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7 DIY Canvas Painting Ideas: Enhance The Beauty Of Your Wall

Having some free time and want to utilize it in doing something productive and fun? Then go for canvas painting, you will be having a good time doing this and will enjoy visualizing and putting your ideas on the canvas with different colors. You can hang the canvas painting on your empty wall and enhance the beauty of the room.

We have brought some good canvas painting ideas for you; they are simple so you can go for any one of them to start with. These ideas will give you some inspiration and then you can follow the same or modify it as per your wish.

Let us check out these painting ideas and then you can gather the material required for painting on canvas.

1. Hi Art Canvas

canvas painting ideas


If you don’t want to go for a complex and bigger canvas painting then the Hi art painting is the perfect option for you. You have to add the word: “Hi” on the painting as many times as you can and fill the complete painting with it. Every Hi word should be visible clearly; make the word look big in size and not small.

You can add multiple colors to it like one Hi word in black color, the other word in red color and so on and it will look amazing. Select the wall where you want to hang your painting, this will look best in your bedroom. You can also go for any other word that you like apart from Hi. It is simple and easy to do so it won’t take much of your time as well.

2. Song Lyric Art

canvas painting ideas


Aah! This is a special one, this is the art that you are going to create for yourself. Every one of you might be having that one special song that is very close to your heart. Remember the lyric of that song and put that on your canvas.

This will be like paying a tribute to the song or its singer. More the words of the lyric, the bigger canvas painting you have to go for. Choose the best color that you think will look perfect for the lyric and just make the painting.

Not necessary to hang the painting on the wall, you can keep it on your desk or workplace where you work, it will look nice there.

3. DIY Heart Painting

canvas painting ideas


This is another special one you can gift to your beloved person. You can make a big heart in the painting, color it perfectly and share your feelings via it. Believe us, the person whom you are gifting this wonderful painting will love it and will admire your efforts and feelings even more.

No need to wait for the Valentines to do anything special for them, you can gift this painting and the moment will become even more special for them. You can add your initials and your beloved’s initials in the heart and it will be like adding a cherry on the cake!

4. DIY Stars Art Painting

canvas painting ideas


Stars look nice everywhere, whether in the sky or on the painting. You have to draw 3-4 big stars in the painting and fill them will different colors and it will look beautiful.

Color selection is very important here, go for the ones that look attractive like yellow, red, blue (ya, we know that stars don’t have those colors but it will look really nice…) This will be the painting that you can hang on the wall of your living room or in the bedroom, anywhere you want.

Similarly, you can go for a bubble painting. Instead of stars, draw bubbles in it and color them. It will look marvelous. Your guests and friends will surely appreciate your painting skills when they see the painting hung on the wall.

5. Quote Art

Quote Art


An inspirational quote in your bedroom or beside your work desk at home or office will be great. You can put down a quote that motivates you and inspires you on the painting in big letters and design it in such a way that it looks beautiful.

Like you can write your favorite quote and add some beautiful background to it and minor other elements related to the quote. You can add some small birds, plants, trees or any other thing that associates with the quote. Add the letters in such a way that it creates an impact immediately in the mind of the reader.

6. DIY Sun Art

DIY Sun Art


Sun art will look great on your wall. Imagine first how you want the painting to look like, imagine the sun and the position where you want to have it; in the middle of the corner.

Then paint the part of the sun with an orange color, you can add shades of light and dark orange in it. Color of the rays should differ from the sun’s body so get the light or dark orange shade in it.

Now, think of the other part of the painting, how you want to utilize it. You can add birds, sky blue color for the sky or just simple bright color strokes for the background and it will be done.

7. DIY Geometrical Shapes art

DIY Geometrical Shapes art


Geometrical shapes art will look good. You can add shapes like circle, square, rectangle, triangle in the painting and choose different colors for it. Don’t worry about how it will look like, randomly put the different shapes and paint them with different colors and it will look great.

If you don’t want to go for too many shapes then you can go for one single shape like a triangle or square and repeat it multiple times in the painting, that will also work!

So, here were the different DIY Canvas painting ideas that you can try on your own. Select the idea that you liked the most and the one that you think will perfectly suit your walls. Get the necessary materials and just enjoy making the painting! For more information, visit Housedecorationtip.



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