on outer surfaces like a sidewalk. After shaking your doormat, vacuum the doormat to remove all the leftovers of dirt and dust. This will keep your doormat clean and free from dirt and stains. 

Monthly- Shaking alone weekly won’t fulfill your requirements. If you notice some strange smell, wash it monthly with special solutions like baking soda. Add baking soda to your mat and let it sit for at least 5 to 10 minutes. Vacuum it later to remove the dust and debris

These are some of the techniques to keep your doormat clean. These methods are easy and worth implementing for the cleaning of your doormat. You might opt for a doormat with a design, color, and shape of your choice thinking that it would look good at the entrance door. So, it is your duty to clean and maintain it nicely. Clean your door mats or rugs is not a major responsibility as all the methods are hassle-free and require the least effort. So, why not make your entrance attractive with clean rugs?



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