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Seven Blocked Drain Issues That Are Commonly Seen In Real Life

Blocked drains are common problems; it can be in the roads for passage of sewer and plumbing lines or residential or commercial places. The problems often increase leading to affecting a major part of the locality. Drains overflow or breaking of the pipelines or blocks causes different hygienic issues apart from the passage of water. The main areas of blocked drain issues are:

1. Ditches

You can often find the ditches; this can lead to floods or overflow of water. This problem is mostly observed during the rainy season, the water in the ditches start overflowing. With the flowing water, lots of in-disposable products like plastic bottles, papers, and other waste materials flow throughout the surface of the drainage lines that result in blockage of drains. 



2. Sub Drains

Sub drains require regular cleaning with the proper flow of water. In traps of kitchen, service balconies and toilets, when dirt, dust, and materials accumulate, often leads to blocked drains. In such cases cleaning the dust and dirt will clear the pipelines. Few home DIY methods can be used to clear the blockage if it enters the pipelines. Pipelines should be cleared from clogs and also prevention is required so that waste accumulation in the pipeline floors and traps of the wastewater.

Blocked Drain Issues


3. Culverts

Deep culverts with pipelines and blocked drains can turn out to be a major issue while small problems related to lumps of waste materials and dirt at the external parts can be easily cleaned and cleared the clogged pipes. In major issues and blockages, professional workers are required to clear the pipes although minor clogs in drain blockages and the pipes obstructions can be cleaned in the DIY method. 

Blocked Drain Issues

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4. Frozen Culverts

Common issues during winter are the frozen culverts. Wide pipelines or the small sub-drain pipelines, in all the cases the frozen pipes create the mess. Very few options are available to clear the frozen drains, heat application can liquefy the frozen pipelines and ease the flow of the wastes and sewer lines through the culverts. Roadside culverts in winter generally face the major problems leading to other related issues of wastewater passage.

5. Runoff Maintenance

Blocked drains are also common if you are not maintaining the pipelines regularly. Changing of the leakage pipes, if repairing is not possible, is necessary. It is important to clear the pipes often with the chemicals and DIY methods can be used to keep the maintenance for the indoor pipelines of toilets and kitchens

But for the outside pipelines and rainwater pipes, it becomes important to hire a plumber for the proper examination and experiments of the pipelines.

Blocked Drain Issues


6. Sloped Grounds

In hilly areas and mountains, the pipelines require to be cleaned; it may be the culverts, underground pipelines, or any internal trap line. The edges of the slope pipelines, if not laid properly, are vulnerable and there are the chances to face the blocked drainage due to this problem. 

In mountainous areas, the collection of wastage, accumulation of sewer lines dirt can lead to blocked drains. So it is necessary to clear the edges of the pipelines to reduce to pipeline blockages.

Blocked Drain Issues


7. Layout Problems

No matter if it is the plain areas or sloped areas, the layout of the pipelines is necessary for the proper flow of wastewater through the pipes. The calculation of the layout of the pipeline is carried out by the professional hands and so it is important that the joining and inclination of the pipelines are properly carried out. Lack of procedure will lead to issues in clogged pipelines.

In a few cases, the causes of the blocked drains cannot be controlled but mostly with the help of regular maintenance the major problems of the drains lines can be solved. 



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