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How to Breathe Life into Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the best spot in the house. It’s where guests come over for a cup of coffee, family visit for holiday meals, and where we cook nearly every day. It’s buzzing with energy, great memories, and warmth. So why is it the most neglected area of the house for decor? There are many ways to update your kitchen for every budget. Below is a list of the easiest options to breathe life into your kitchen and decorate your most used and loved space.

1. A Fresh Coat of Paint 

Long gone are the days of stained walls and boring backsplashes. A pop of color draws the eye in different directions and the kitchen walls are a great place to start. 

Try using a cool color palette such as green, blue, or grey. Layering the colors in distinct tones adds variety and depth. You could even add pops of pinks and oranges to add contrast and a more youthful appearance.

If painting the walls is too big of a commitment, the cabinets are also a great place to start. You can find companies like DM design, which provide a great range of finishes and colors for kitchen cabinets. Or you can grab a paintbrush yourself! 

2. Update Commonly Used Items 

Tea towels can add interest to the kitchen without being costly. Use tea towels to add texture, color, or a break between tonal walls. Hang your tea towel over the oven, or fold it neatly on top of the counter to show its design. 

Plates can also use as decoration pieces. A gold plate or bowl used as a centerpiece in the middle of the counter is a modern touch that breathe life into your kitchen and updates any kitchen. A matching set of utensils or pans hung above the stove can complement the tones of the kitchen while also being functional. 

Use a breakfast tray stacked with flowers or a French press to draw the eye away from dirty dishes and towards the kitchen island or table. It saves on storage and allows for quick access to the daily cup of coffee.

Chopping boards nowadays are anything but boring. You can find interesting shapes, colors, and styles in a variety of budget stores and place them against the wall on your countertop. 

The brilliant thing about using chopping boards as decor is that they don’t have to be the same tone as the wood. Plus, they can be used as an interesting platter for serving appetizers to friends or as a cheeseboard for date night.

3. Indoor Garden

Breathe Life into Your Kitchen


Using potted plants will add a homely feel to your kitchen and can even be functional. Small succulents are low-maintenance and fit in well with many kitchen designs. Herbs can be homegrown and used for cooking and decoration. Be sure to use plant pots of a similar color palette to add to the overall design. 

Flowers bring color and a fresh smell to the kitchen, but be sure to change out the water frequently and add plant food to ensure that they last longer. Changing out flowers depending on the season is a great way to change up your kitchen without investing heavily. 

4. Artwork

Adding small pieces of simple artwork helps nurture a minimalist aesthetic. Be sure to hang your artwork on the wall next to the stove, not above it, to prevent any messy cooking accidents! Finding cheap artwork is easy to do and a great way to refresh any room. You can tie the house together with a few simple pieces at a local discount store. 

Artwork isn’t exclusive to pictures, though. Small statuettes, centerpieces, and ornaments can also bring interest into a space that was previously bare. It’s easy to move these pieces around from countertops to kitchen tables. They can change seasonally for holidays or you can find timeless pieces that will look nice year-round. 

5. Add Shelves 

Breathe Life into Your Kitchen


If your space allows it, shelves are a great way to show off artwork, plants, and fun plates. They’re useful and can be painted to match cabinets or stand out amongst a monochrome color palette. 

Placing interesting glasses or mugs on a shelf is perfect for those who use the kitchen as a home office. Additionally, using the shelf to store spices helps with ease of cooking and adds interest to the kitchen without sacrificing utility. 

Shelves can serve as a makeshift bar or a plant-filled paradise, perfect for keeping your countertops clear while adding a unique element to the space. Shelves bring endless creative possibilities, so don’t be afraid to change up your wall space

Breathe life into your kitchen can work on any budget and can entice your guests to spend more time in the area. Using professionals to install cabinets or paint the walls is a great idea if it is within budget to prevent slip-ups. Many of the items listed above can be found in a local discount or department store.



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